[en] [pics] Bella Mur Is a Humble Girl, Full of Passion

Hello! My name is Bella Mur, 22 years old, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’m erotic model and porn starlet. I started all of this as a camgirl 4 years ago just because I wanted money but I’m staying in this sphere because I can’t imagine my life without it and I don’t see myself anywhere else. My life is full of sex, it’s my art and it’s my inspiration. I like the chemistry of sex and I’m always trying to find the line between the humble girl who I am in real life and the passion that is seething in me. I draw when I’m on camera with my moves, voice and glances in which I try to put all my sensuality and character. I like either hard and rough stuff or beautiful and cinematic, so my content is rather various.

ManyVids – ohmystars.manyvids.com

OnlyFans – onlyfans.com/bellamur

Twitter – twitter.com/bellamurrr

Instagram – Instagram.com/lazymur

Webcam – http://pvt.show/p/m2pn-bella-mur/


$ 20
  • 1.000 clicks
  • CPC $0.02


$ 100
  • 10.000 clicks
  • CPC $0.01
SAVE 50%

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