[en] [cuckold] Fantasizing About Her and Another Man, Made Me Fuck Her Harder

Hi, my name is Jeff, and I’ve been married to my sexy little wife, Tanya, for 5 years. We’ve been using nasty talk and shared fantasies to spice up our love life almost from the beginning of our relationship. One thing that got us both particularly hot was for me to ask her, during sex, if she’d like to have two cocks at once. I’d say something like, “I’d like to see you sucking someone else’s cock while I’m fucking you from behind,” and she’d usually reply: “I’d love you to see me deep-throating some other man, as long as it wouldn’t make you jealous.”

In the throws of passion I would always assure her that I wouldn’t be jealous, only as hot as hell. At least, I didn’t think I’d be jealous – the idea sounded more erotic than anything else I could imagine.

Tanya has one of the sexiest body’s I’ve ever seen. And to lie beside her while another man used it would be a seal sight to see. I often would prop a mirror up at the edge of our bed so that I could glance over while I fucked her. Let me tell you, it was one sexy sight when she lifted her perfect legs and began to moan in pleasure as I pounded away at her tight little pussy.

One time, when Tanya was on her hands and knees and I was banging away at her doggy-style, she even upped the ante by saying:
– If I had a cock to suck right now, you could watch from right over my shoulder. You’d be so close, you could almost suck it yourself.

That was an idea I hadn’t yet contemplated, but hearing about it spurred me to have a violent orgasm, in which I filled my wife’s cunt with what seemed like buckets of my come.

[en] [cuckold] Fantasizing About Her and Another Man, Made Me Fuck Her Harder

After a few years we moved to another city so Tanya could go to graduate school. Our dirty sex talk continued, with some of her young professors and fellow students appearing in our fantasies. The thought of Tanya getting it on with another man remained a running theme for us, yet neither of us made any real attempts to bring our fantasy to life.

That all changed one night when we were relaxing in bed with a cigarette after a very hot fucking session. Tanya looked me in the eye and asked me once again if I would really want her to be with another man. This was the first time the subject had been brought up when we weren’t actually fucking.

She wanted to be fucked by another man, and I was excited about it, too

I got a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach – a kind of fear mixed with intense excitement. I wondered if Tanya was going to confess to something. I told her again that I had no reason to be jealous and that it would really turn me on. I must have said the same thing a hundred times before, but I suspected that this time I would find out if I could really live up to my words. Tanya took a deep breath, then began to stroke my flaccid cock as she told me this story:

– Today after class, I invited Tim over to study. You remember Tim from the spring party, don’t you? Well, one thing led to another, and soon we were making out on the couch. He kissed me and I let him. I also let him feel my breasts. You’re not mad, are you? – Mad? Hell, no. Tanya should have figured that out by the way my cock sprang to life like a horny jack-in-the box. In my spinning head I pictured Tim and my wife entangled on the couch, his hands groping wildly for her breasts. I moaned loudly as Tanya stroked my raging cock and continuing her story. – I touched his cock through his pants and he was rock- hard. And he had a real horse-cock too. I kept wondering what a cock that big would feel like stretching my pussy open. Then Tim started pinching my nipples. I thought about making him stop, but then he started rubbing my pussy through my panties, and it just felt so good.

[en] [cuckold] Fantasizing About Her and Another Man, Made Me Fuck Her Harder

– Did you fuck him? – I rasped as Tanya ran her hand down my shaft to caress my heavy balls.
– No, I reminded him that I was married – she answered, lust filling her eyes. – But I did let him put his cock in my mouth. Oh, Jeff, he was fucking my mouth with that huge cock, and I was wishing you were there to fuck my cunt while I sucked him. I was so hot that I gave him the sluttiest blowjob, licking and sucking and slurping until he exploded in my mouth. I tried to swallow all his cum, but some of it leaked down my chin, I just couldn’t swallow fast enough. And then I fingered myself to the most amazing orgasm right when he shot off in my mouth. It was really something.

The image of my sexy wife deep-throating this man’s huge cock had me panting with desire. I threw Tanya onto her back and rammed my cock into her juicy cunt, then proceeded to give her the fucking of a lifetime.

As I pistoned in and out of her slick channel, I imagined I could taste his cum in her kisses. I could surely picture her on her knees, trying to cram Tim’s enormous cock down her throat. The whole scene was so hot that I didn’t last too long, but I managed to fuck Tanya to two screaming orgasms before I released my torrent of cum into her clasping pussy.

We fucked all night long, with Tanya telling and retelling the story of sucking off another man, adding another juicy detail each time. We were both so sore the next day that we had to wait a week before inviting Tim over to try our first threesome. That’s another story; but I will say that it was very intense, and he really does have a horse cock. I know because I personally guided it into my wife’s hot and wet cunt.

[en] [cuckold] Fantasizing About Her and Another Man, Made Me Fuck Her Harder

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