[en] [cuckold] She hugged everybody’s erection with her lips or labia

The woman on all fours in the middle of the carpet is plump but shapely, dark blond hair short cropped, bared breasts, full and deep, wobbling gently beneath her with each breath. Like the man who kneels behind her, she is nude. Steadying himself with a hand on the blonde’s well rounded rump, the man grips his short, barrel-like erection. He shuffles forward, bringing his cock between her cheeks, touching his swollen tip against her labia. The woman sighs as his gentle pressure prizes her apart, no more than his engorged bulb sinking between in the moist folds of her opening.

– You OK love? – he murmurs.
– I’m fine – the woman nods, setting her large breasts swaying, then turns to give the man a swift, teasing smile. – You feel like a big boy tonight? – Soft chuckles come from close by.
– Told you, Mike always improves with an audience – says a low, masculine voice. The naked man raises his eyes from the woman’s naked body.
– You keep your opinions to yourself, you dirty buggers – he grins. – This is supposed to be serious, artistic posing. How am I doing now?

Three more men stand around the couple in the curtained living room. Each carries a camera. Two of the men are the same age as the naked man – mid to late thirties, the third is barely thirty, and looks the most ill at ease.

– Fine, Mike – says the eldest, moving closer. He’s a tall man with glasses. – Can you just lean back a couple of inches? I want to get more detail. – The others are all grinning. – It’s purely for erotic impact, that’s all – the tall man protests. Bending low, he focuses on the naked man’s embedded erection; the camera flashes once, twice.
– Anybody else? – the naked man asks. The second man, short and bearded, grunts and moves for a different angle. Only the youngest man seems hesitant. – What about our newcomer – Dave, isn’t it? – The young man nods, his face flushed. He stands near the woman’s head, slightly apart.
– I think he’s a bit shy – the woman smiles at him. The young man’s flush deepens.
– No – he says. – I mean, I didn’t realize the poses would be so… explicit. Neville just said nude.
– Can you slide another couple of inches? – the bearded man interrupts him. – I’d like to get a close-up of Lisa’s juices on your pole.

The young man’s eyes widen, as the naked man grunts, taps the woman’s back and pushes himself forward. The woman breathes in, arching her back, as the naked man penetrates her until his balls squash against her cheeks.

– Not too deep for you, am I, love? – he asks. The woman chuckles throatily.
– Who do you think you are, Errol Flynn? – Then she drops her head as the man pulls back.

[en] [cuckold] She hugged everybody's erection with her lips or labia

– Lovely – the bearded man murmurs, bending to snap the glistening, and still connected cock. – You’re really nice and wet today Lisa.
– Thank you, Matt – the woman says quietly.
– Not nude enough for you, Dave? – the naked man chides. He shuffles back from the woman’s buttocks and his cock jerks erect. – Come on, love – he says, tapping her thigh – get onto your back, let young Dave get another look at your boobs – I think that’s what he likes best.

Unself-consciously, the woman turns onto her back, giving the young man a sympathetic smile as she does.

– Don’t tease him, Mike – she tells her husband. – It’s only his first time. He’s probably not used to it.

She stretches out, her body even more lush in full frontal. Her heavy breasts loll against her chest, stiff-nippled and still beautifully rounded, gingerly hair spouts thickly at her crotch. Still smiling at the young man, she spreads her thighs, exposing pinkly swollen labia. The young man blinks.

– Not a bad body for a woman of 34, huh? – the naked man tells him. He shuffles between the woman’s legs, brushing his thickly haired thighs against hers. – Almost the same measurements as she was ten years ago. She’s put two inches on her boobs since then! – As he grins, the woman cuffs him and says:
– Have you got a cushion? I’m going to feel this floor once you get going. – The tall man grabs a cushion from the sofa. The woman lifts her bottom, making her breasts wobble, and the naked man slips the cushion beneath her.
– Shall we go for a bit of action on this one? – the naked man asks. The two elder photographers nod. – OK, love? – the naked man says to the woman. Pushing his hard erection down towards her pussy, he leans over her. Quickly she puts her hand against his chest.
– Gently now, love – she warns. – You don’t have to prove you’re a superstud just because you’ve got a new audience.

She took every erection as a compliment

The naked man grins and nods, then he glances down where his cock nudges the woman’s pussy lips. She reaches down, closing her fingers round his shaft, pulling him, guiding him into her opening. There’s an instant flurry of clicking shutters.

[en] [cuckold] She hugged everybody's erection with her lips or labia

– Oh, don’t you just love that bit? – the naked man grins. Then both he and the woman suck in breath and he eases his cock into her, only pausing when he has penetrated her fully. He looks down at his wife. – OK. Lisa – let’s show them the fuck of a lifetime – eh?

And the woman gasps, bracing herself suddenly, as he thrusts forward. Then, as he takes up a steady, rhythmic humping motion. She relaxes, breathing evenly, watching her husband’s flushed face. Flash units spark at regular intervals.

