[en] [cuckqueen] I Had an Oral With My Secretary, With My Wife’s Permission

Was she wearing knickers? I couldn’t help but wonder as I watched my secretary, Carol, bend over to retrieve a file. It could be a G-string – I thought. Yes, that was the most likely option. For some reason my girlfriend had been a bit on the jealous side when I told her about my new secretary. 18 years old and fresh out of school, long blonde hair and glowing blue eyes. Her figure was fantastic, slim waist, pert ass and a cleavage that was distinctly eye- catching to say the least! That wasn’t why she got the job of course, but by anyone’s standards she was gorgeous! Of course, I told Marie, my girlfriend, that she was too short for me. That made her feel a bit better, well, it stopped her from going on about it so much anyway!

– There you go. You’ve got about an hour before the meeting to flick though it. – Carol passed the file over to me and waltzed out of the room, slim hips swaying. What did height mean when you were horizontal anyway? – I wondered. The shrill bleep of the phone dragged me out of a pleasant daydream where Carol was lying naked on my desk.
– Hello?
– Hi darling, it’s me!
– Hi Marie. – Did she know what I was thinking or something?
– Just thought you’d like to know… I’m at home. – I could guess what was coming here. I got up and tried to lock the door without Carol hearing the key turn.
– Yes?
– I decided not to go into work today.
– I guessed that – I replied.
– I wanted to tease you instead. I want you to picture me on the bed Craig…
– What are you wearing? – I asked, wondering if I could loosen my trousers under the desk.
– That white lace set you like so much. – I could barely utter a reply. She knows how much I love her in that! White lace stockings and suspenders with matching G-string and bra. Delicious…
– I’m lying on the bed Craig, I’ve got my legs spread for you… I’m stroking my fingers up my legs, the stockings feel so smooth and silky… I’ve reached the tops of my stockings… stroking my thighs, mmmmm, that feels good, wish you were here to watch me baby!
– God, I wish I was there too! – was all I could manage as I struggled with my zip with one hand. – Carry on!

[en] [cuckqueen] I Had an Oral With My Secretary, With My Wife’s Permission

– One of my hands is stroking my breasts Craig, I’m squeezing my nipples through the lace… My other hand is stroking my pussy now baby, through my panties… God, that’s good… wish it was you… pressing the material into me… so wet! – I managed to get the zip down and pulled my cock out under the desk. – Are you stroking your cock baby? Is it nice and hard? – She asked.
– Oh yeah! – I gasped.
– Good, because I’m pulling my thong to one side… Oh god, I’m so wet. If you were here you’d slip into me so easily… I want your cock inside me baby… My fingers are rubbing my clit nice and slowly. – She gasped with pleasure on the other end of the phone and my hand speeds up. Its times like this when video phones seem like such a good idea! – Imagine me Craig, lying on the bed, legs open wide, wearing my white lace… Has that got you hard?
– Yeah, very! – I very nearly come when I hear a buzzing on the other end of the line.
– You hear that baby? – She asks.
– Oh yes. – I confirm.
– It’s that black vibrator Craig, you know, the nice thick one. – I know the one all right, she knows how much I love watching her with it! – I’m running it over my clit at the moment darling… mmmmmm… wish it was your tongue though… You want me to slide it into my pussy Craig?
– Go on darling, make yourself cum for me. – I’m trying to keep my voice down still, I don’t really want Carol overhearing and trying to come in! The buzzing disappears.
– Oh yeah… god… so good… its right inside me Craig… ah… its so big… feels so good!… – I’m on the edge of cumming now. I can’t take much more of her teasing. Can I cum Craig? Can I make myself cum? Please. – Her voice is deep and throaty now, I can tell from her breathing that she’s very close. Not that she has to ask!
– Go on baby, fuck yourself with the vibe until you cum. – She screams as the toy buzzing inside her makes her cum. I swear Carol could have heard her!

licking his secretary's pussy

– Stop! – She commands.
– Stop what?
– Stop stroking yourself. Now!
– B-but b-baby… – I stutter.
– I need to cum. You’ve turned me on so much!
– Yeah, I know, but I don’t want you to have to do it by yourself.
– I’ve got a meeting in 40 minutes though, and that’ll last at least an hour, I can’t wait that long! – I exclaim.
– Then get Carol to suck you off. You’ve got time.
– What?! – I can’t keep the incredulity out of my voice. I must be hearing things!
– You heard me. Is your door locked?
– Yeah, of course! – I reply.
– Unlock it. I’m about to call your secretary. One condition though.
– What’s that? – I still can’t believe that this is happening… Or going to happen.
– You bring her home after the meeting.

Wow, this is like a dream come true! I would be fucking my secretary, and without feeling of guilt

When I manage to contain my excitement enough to speak I agree. Not that I think Carol will agree, but as Marie hangs up I do up my trousers and try to quietly unlock the door, wondering what will happen now. I nearly jump out of my skin when there is a knock on the door.

I tried to open the door just a crack, so that I could ask:
– What is it? – without revealing the erection that was trying to bust loose from my pants. This was unsuccessful. Carol just came charging in, carrying the cordless phone.
– Your wife is on the phone – she said.
– Actually, she was on the phone. – Then, with a conspiratorial grin: – She called about twenty minutes ago. She told me to put on the mute button, and then get you on the line also. – My beloved secretary paused to let the full truth sink in, and allowed her eyes to drop to my poorly concealed erection. Then, she swung her leg up on a chair, and slowly lifted her skirt, saying, with an air of mock innocence: – See? – My guess about her panties had been wrong. She was wearing fairly conventional panties, but they were made of some sort of sheer material that ordinarily would have been very revealing. The fact that the panties were completely soaked through with pussy juice, made them completely transparent. The view was inspiring.

[en] [cuckqueen] I Had an Oral With My Secretary, With My Wife’s Permission

– I wanted to touch myself – she said – but I was on the job, and I thought I should get my employer’s permission. – She paused expectantly. I managed to stammer out.
– Sure, Carol. You may touch yourself.

My secretary pushed the door shut, heard the lock click, slipped out of her panties, and then swung her leg back up on the chair – she was going to give me a show. Determined to enjoy it to the fullest, I sunk to my knees, so that my eyes were at cunt level.

She proceeded to slowly massage her pussy, moving her fingers in and around every little spot, so as to show me. But after listening to my wife’s performance on the phone, she was clearly very aroused, and she wasn’t going to be able to hold back for long – her hips began to jerk involuntarily, and she allowed herself to let out some voluptuous moans, that got increasingly urgent, until she was cumming.

She paused, and then slowly and deliberately reached for my ears, bringing my face to her cunt. I was thirsty for it. I took as much of her vulva into my mouth as I could, and slowly circled my tongue around her clit, savoring the abundance of her juices. Then I thrust my tongue deep inside her, and felt her hands forcefully drawing my face closer, as she came again. After a moment, she was playing secretary again, looking at her watch and saying:

– Goodness, we only have half an hour until your appointment. – She helped me up and said:
– Here, we’ve got to take care of this – meaning my erection. She sunk to her knees, unzipped my fly, and liberated my cock, smiling with interest. She looked up at me, and said:
– You know, I’m really looking forward to meeting your wife. – Then, without further ado, my secretary began vigorously sucking it – she had been waiting for this. The wetness of her mouth and the obvious hunger with which she devoured my cock, brought me to climax in no time.

Carol helped me get cleaned up and out the door to my appointment, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate, knowing what was in store for me that night.

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