[en] [cuckold] “Fantasy Breeding” in a Resort at the Caribbean, pt. I

Kosi Island is a completely new resort situated deep in the Caribbean on an uncharted and uninhibited Island known only to those that sailed private vessels and learned of its rich lush jungle foliage and pristine white sandy beaches. It has recently developed into a private resort by a group of wealthy black businessmen who devised the idea from a place called Eban. The Island. A playground for the elite. The idea was devised in the tradition of the Island called Eban.

Wealthy black men could come from around the globe where they could hand pick the perfect white woman to mate. Black men that want children without the complications of marriage. The white women are breeders. A wealthy black man could travel to the Island and select his mate for breeding. In cases where a woman is in demand by multiple clients than an auction is scheduled. The woman is sold to the highest bidder. The resort management must keep an array of fresh white pussy available for breeding at the resort at all times. These women are not forced or kidnapped to be enslaved on the Island by any means. If fact, they are recruited by clever ads that are placed around the internet. Ads are placed in strategic places for an example: Cuckold and swingers sites. Yes, cuckold sites.

The resort prefers white couples that are practicing cuckolding. A white Hotwife would be considered a perfect recruit for the resort. Not much training is required in such cases where a white woman has been cuckolding her husband. Ads are usually discovered by the cuckold himself. The ads for the resort are cleverly placed between ads, for example, of black bulls seeking white couples. The cuckold in most cases becomes excited with the thought of himself and his wife living on a tropical resort where his wife is going to be serviced by handpicked black bulls.

The cuckold will do most of the initial work on helping to recruit his wife. Usually these white couples are in financial need and the resort makes it very clear that money can be made living the lifestyle of their dreams. The ads explain that there is a one million dollar signing bonus plus the ads point out other opportunities for the couple to make additional money while living at the resort. Naturally the ads don’t highlight a few of the requirements. The ad like many advertisements only state that some conditions apply. Those conditions in small letters at the bottom of the ads are hardly noticed by the unsuspecting white couple. Most couples only see the parts about the money and living the lifestyle that they so enjoy and practice. Once the couple signs the initial application for the resort they are visited by a representative which explains the additional requirements and conditions when he or she arrives. The representative always starts with showing them the one million dollar check at the beginning of their meeting and explains how millions more can be made during their stay at the resort.

[en] [cuckold] "Fantasy Breeding" in a Resort at the Carribean

The couple must agree to signing a 24 month contract to begin on the day they arrive on the Island. The representative has a different sales pitch for both the wife and the cuckold during the visit. The representative will explain the technology they have installed on the resort to enhance his stay as a cuckold. He’ll be told how he will be able to enjoy watching his wife being serviced by handsome black bulls and how he will be able to enjoy watching other wives being serviced as well. The husband “Cuckold” is shown a short a short movie showing how other cuckolds live on the resort. He is told that he has to work and often placed in a job he is well suited for when he arrives on the Island.

The wife is shown a much different movie…

The movie always includes an array of handsome well-endowed black bulls ready and eager to please the wives. She is told how she will live the life of luxury and be pampered beyond her imagination. The representative will show the wife how the other wives dress in bikinis and very revealing attire throughout the year with the warm climate of the resort. Everything is made available to her including makeup and other toiletries she may require.

Once those formalities are covered the representative usually opens a folder showing the couple another million dollar check. The conversation usually starts off with the first question directed at both the wife and cuckold. Have they ever practiced “Fantasy Breeding” with one of their bulls. Usually the wife is reluctant at first but the cuckold will always confess and explain how he might encourage his wife to allow her bull to cum inside her pussy. In most cases the wife will admit how aroused she becomes knowing her bull could make her pregnant. The answer the representative is always waiting for as he or she always begins by pointing to that second million dollar check. A chance for her to breed with one of the most handsome and wealthiest black clients and not be obligated for the well-being of the child that will be conceived.

