[en] [hook-up] The Monster in her Butt

Toni returned to Chicago on the Friday afternoon flight. She’d been staying with her mother in Omaha for two weeks while her sister was in the hospital. As soon as Sally came home, Toni got out of there. Not that she didn’t love her family – but two weeks was plenty. And while she was waiting to board on her plane, she seemed to have gotten lucky. She met a very attractive man who was going to Chicago on business. They managed to get seats together and spent the hour in the air getting acquainted. It looked like a long period of abstinence for Toni might be at an end.

John invited her to ride with him when he went to check into his downtown hotel, but she declined. She thought it was a little pushy of him to expect her to go directly to a hotel. Instead, she asked John to join her at the bar around the corner from her flat.

– Good Times is a nice little neighborhood bar – she told him. – I’ll drop my stuff off in my apartment and meet you there at five. – To herself she added: – And you can seduce me over drinks.

After asking her to his hotel again, John reluctantly agreed to her suggestion. He didn’t seem as much interested in seduction as in just jumping into bed.

Toni had just enough time to get home on the Blue Line, throw her clothes in the hamper and make sure the apartment was neat. She also put clean sheets on the bed. Just in case – she told herself with grin of anticipation. By five, Toni was sitting in a corner booth at Good Times when John walked in. John sat down next to her and his hand immediately went to her knee, and probably would have moved higher if she hadn’t put her hand over it, holding it stationary. She started getting uncomfortable when he suggested going to her apartment before even ordering. The guy was a lot pushier than Toni had expected.

– Not so fast, buddy. Let’s have a drink first. – Before he could argue with her Toni waved the bartender over who took their drink orders.

When Sheila, the bartender, brought them their drinks Toni slid a little further away from John. When he’d paid his hand went back to her leg. For some reason, he no longer seemed as attractive as he had on the plane. In fact, he was making her pretty uncomfortable. Toni was trying to think of some excuse to get rid of him, when his cell phone chirped. As soon as John looked at the number calling, he became the one who was nervous:
– Yes – he said into the phone – I got to Chicago okay. – After listening a moment, he said: – No, I’m not in my room. I’m having a drink with, uh, with a client. Say, can I call you back. – Another pause while Toni could hear a woman’s shrill voice on the other end: – Sure – John went on – I’ll call you back in a little while. – When he had closed the phone, John said to Toni: – My boss. Just checking up. I’ll call him in the morning.
– My ass! – Toni said, angry at this obvious lie – That was your wife, wasn’t it?
– No honey – he stammered – I told you I’m not married.

Toni didn’t believe him and told him so. It wasn’t long before John stomped out and Toni realized she’d put clean sheets on the bed for nothing. Shit – she thought – I should have been more careful. After she finished her drink, Toni took her glass and sat at the bar with a refill.

– What happened to your friend? – Sheila asked. – Bastard was married. The asshole lied to me so he could get into my pants. – Bummer – Sheila said. Yeah. Horny as I am, if he’d told me the truth, I might have done him anyway. It wasn’t the wife, it was the lie that turned me off. And I was sure hoping to get laid tonight. It’s been way too long for this girl. I may have to take things into my own hands tonight –  again. Damn. Just then, a dark-haired man with a short beard came into the bar.
– The regular, Mark? – Sheila called to him.
– Sure – he answered before sitting at booth Toni had vacated. Sheila drew a beer and took it over to the guy. When Sheila got back, Jo asked her:
– What’s with sad sack there? He looks like his dog ran off.
– His wife, actually – Sheila answered – She dumped him and now he’s living in a one-room flat while wifey and her boyfriend are living in his house in the ‘burbs. He comes in here after work several times a week. Sits there and mopes while he has two beers, then heads off to his little apartment. I tried to cheer him up a few times but gave up. He just wants to feel sorry for himself.

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As Toni finished her drink, she watched Mark in the mirror. She thought that if he would just smile, he might be a pretty good-looking guy. Maybe – she thought – maybe we both need some cheering up. I did say I was going to take things in my own hands, and I do have clean sheets on the bed… Sheila came back from waiting on some customers and asked Toni if she wanted another drink.

