[en] [cuckold] Sharing My Wife With Another Man Was Just Sensational

A few days ago, my girlfriend, Emma, and I and some friends were due to travel to France for a weekend. We had booked cabins for the outward journey, and were due to share with two friends. However, at the last minute, one of our friends cancelled, leaving us sharing with John, another man, a good friend of ours. We have known John and his wife for years, and while we have shared hotel rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi’s, etc., there has never been any intimate contact between any of us, although John and I had often remarked about swapping, but we knew the ladies were not up for it.

Anyway, the outward journey passed fairly uneventfully, after we boarded, we had something to eat, and then retired to our cabins. John and I both got undressed and into bed, while Emma was cleansing her face etc. We then had the pleasure of watching her undress, although as she had forgotten to bring a night-dress, she decided slept in her lacy, see-through bra and knickers. She then promptly climbed into bed with me.

Several hours later, we awoke, and all had showers, before dressing for breakfast. After showering, Emma proceeded to rub moisturising cream all over her slim and supremely sexy body, in front of both John and I, and I could see the look of desire in his eyes, as she massaged the lotion into her pert little breasts, and you could almost hear him when she rubbed it into her thighs and bottom. But the moment passed, and I again thought that this was a lost opportunity.

The return journey was something else though. It followed the usual pattern, until we went below to sleep. Emma had packed a nightdress in the overnight bag this time, and again John and I were undressed and in bed before she had finished taking her makeup off. She then undressed, completely, before slipping her nightdress on. Both John and I had climbed into bottom bunks, and as usual, Emma was going to share with me rather than use one of the top bunks, and it was only now that we realized that the individual lights for both the top bunks were still on. So, we asked Emma to turn them out. But Emma is not very tall, and the only way she could reach was to stand on the edge of the lower bunk, and lean forward to reach the switch.

Sharing My Wife With Another Man Was Just Sensational

Once she climbed up onto the edge of my bunk and leant forward I had a very clear view up her nightdress, and I knew that in a short time John would have exactly the same view. And while he had seen her naked before, it had never been from this angle, and she has a very cute little fanny.

I just laid there, and watched the expression on his face when she stood above him. He made some comment about the view, I can’t remember what it was, but Emma just laughed it off, and then climbed into bed with me. We cuddled up under the quilt, but soon Emma was complaining about being too hot, and I suggested that she slip her nightdress off, as this would be cooler, for both her and me. We then cuddled up together to go to sleep.

But having her gorgeous, naked body next to me was too much, and Emma soon found herself with a stiff prick digging into her bottom, and rather than complain, she just reached behind her, and started to fondle my prick, and balls. I took this as an invitation, and slipped my had between her legs and started to gently massage her clit, something that drives her wild, while I squeezed her breasts with my other hand. While this was happening, John was laid not three feet away in the other bunk. We continued this mutual masturbation for some time, without making any sound, until Emma wriggled up the bed a bit, and slipped my cock between her legs.

She then reached down again, and grasping my cock, massaged its head against her lips. It was at this point that I noticed that the quilt had slipped slightly, and her breasts, one of which was being caressed by me, were now clearly on show, albeit in the half-light of the darkened cabin. I glanced across at John’s bunk, and could see the whites of his eyes; it was obvious he was watching, although as Emma was laid with her back to me, I don’t know whether she was aware of this. But still no sound was made by any of us.

It wasn’t until Emma wriggled her body back down the bed, slipping my cock inside her in the process that a gasp slipped from both our mouths, and we started to slowly move together back and forth as we gently fucked each other.

I couldn’t believe it. We had never done this before in the same room as someone else. We’ve never been watched by another man.

We continued to thrust against each other gently and silently. I assumed Emma didn’t know that John was awake and watching, but I did, and that fact was turning me on even more. Emma and I often make love in the open, or the car, and on those occasions the thought of being caught, or seen turns me on, and here it was really happening. And now here I was shagging her less than three feet from another man, who was fully aware of what we were doing.

Sharing My Wife With Another Man Was Just Sensational

As we got more involved in our lovemaking, the quilt slipped even more, and every time it moved, Emma would pull it back up, vainly trying to keep it over us, but eventually it fell off completely. I expected Emma to stop then, and pull it back on, but instead she just continued thrusting backwards against me, trying to pull my cock deeper into her with every thrust. By now we were both making some noise, not too much, as we were both aware of John’s presence. I can only think that Emma had her eyes shut, because John had thrown back his quilt, and was openly wanking away.

It was at this point that Emma orgasmed for the first time, and she could not do that quietly, no matter how hard she tried, and as she did, we rolled over so that she was face down, and I began to fuck her harder and harder from behind. Now every thrust was bringing groans from her, and although they were muffled by the pillow, there was no way they could be mistaken. Emma turned her head to one side, glanced up at me, then across at John, and too my surprise, reached over towards John, who was still wanking away.

As her hand touched his chest, he mover around, and sat up on the edge of the bed. Her hand slid down until it reached his prick, and then she took over wanking him, while I continued to shaft her from behind. I cannot describe how I felt at that point. Her was the woman I loved, wanking another man, while being shagged by me. The stuff that fantasies are made of. Emma’s hand must have been very expressive, because John slowly slipped off the bed, and knelt on the floor alongside ours, with his raging hard-on just inches from Emma’s face.

She continued to wank him, and slowly moved her head over, so that she was close enough to lick the end of his knob. Even in the semi dark cabin, I could see the pre-come on the end of his prick, and she gently licked all around and over the head of his cock I could see it connecting her tongue to his cock like a single strand of spiders web glistening with dew. The atmosphere was very erotic, and the sight in front of me was turning me on so much, I was fit to burst. She was still wanking him, and then she licked him again, and edging even closer, kissed the end of his cock before opening her mouth, and pulling it into her warm and tender mouth. I have felt that mouth on my own cock so many times, and have often dreamed of seeing it wrapped around another man’s, but never thought I would.

At this point, I could take no more, and I shot my wad, filling her up with my spunk, coming with more force, and pleasure that I can remember. I just knelt there for a while, embedded inside her, as she continued to wank and suck John. Having Emma give me a blowjob is almost as good as sex itself, watching her give another man one was sensational. She doesn’t often continue to the end, preferring me to come inside her rather than in her mouth, but tonight she seemed to be determined to take her second helping of come in her mouth.

She never moved or changed position, and as I knelt there, still inside her, she sucked and wanked John’s cock until he started to tense like we all do before coming. It was only now that he touched her for the first time, placing both hands on the back of her neck and head, and pulling her head towards him, as she continued to wank him, and suck him. It was obvious that he had no intention of letting her not complete the job now.

Sharing My Wife With Another Man Was Just Sensational

And when he came it was like an electric shock, as his whole body arched, and he pumped his cream into Emma’s mouth. She swallowed like a trooper, but there was too much for her to handle, and it began to seep out of the side of her mouth, and down her face. Once he had finished, his limp cock fell out of her mouth, covered in come, as was her face, and thighs. We all got up, without saying a word to each other, and showered, before going back to bed and sleeping as if nothing had happened.

Since then, we haven’t spoken about what happened at all, I haven’t discussed it with either John or Emma. I don’t know whether anything like it will ever happen again, or whether it was just one of those golden moments that come along out of the blue never to be repeated. The only thing I do know is that for a few short minutes, we lived my fantasy, and it felt great.

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