A lot of thought and imagination has to be put out by the representative at this time. He or she usually waits to answer whatever question might arise during this most important conversation. Almost 90% of the time the couples usually agree to this condition. There is one more important condition the couple must agree upon at this time before the last signatures go on the contract. It’s explained that legal obligations are very important for the resort and the couple to protect themselves by a partner that may become hostile for any reason during the contract. It’s explained that the couple must file for a divorce at the signing of the contract which is carried out legally on the Island since it has its own legal jurisdiction and have the authority to finalize a divorce within 48 hours.

The representative explains that this is only a legal procedure on paper. He or she must convene the couple that they will be free to remarry once their contract ends and there are no further obligations the resort could be held libel. It’s explained to the cuckold husband in such a way that he no longer has any rights to his now ex-wife. It’s explained in such a way he becomes even more excited. The wife on the other hand usually worries about her husband but she is reassured it’s only a legal document and nothing will change in their relationship. Usually at this point the couples are holding hands as they look over the contract together. Once the contract is signed, the couple are given some time to make the appropriate arrangements for their stay. They tell relatives they will be working on a tropical Island resort for 2 years and make arrangements with their jobs. Usually these couples are in situations where they are not committed to high-end employment in the first place so the million dollars at signing becomes a big selling pitch for the resort.

cuckold watching his wife riding a black cock

Naturally, the resort is very concerned with the appearance of the white wife. They always make suggestions to the woman not to go out and cut her hair or have any tattoo’s put on before they arrive at the resort. They are told that everything will be taken care of to enhance their appearance one they arrive. Once the contract is signed, the representative will take the woman’s measurements, height and weight and be asked a list of questions concerning her health and ability to conceive children. She is also required tom maintain her birth control subscription until she arrives on the resort and will be given further evaluation once she arrives.

The last requirement is that the cuckold and the wife are told that once they arrive at the resort that sex between them are no longer acceptable and if they want to have sex, they must do it before their trip and arrival on the Island. Sometimes there is a laugh from the wife as she might explain their cuckold relationship where he’s already been cut off from having sex with her. In this case the cuckold will already be conditioned and know what to expect when he arrives at the resort.

We are about to follow the adventures of each couple as they arrive at the resort and wives are black bred one at a time. Out first couple we are going to follow are very young and naive. Their names are Mathew and Zooey. Mathew and Zooey are in their early twenties and only been married for three years. Get ready to follow them as they first arrive at Kosi Island.

So, Mathew and Zooey were holding hands the morning they walked off the boat that transported them to the Island. Unlike most couples that came to the Island, they were very naive and didn’t have any experience in the cuckolding lifestyle at all. It had been an idea from Mathew. He was one of those young husbands that wanted to see his wife make love to another man. Like many other husbands. The interracial thing intrigued him a lot.

They didn’t know what to expect when they reached the Island. They were caught up in some bad times. They had been working for a large manufacturing company when they were bought out by another company and transferred their workforce out of the country. Without jobs, Mathew came across an ad placed by Kosi Island when he was searching thru porn one day. He was supposed to be searching for jobs. Within days they were boarding a plane to the Caribbean and now they were here.

Once they entered the Island the couple were processed in and soon separated. Zooey being taken to the women’s dorm and Mathew taken to the men’s dorm on the opposite sides of the resort. They were giving a tour on the first day visiting the luxury hotel where the clients came in and stayed. Two luxury pools adorned the hotel on either side and every amenity imaginable including weight room and reading and internet lounges for the clients. There were also loungers where the black men could meet with the white woman where they could select their potential breeding partner. Unlike Eban Island, where black men came for sex, the sole purpose on this resort was to breed. In other words, no sex until a woman was selected than arrangements were made on a breeding day.

In such a case where two or more black men had an interest in the same white woman then there would be an auction held to determine which black man would. Normally a fixed fee is placed on the woman for breeding. The price for her services could exceed much higher than the fixed rate if an auction takes place. Zooey soon learned that once she became pregnant she would have to sign adoption forms so that the father would have complete rights to his baby. During the pregnancy the woman could work the resort entertaining the black clients. There was a large demand for a pregnant white woman to service black gentleman such as with blowjobs or even fucking the woman. The woman could earn extra money for themselves and the resort this way.