– Yeah – Toni said – And give me a beer for Mark there.
– You interested?
– Hey, his wife’s not gonna be calling him. – Toni took the two drinks and walked over to Mark’s booth. – Can I join you? – she said, sitting the glasses down. Before he had a chance to reply, she was in the seat across from him.
– I’m not very good company – he mumbled.
– Well, I need a little cheering up, and you look like the guy to do it.
– Me? Do I look cheerful?
– No, you look even worse than I do. Maybe that’ll make me feel better. – Mark nodded glumly, then asked:
– So, why me?
– I’ve just spent three weeks sitting with my sister in the hospital or taking care of her kids and trying to keep her husband from groping me. The rest of the time I was with my mother. Just when I thought I had a date tonight, his wife called him and he tried to lie about it. I need to be with someone who’s not sick, not female and not married. That leaves you.
– Guess so. You want to talk or something? I’m not much good at talking.
– Neither am I. I have a better idea – Toni said – Let’s have a reverse date.
– And what’s a reverse date? – he asked, finally showing some interest.
– You take me to your apartment and seduce me. Then over breakfast we’ll get acquainted. If it goes well, tomorrow afternoon we’ll have someone introduce us. How’s that sound?
– Sounds crazy. Why don’t we have Sheila introduce us now?
– Then we’d have to spend the evening getting to know each other and never get around to the good stuff. This way we have our dessert first and our meal later. So, how ’bout it?
– I don’t think so. For one reason, my apartment is a mess. And for the other, it’s been so long I don’t remember how to seduce a woman.
– Good points – Toni said – Let’s just forget the seduction thing. – She thought a minute before deciding just to jump in with both feet: – I know, why don’t you come up to my apartment – it’s clean. I’ll suck your dick a while, then you can fuck me. You remember how to do that, don’t you?
– Vaguely. Has anyone ever told you you’re nuts?
– Sure. They’ve also told me I’m very good at sucking dick. – Mark looked into his drink as if he was thinking about it: – If it helps you decide – Toni added: – I swallow.


Mark looked at her a moment. Mainly he looked at her mouth as if he was seeing one for the first time:
– Hell, I’d be nuts if I didn’t say yes.
– Then let’s go – Toni said, jumping up and grabbing his hand. On the way out she turned to Sheila and gave her a thumbs-up.

Toni hooked her arm in Mark’s and led him around the corner to her apartment building. While they waited for the elevator Mark, pulled her to him and kissed her hard. They held each other close, playing tag with their tongues. When they broke the kiss, Toni said:
– Suddenly you seem a little more enthusiastic about this – she whispered in his ear.
– Yeah – he said – It’s been a long time, but I do remember how good it feels to have my dick sucked.
– So, your wife didn’t suck dick?
– She always said she didn’t – he answered, then added – Apparently she just meant she didn’t suck mine.

Toni realized there was more story there than she wanted to hear, so she just said:
– Sorry. Well, you’re gonna get a special treat tonight then.
– And so are you.
– Why’s that? – Toni asked.
– I also remember how much fun it is to eat pussy.
– Oh yes, we’ll both have a good night.

Just then the elevator arrived. As soon as they were inside with the door closing, they kissed again

Toni slid her leg between Mark’s and began humping his thigh as they kissed. She wondered if he could feel the heat from her crotch through his trousers. She could certainly feel the lump inside those trousers. Yes – she thought – a good night indeed. As they entered the apartment, Toni waved her hand around:
– See, it’s all clean and neat. Here’s the living room. There’s the kitchen. The bath is over there. – She grabbed his arm and said: – Let’s go to the bedroom.

They were shedding clothes as they headed down the hall. By the time they got to the bedroom, they were both down to their underpants.

foreplay, taking clothes off

Mark held Jo against him and kissed her again. She was very aware of both; the hard dick against her leg and her own hard nipples pressing into his chest. Mark moved his hands down her back and cupped her ass, rubbing her against his thigh.

– Damn woman – he said – Your pussy is so hot.
– Your fault – she answered – and you’re gonna take care of it, too. But first… – she put her hand on his chest and pushed him backward toward the bed: – First, sit down and open your legs. I’ve got something special for you. – Mark started to pull his shorts down but she stopped him: – I’ll take care of that. You just sit.

As she knelt between his knees, Jo said:
– Baby, you’re gonna get my best blowjob ever. – To herself she added – And you’re not gonna cum ’til you beg me for it.