– Can you pull out a bit further? – The tall man asks. – I want to see more of your cock going into Lisa. – Slowing, the naked man obeys. Sweat glistens on his forehead.
– Are you alright love? – the woman murmurs. The naked man grins.
– Of course I am, keep this up all night. – And he jerks forward suddenly, making her gasp.
– That’s it! – the bearded man cries. – A few short and sharp like that.

The naked man complies instantly, pumping the woman’s pussy in a frenzy of quick sudden short thrusts. She stiffens, her head tilting back as she squeezes her eyes shut. As the man resumes his former rhythm and erection, she blinks at him, breathing in raggedly.

– Christ, I felt that – she moans in a voice resembling a loud whisper.
– Told you it’d be a fuck to remember – he grins. He nods towards the young man. – Even Dave took a nice pic of the action now – He beckons the young man closer. – Come on, mate! Time you got involved. Put down that camera. – The young man looks at him, confused. Slowing his strokes to a gentle rocking motion, the naked man sighs. – Don’t you find Lisa attractive? Don’t you fancy her? – The young man nods, uncertainly.
– She’s… lovely…
– Well, show her! – the naked man cries. – There’s no law against getting turned on here. Get it out – Let Lisa have a look.

[en] [cuckold] She hugged everybody's erection with her lips or labia

The young man gapes at the other photographers, who are both grinning. The tall one nods with encouragement. Then Dave glances at the woman who is gazing at him.

– You don’t have to be shy because of me, David – she breathes.
– Oh shit – the young man swallows hard. Sweat gleams on his forehead. Abpruptly, he is tugging at his trouser belt.
– Great! – the naked man cries. – I knew you had it in you, Dave.

The young man is scarlett-faced as his trousers and pants sink to the floor. His exposed cock bounces slackly away from his balls. Already the foreskin has slipped back off its smooth pink bulb.

– Kneel down, Lisa can’t see you there – the naked man urges. Sighing, the young man obeys, shuffling close to the blonde’s head. She turns it to look at them. Then, as he moves within a foot, reaches out suddenly. The young man gasps as her slim cool fingers scoop his balls.
– Oh it’s lovely, Mike – she murmurs.
– Told you he was a strapping lad – the naked man grins. Buried deep between his wife’ thighs, he is barely moving now.
– Here – the woman murmurs, urging the young man closer. She lifts her head, sliding her fingers onto the base of his shaft. He groans as her tongue flicks out, lightly caressing the underside of his bulb. Flash units spark, and immediately blonde’s lips enclose the whole of his tip, lapping and sucking the bloated flesh.
– God – the young man hisses, his whole body as rigid as his cock. In an effort to draw more of him between her lips, the woman lifts herself still higher, clasping his shaft with both hands, pumping her mouth deeper and deeper along his length. Liquid sounds merge with the click of shutters. Trembling, his eyes half closed, the young man glimpses the naked man. The older man’s face is rapt, his eyes fixed on the woman’s bobbing head. His gentle fucking rhythm grows more urgent.
– Yes – he whispers. – Suck it – suck it all down – suck! – He jerks his cock deep on the last word, making his wife start, and his face changes. – Shit – he hisses. He groans and leans forward.

Abpruptly the woman pulls the young man’s cock from her mouth. – Oh Mike! – she cries. Red faced, the naked man slumps still further over her.

– Sorry – he gasps. – Couldn’t help it – Damn, I’m coming a load…

[en] [cuckold] She hugged everybody's erection with her lips or labia

His head drops with the final spasm of his climax. Then, panting, he is falling to one side, his limp dick sliding, glistening, from the woman’s swollen lips. She moans, squeezing her thighs together.

– I was close…
– Don’t worry – the naked man, still breathing heavily, rises to his knees. Reaching out, he bats the young man’s elbow. The young man stares.
– What? – The naked man lifts his eyes to the ceiling. – What are you waiting for? Don’t leave her like that. You’ve got a stiff prick, haven’t you? Go on! Use it! Use the erection! Make love to her! Go fuck her now!

Blinking, the young man looks at the woman, who gazes back, expressionless. Then her hand slides along the veined underside of his erection, stroking it, pushing it gently but unmistakably away from her, down her naked body. The young man swallows thickly. As though mesmerized, he allows her to guide him toward her crotch. Her thighs open to enclose him. Watching his face, she tightens her fingers round his engorged bulb, draws it down between her moist, parted labia, urges him in with a slight upward thrust of her hips.

– Oh my! – the young man grunts. And the woman is reaching for his lean, lightly haired thighs, pulling him forward, deeper into her.
– That’s it – she hisses, eyes half closed in concentration. – Oh yes – yes! Now push, push!

And as he begins to hump her, amid a flurry of clicking shutters, the naked man watches, his hand pulling and pumping at his slowly swelling cock.

[en] [cuckold] She hugged everybody's erection with her lips or labia

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