[en] [cuckold] My Swinging Experience with a Young Bi Couple

I was in my early 40’s and my wife and I were starting to get out of swinging after 20+ years. I’d surprised lots of guys by letting them fuck my hot wife. And out of the blue one day I found out what it had been like for those guys. Besides taking lots of nude photos of my wife I’d also taken pictures of a lot of nice cars at car shows that I’d take to work and show guys who were into cars.

I had one young guy who was 19 who worked for me, who always wanted to see them because he was really into cars. And he’d complimented my photography several times. And I’d taken pictures at work when we had Christmas parties and things like that. On one occasion I was taking a picture of his sexy little wife. And he liked the picture so much I gave it to him. But it surprised me when one day he came into my office, closed the door and started saying that I seemed like a cool guy who could keep a secret and asked if he asked me something not to do with work if I’d promise not to tell anyone. And I said I would.

I could tell he was nervous but finally he said he really liked how good my pictures were and was wondering if I’d be willing to take some pictures for him? So I asked what is he hoping for and he’d say his wife but expecting something else. But to my joy he said pictures of his wife. Then added:
– You know, sexy pictures, with no clothes on.

No way could I pass up that. Wanda was a hot little thing and they’d only been married a few months after he’d knocked her up at 17. She was now 18 and had had the baby. I’d met her before though because she’d helped out her mother at a little diner she ran. And even then, when she was probably only 16, she was always flirting with guys and seemed like she’d be a little wild and promiscuous. I’d flirted with her myself and on more than one occasion came on to her just joking and she’d told me whenever I was ready to really do something to let her know. I thought she was serious but couldn’t be sure. But after she married Rick, she dropped him off at work one morning and when she saw me jumped out of the car and came over hugging me. Those pert tits rubbing against me.

So, we arranged a day and time for me to go over. I wasn’t sure why they wanted these pictures and didn’t really care. When I got there, she ran in the room and started hugging me and was already half naked. She was a tiny girl, only about 4-8, 95-lb, but had a smokin’ hot body with a round little ass and her tits weren’t really big, but perfect for her size and she had the wildest hair I’d ever seen, almost like an afro, but she was white. She went to finish getting ready putting on makeup & stuff and I started setting up my stuff. I was going to have one camera on a tripod and another hand-held.

I was surprised when she came back in since I’d never seen her wear a lot of makeup or dressed up. But I knew as soon as I saw her, she was going for the sexy secretary look. She had on a black skirt & heels with a white button up blouse and black glasses. She sat at a little desk they had in the living room and struck a couple of sexy poses, then let the skirt fall open giving me a nice surprise by having on a garter & stockings. She unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall over as she leaned, overexposing a sexy black bra. She slowly took off the skirt and blouse and then the bra, letting me finally get a look at those perky 32B tits.

Then, she slipped off her panties exposing her neatly trimmed little muff and very sexy little ass

She laid back on the desk, legs spread, rubbing her pussy with one hand and cupping one of her tits with the other. Then turned and leaned over the desk with her tits hanging down and that sexy ass sticking up in the air. I wanted so bad to spread those little ass cheeks and bury my cock balls deep in that sexy ass of hers. She’d done all of this with no suggestions from me. She just naturally knew how to turn a guy on.

She went in and changed and it surprised me when she came back in a complete girl scout uniform that was too tight for her making it sexy as hell. She slowly stripped out of that, this time taking off the garter and stockings. Her next outfit was a high school cheerleader’s outfit that fit her perfect. But wasn’t hers as she’d borrowed it from a friend. The first thing she did was take off the panties that went with it. Then she got in various poses like she was cheering. Bending and jumping a lot to expose her ass and pussy. Then taking off the skirt and finally the top, leaving her totally nude.

Apparently, they had thought this out a lot because next she came out wearing a pair of kids six shooters in a holster and a leather vest way too small, with a star on it a kids cowboy hat and western boots that were way to big. My guess Ricks. She stripped out of that. And when she came back she was totally nude, but had one of those giant suckers. She licked it very seductively, as I took a few shots. It amazed me I’d taken nude pictures of lots of girls of all ages but at 19, she showed more natural sensuality than any of them.

My Swinging Experience with a Young Bi Couple

Next, we went into the bedroom and I took pictures of her sucking Rick’s cock and him fucking her in different positions. As I finished the end of the roll I was standing beside the bed changing rolls of film and I felt her hand rubbing my hard cock. Then undoing my belt, so I laid the camera down and helped her undress me, with Rick sitting there with a big grin. Then he told me she’d been telling him how much she wanted to fuck me ever since she knew we worked together. Soon I felt something I’d fantasized about from the first time I saw her. Her hot mouth wrapping around my thick cock. I’d always thought she be good at sucking dick, and boy was I right. Which I found out she’d had plenty of practice starting very young.

She sucked me off, then turned with her sexy ass facing me and I wanted so bad to stick it in her ass but put it in her tight pussy. She was sucking Rick off while I fucked her. And he started telling me how she’d always liked getting 2 cocks at once. I couldn’t resist and started rubbing my finger around her ass hole. And got a surprise when she asked if I’d fuck her in the ass. And before I could answer she’d reached in the nightstand and pulled out some lube and a condom.

I applied both and started to ease my big cock inside her tight little ass as she was almost screaming. Not in pain, but in pleasure. She loved being fucked in the ass. And next thing I knew, Rick had me roll her on top as I kept fucking her tight little ass. And he straddled her and started fucking her tight little pussy. She was having orgasm after orgasm as we both fucked her in unison. When I was ready to cum I pulled out and got beside her and shot off on her tits. Soon Rick did the same thing. Then I got a bit of a shock when she told Rick to lick her tits clean and he did without hesitation.

Then told him to lick the cum off of my cock and he started licking it. I couldn’t resist and put my hands on the back of his head and started pumping my cock into his young mouth. I let go of his head, but to my surprise, he kept sucking and Wanda asked if he liked sucking my cock and he said yea, he’d wanted to suck it ever since she pulled it out.

My Swinging Experience with a Young Bi Couple

Which I’d heard rumors he was bi, but never paid any attention. And Wanda didn’t know either. But she knew he was submissive. As it turned out, that entire day had been her idea. And he always did what she said. They hadn’t planned on telling me, but they ended up showing me stuff when she tied him up and a small dildo she’d fuck him with small dildo and all kinds of bondage stuff. Turned out, at 17 she was a dominatrix. Turns out her mother was into it and turned Wanda on to it. I never was into that, but fortunately, I did get to fuck that tight little pussy a few more times.

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