Mark’s shorts were holding his cock against his belly. Jo put the backs of her fingers on his balls, then slid them up the length of him, until they were at his head where pre-cum was seeping through the cloth. She smeared it around, then covered it with her mouth, sucking the viscous liquid through the cotton. Mark let out a low moan as she ran her teeth back down his manhood. She moved her head back slightly and looked him in the eye. Holding his gaze with hers, she extended her tongue and ran it back up until she was at the head again. Once more, she enveloped it with her lips, nipping lightly. Mark moaned again.

Jo pulled his shorts down and Mark kicked them aside. She held his cock straight up and looked at it, examined it with her eyes. Then she slowly lowered her mouth over his head. Mark sat absolutely quiet, watching his dick disappear into the woman’s mouth. When Jo felt the head against the entrance to her throat she held still, running her tongue around the swollen organ. Then just as slowly she moved her mouth up until once again she was holding him aloft. Glancing at Mark’s face, she saw that he was turning red and breathing shallow. Close – she thought – I’d better back him down. Jo pursed her lips and blew on the wet organ, cooling it with the evaporating saliva. When she was satisfied, she had brought him back from the brink she bent her head and licked at his balls which were cupped in her other hand.

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– So good… so good… feels so good – Mark murmured as she teased his nuts. Then: – Oh yes, oh yes – he said as her tongue slid upward, tracing the vein running from his balls to his cock-head.

She lowered her mouth over him again, this time taking him all the way in, until her nose was against his belly, his cock-head deep in her throat. Mark was making unintelligible noises of pleasure. She shook her head back and forth, stimulating the entire length of the cock she was swallowing. Then she withdrew, finally releasing him. Again, she cooled him down with her breath. She returned her attentions back to his balls, sucking one, then the other, between her lips, before holding them up and running her tongue along the tender underside of his sac.

– Oh fuck, that feels good – Mark said. She felt he’d had enough, and she took her tongue away from his nuts. She rubbed his cock-head against her lips, not taking him in. Looking him in the eye, she asked:
– Want something?
– Uh huh.
– Tell me what.
– Suck me, Toni. Suck my dick.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, his cock was back in hers. She rapidly moved her lips up and down him, fucking him with her mouth. After several strokes, she took him out and rubbed him around on her face before repeating the action. The next time she released him she locked his eyes with hers:
– Want something else?
– Make me cum. Please make me cum.
– Those were the magic words – she said with a smile. Then she took him back into her mouth, creating a seal with her lips. She shook her head back and forth, stimulating him by sliding the skin of his cock against the meat inside.
– OH MY GOD! – Mark screamed as Jo felt him swell, then throb. The first volley of cum hit the back of her mouth. Again, and again he throbbed, each time releasing more cum, which flowed across her tongue. True to her word, Toni swallowed all the salty stuff that he was pumping into her mouth. She didn’t release him until she’d suckled the last drops from his softening organ.

swallowing sperm

Completely spent, Mark fell back on the bed

– That was so good. Thank you, thank you. – Jo crawled up on top him and kissed him on the mouth. When she broke the kiss, Mark said: – Do you know you’re mouth tastes like cock?
– Oops, sorry – she said, not meaning it.
– Oh no, it’s wonderful – he said before kissing her again. – Who ever told you you were good at sucking dick sure knew what he was talking about. I’ve never had anyone make me feel that good.

They lay together a few moments while Mark caught his breath. Jo was smiling to herself, proud of how much pleasure she had brought to the man. That’s when Mark said:
– My turn now.

As soon as he said it, he began sucking hard on her nipples. Before she could say anything, his mouth moved down over her belly until, as she had done to him, he was covering the wet crotch of her panties. She could feel his tongue licking at the moisture in the material. Looking up, Mark said:
– Mmm, tastes as good as I remember. – He returned his mouth to her pubic mound, his tongue again pressing against her. Looking up once more, he added: – No. It’s even better.

Slipping her panties off, Mark kept his head a few inches back and gently breathed on her sex. He held her pussy lips open with one hand and with the other lightly rubbed her clit with his finger. Toni watched as Mark continued to blow on her and tease her. Then he again lowered his mouth, covering her pussy and forced his tongue as far into her as he could reach. Toni laid back and closed her eyes, giving herself over to the pleasure his lips and tongue were bringing. Taking hold of his head, she moved him up until he was licking directly on her clit.

– Oh yeah, Sugar. That’s the spot right there. Lick it good, Baby, lick it good!