[en] [cuckold] "Fantasy Breeding" in a Resort at the Carribean

After the babies were born the mothers would be given a three month rest period before they were placed out for breeding again. Normally a woman had two babies while they spent their two years at the resort. Zooey soon learned that there were a few couples that sighed up for an extra year stay but she couldn’t imagine being pregnant a third time with another man’s baby.

Mathew soon learned he’d be working in accounting since he had experience and spent most days in an office environment. He would be notified when his ex- wife would be black bred. If an auction were held he would be invited to watch the procedure. Depending on the woman. The cost of breeding a white woman could top several million dollars.

Zooey was a petite blonde with gorgeous features. She could obtain the maximum amount and would split the fee with the resort. It was in her favor to present herself the best she could to a potential black bull. Yes. The black men were called “black bulls” at the resort. They would be allowed a seven day period to mate with the woman he chose to breed.

On her third day at the resort, Zooey was already meeting with potential breeding bulls in one of the lounges. She spoke with about two dozen men within a six hour period. She had a crush on one of the men almost instantly. He was a black businessman from Toronto Canada and was very charming. But Zooey wouldn’t have a say in who the lucky guy would be that would have the opportunity to breed her. That evening she was informed that she had several bulls interested in breeding her and there would be an auction held the following afternoon. She was nervous just thinking about it. She spoke with several other women who had recently experienced the auction block and told her it was nothing to worry about. She only hoped that the charming man from Toronto would be the highest bidder.

It was auction day at the resort…

There were six women being sold that afternoon. Zooey would be the forth woman sold. They had her dress in black heels. She would be escorted out to the auction stage completely naked except for those black heels which had 6″ spikes. Her pussy had been shaved the day she arrived. Some of the women had expertise in makeup and helped her prepare for the auction.

The women were brought out onto the stage where they were told to walk along the edge of the stage before they took their places in chairs until they’re names were called by the auctioneer. Zooey sat down with the other five women and stared out into the dark audience. All the lights were on the stage so it was hard to see the group of men who had gathered for the auction. There would be guys in the audience with interest in each woman but Zooey was told there might be more bidders than she was previously told which made her even that more nervous.

Girls on display to be sold to the highest bidder

Mathew was in the back of the room with the other ex- husbands watching Zooey on the stage. The women couldn’t see them since the room was so dark back there. The auctioneer came out giving his little speech and the proceedings began.

The first woman stood out front and center while she was being auctioned. The bulls were given electronic buttons to push with their number that would light up on a board above the stage. The auctioneer gave his chant until he thought the highest bidder was done and finally hollered out:
– Sold!

After the first woman got sold it went pretty fast. Zooey was up next. She took her place up in the center of the stage as the auctioneer began to chant. Zooey could hear the dings each time a bid was placed on her. She couldn’t see the lighted board since it was behind her head and had to keep looking forward with a big smile on her face. Zooey seemed to be getting more interest than some of the other women that were sold before her.

The auctioneer kept chanting until the dings began to slow up. The auctioneer gave his final words and finally hollered out:
– Sold!

Zooey felt relived as she walked back to her seat. She had no idea who her buyer was but hoped it was the charming guy that showed so much interest in breeding her. The other two wives were soon sold and the auction was over for the day.

Mathew was in the back watching Zooey being escorted back behind the stage. He and the other ex-husbands soon left the room. He had no idea who the bull was that bought his ex-wife but knew she would be bred in the coming days. Zooey was told to dress in something revealing that evening where she would be introduced to the bull that bought her that afternoon.

She was brought to a small room where she found a black man waiting to see her. When he turned around Zooey was all smiles once she saw it was the charming man from Toronto. He shook her hand and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

They would have dinner together and later that evening they would head to his hotel room where Zooey would be black bred…

MILF riding a big black cock

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