[en] Finding my Very Wet Girl at Home

I had just come home from a ten hour shift at work. My girlfriend always gets home before me. I walk in the door quietly thinking I could sneak up on her. I walk near the bedroom door and hear quiet moans coming from inside.

I start to walk in, and as I get closer, she jumps up and says:
– You scared me.

I could not respond because I was so happy to see she was as horny as I hoped she was. I tell her to stay how she is and I run to the bathroom.

I go in the bathroom and turn on the water to the shower. She had always wanted to have sex in the shower, ever since the one time we did it and she told me it was the best time she had ever had.

She heard the water running and instantly started to get even more wet then she was while masturbating. She ran past me in the bathroom and jumped in the shower. Her wet pussy was driving me mad.foreplay under shower

So, I removed the clothes I had on and jumped in beside her. She wasted no time and pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. I soon set her down on the stool I had put in there the night before and put each leg of hers on each of my shoulders.

I stared at her pussy for a couple of seconds, glistening in the light as her juices and shower water mixed on her. I then moved in closer and took one hand and spread her very moist pussy lips. I took my tongue and slid it across her and then placed it on her clit. I took my other hand and put a finger inside her.

In no time, she was moaning and crying out as she was nearing her first orgasm of the night. Soon after her orgasm, she said she needed to feel my dick. First in her mouth then inside her tight pussy. So I stood up and we traded spots.

She very firmly grabbed my dick and then wrapped her mouth around it. I could feel her tongue slide around my dick as she went down. My cock was hitting the back of her throat, and just as I was about to shoot cum all the way down her throat, she pulled me out and got on top of me.

She couldn’t wait any longer and she said she had to have me inside her dripping wet pussy. She again grabbed me and slid me deep inside her as she let out a quiet moan. She soon turned so her ass was facing me and all I could see was her backside. She was getting so into it. She had one hand on the wall for leverage, and the other on her clit rubbing it softly in a circle.

fuck in the shower

I soon removed my hands from her hips and slid them up to her breasts, cupping them softly and squeezing her nipples making them even more hard.

She unexpectedly moved her head back and let out a giant orgasm. The surprise of her juices flowing past my cock and down my thighs gave me a feeling that I had to let my cum go soon.

I told her she should get off because I was getting closer to cumming. She never lets me cum inside her and, to my surprise, she said:
– I’m not pulling you out, I want to feel your cum inside me.

When she said that, she started going faster. She felt me let out a moan and she pushed down harder than ever. I shot my load deep inside her and she loved the feeling. She moaned again with delight and then removed my cock from inside her.

As she got up I watched a little stream of my cum drip out of her pussy. I knew it was a big load and it filled her pussy to its limit.

standing fuck

After that night, she just couldn’t get enough of me keeping my dick inside her and cumming in her. There were many other times, but again… that’s another story.

This is my first story, and if i could, may i have some feedback? Please let me know what you thought of it.

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