As Mark continued to tongue her clit, Toni kneaded her tits with her hands. Leaning her head down, she licked and sucked her own nipples while watching him. Suddenly, her first orgasm hit her. She put one hand on the back of his head and pulled him hard against her, as she squeezed her nipple. Her whole body convulsed in pleasure. As the climax started to subside, Mark moved down and stuck his tongue into her pussy, lapping up the juices flowing from her. This caused her cumming again. Toni arched her back and screamed as she continued to shake, her whole body on fire. Mark’s tongue returned to her clit and he forced two fingers into her. She came again and again, thrashing back and forth, pinned to the bed by Mark’s face. At long last she calmed down, although she was still quivering.

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Mark pulled himself on top of her and they kissed. This time Toni was tasting her sex on her lover’s mouth. As they kissed, she could feel his rejuvenated dick pressing against her thigh. Breaking the kiss, she said:
– I want you in me. Now. – Toni opened her legs with Mark between them. He moved forward, easily penetrating her well-lubricated pussy: – Now fuck me, baby – she whispered.

She put her hands on his ass and pulled him deeper into her. She could feel the head of his cock touching the back of her pussy as she tightened herself around him.

– Damn – Mark said – That feels so good, Toni. You feel so tight around me.

He moved one leg outside hers, which further increased the pressure. He slowly slid out until just his head with between her pussy lips before slamming back into her. Over and over again, he pounded into her, his balls bouncing against her ass and his pubic bone massaging her clit.

– Yes, yes, oh god, yes – she cried out as he triggered her orgasm. He leaned back, his cock as deep in her as he could get it as she thrashed under him. As the orgasm faded, laid across her, kissing her neck and ears. As she calmed down, he asked:
– Want to get on top?
– Ooh yes – she said.

Mark pulled his cock out of her and turned onto his back. Toni threw her leg over his and held his cock against her pussy lips. But, before she could lower herself onto his pole, he took hold of her hips and pulled her crotch toward his mouth.

– Let me lick you first – he said. – I want to taste your cum. – Toni rubbed her pussy against his outstretched tongue. – So good – he murmured – You’re cum is so sweet. – Then he pulled her tight against his mouth, his tongue digging deep into her cunt.
– Glad you like it, baby – she panted – I love the way you eat my pussy. – Toni began rotating her hips, fucking herself on Mark’s tongue. – OH GOD! – she cried, feeling another orgasm approaching. – Let me turn around. I want you in my mouth while you eat me. – Without waiting for an answer Toni swiveled, then lowered her pussy to his face again. Toni leaned forward and held his cock up. It was sticky from her orgasm. Toni took it completely into her mouth, tasting her own cum. – Mmm – she mumbled as she humped his face and sucked his cock at the same time.

riding cock

As Toni suckled on Mark’s sex, he began licking between her ass cheeks. She cried out around the meat in her mouth as his tongue penetrated her backside. She kept moaning, slobbering on his dick, as he tongue-fucked her butt. Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer. Straightening up she said:
– I’ve got to have it in me. – She dismounted his face and once more knelt over his erect cock. This time she plopped down onto it before he could change his mind. Rocking forward she grasped at him with her cunt. – OH, FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING! – she screamed.

Mark arched his back, forcing himself deep into her as she cried out in climax. Suddenly, he grabbed her and began moving her back and forth around his dick. Toni realized he was using her cunt to jack off. It didn’t take long before she felt the warm semen shooting into her, renewing her climax.

They thrashed together on the bed for what seemed like an eternity until finally they were both spent. Toni collapsed onto Mark’s body, his cock deflating inside her and cum leaking out of her onto his leg. They were both soaked with sweat.

– Your wife’s boyfriend must be one rich son-of-a-bitch – she said, gasping for breath. Puzzled, Mark asked:
– Why do you say that?
– Why else would she give up a guy as good in bed as you. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. It either had to be money or that she’s just plain nuts.
– Thank you – Mark said – But it must be nuts. Her boyfriend turned out to be my barber.
– Well, that answers another question I had – Toni said with a grin.
– What’s that?
– Where you got that awful haircut. – Mark laughed and said:
– Well, I am thinking about changing barbers.
– Good plan – Toni said, laying her head back on Mark’s chest. After laying there a few minutes, Mark said:
– You know, Toni, you are a very attractive woman. Plus, you’re smart and funny. I’m sure you are a wonderful, caring human being.
– Uh huh – she said, wondering where this was going.
– But you are also a great piece of ass.
– Oh Mark, you say the sweetest things – Toni said, kissing him on the nipple. – One other question, though – Toni said.
– Yes?
– Do you always sweat this much when you fuck?
– Only when I’m fucking someone who knows what she’s doing. – Then he added: – You’re pretty damp too, you know?
– Yes, I know. What would you think about taking a quick shower? Both of us, I mean. Together of course.
– Or course. Sure, let’s go.

It still took them a while to get out of the bed. Toni simply didn’t want to let go of the man who had given her so much pleasure, even though she was sure there was more to come.

Once they were standing under the shower, Toni took a bar of soap and ran it over Mark’s chest, then moved it on down until she was soaping his cock and balls. She was pleased to feel it getting hard again in her hand. Mark took the soap from her and started working on her tits, making them slick with the suds.

– Turn around, Sweetie – he said.

Toni complied and Mark pressed himself against her back while he used the soap on her pussy. As he was sudsing her pubic hair, he slid several fingers into her. Toni started squeezing and stroking her own tits while Mark worked on her pussy. She could feel his soapy cock pressed against her butt. Toni managed to squirm around until it was trapped between her cheeks. He was completely hard again.

– Baby that feels so good – Mark said as Toni stimulated him by wiggling her ass.
– Yeah, it does – Toni sighed, close to orgasm from what Mark was doing with his hand.
– Want to try something else? – Mark asked.
– What’s that?
– You know what it means to “go around the world”?
– Uh huh – she answered, hoping he meant what she thought he did.
– Wanna try it?
– Oh, fuck yes – Toni said, bending forward slightly, presenting her butt to him. She could feel his cock-head pressed against her tiniest hole, slick with soapsuds. Then suddenly there was a quick throb of pain as it slipped past her sphincter.

anal under shower

– Oh, fuck yes – she mumbled – Shove that thing up my ass.

Mark pushed forward as she pressed back, his cock being forced deep into her bowels. Quickly, the pain turned to a feeling of pleasure.

– God, you feel so fucking tight – Mark gasped.
– And you feel so fucking big – Toni replied. Mark repeatedly thrust into her, his fingers still working at her pussy. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, Toni’s feet started sliding and if it hadn’t been for Mark holding her up by her crotch, she would have fallen. As they regained their balance, Mark asked:
– Think we better finish this on the bed where it’s safer?
– Sounds like a good idea to me – Toni said, standing up straight. She felt a moment of loss as his dick popped out of her ass. Using the hand-held shower head, Mark cleaned the soapsuds off both of them. As soon as they were out of the shower, they dried quickly, then Toni grabbed his hand and started pulling him toward the bedroom.
– Want me to bring the soap? – Mark asked.
– No, I’ve got some real lube in the nightstand – Toni answered.

Toni climbed onto the bed and got on her hands and knees, presenting her butt to her new lover. Mark bent over and ran his tongue down her ass-crack, then again penetrated her with his tongue. As Mark rimmed her, Tony reached over and opened the drawer next to the bed. She tossed a tube of KY back to Mark and said:
– Baby, that feels good, but I want you cock up there.

Mark got on her knees and Toni felt his fingers spreading the gel around and in her asshole. Then she felt his cock against her and there was that short burst of discomfort as once more he slipped into her butt. They both held still a moment, then Toni pressed herself backward, impaling her ass with his hard-on. As Mark buried himself deep in her his hand went back to her pussy. Toni gasped as he worked his fingers into her cunt while sliding his dick in and out of her butt.

– God, you feel so tight. It feels like you’re gonna bite it off.
– Not yet, baby. Not until we both cum – Toni responded through gritted teeth.

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She knew that wouldn’t be long for her. After a few more thrusts Toni screamed into the pillow as her body exploded in climax. Again and again, he pounded into her butt while again and again the waves of pure pleasure washed through her.

– Oh fuck, Toni. I’m close. Shit, I’m gonna cum.
– Do it baby – Toni cried back at him – Give it to me. Cum, you mother fucker. Cum in my ass.

Just as another wave of orgasm was starting for Toni, the monster in her butt got even larger. Soon she felt the first pulse of hot cream spewing out of it. Mark shot volley after volley of cum into her bowels while she continued to cum along with him.

When they were both finally spent, Mark lay sprawled across her back. Toni tightened her sphincter, trying to hold him in as long as possible, but to no avail as his shrunken organ popped out and he rolled off of her. Toni looked at the totally exhausted man next to her and said:
– Mark honey, you are such a good lover. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we finally get to meet.

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