[en] [cuckold] [double-vag] Two Black Dicks as a Birthday Present for My Submissive Wife

Most women hate the idea of growing old, and my submissive wife is no exception. When she turned 30, it didn’t matter that she was a gorgeous blond with a tight hard body sculpted from years of intense daily workouts and a low-fat diet. As she approached 30, she was 5’2″ and 108 lbs, with D cup tits and legs to die for. She gets lots of attention from men of all ages, and even some women.

Yet, the week before her birthday, she was moody and bitchy, complaining about how she was no longer attractive. Without doubt, at 30, she actually looks better than she did at 20. Before I became her Master, she was used to controlling her previous boyfriends, and she was very sexy, but for my taste, not really a hard body. After we married, she became my submissive slut, and completely changed her diet and workout regimen. Despite transforming herself into a sexy hot slut/wife, she was still insecure.

After a few days, I got tired of her sulky attitude, and told her to knock it off or she was going to get a birthday spanking she’ll never forget. She kept it up, so all I said was:
– OK, I warned you.

Leading up to the weekend when we agreed to celebrate her birthday, I called George and Billy, two married black guys who have used her before. When Saturday night arrived, Billy and George rang our doorbell, and I let them into our living room.

My wife’s face registered surprise as she thought we were going out for a quiet dinner and drinks. She was all dressed up to go out, wearing heels, hose, a mini and a silk top, but she quickly realized that her Master had other plans for her on her birthday. While my wife served us all drinks, the black guys complimented her on how hot she looked and said they were here to help her celebrate. I then said that it wouldn’t be a birthday without a spanking, and the guys eagerly agreed. I ordered my wife to bring us my riding crop. I own a black leather riding crop which I’ve been training my wife to carry in her pussy.

To keep her pussy muscles tight, my wife does isometric exercises where she squeezes a pencil with her pussy. From there, I’ve been having her crawl on her hands and knees, with the handle of the riding crop gripped in her pussy, and the rest of it sticking out like a tail. The challenge is, that as she gets turned on, her pussy gets hot and wet, and it is easy for the riding crop to slip out as she’s moving. When that happens, she is always punished by being whipped with the crop. Without being told, she knew how I wanted her to present the riding crop.

Two Black Dicks as a Birthday Present for My Submissive Wife

The black guys’ eyes popped out when she reappeared. Here was this hot, married blond, naked except for heels and a slave collar and leash, crawling on her hands and knees, with a black leather riding crop sticking out of her pussy. We were seated in a circle, and no one spoke as she crawled in a circle so everyone got a good look at her swaying tits, her cute ass, and her shaved pussy clenched around the leather handle. Billy whistled and said:
– Damn, she really looks like a hot bitch now! – George asked:
– Can she wag her tail, like a good little bitch?
– Sure – I said.
– Present the crop to our guests, and show them what a happy bitch you are.

My wife crawled so that her ass and pussy faced the two black guys, then she put her head to the floor, thus raising her cute ass, and wiggled her tail. By now, both guys had huge bulges in their pants, and Billy reached down and pulled out the offered leather crop from her hot, wet pussy. We could all see her juices coating the handle, and he made her clean it with her mouth. Then he asked:

– How old are you today, bitch?
– Thirty – she replied in a meek voice.
– Good, that means I get 15 strokes and George gets 15 strokes. – And with that, George grabbed her leash and started walking her like a dog, while Billy started whipping her submissive ass. She was required to count the strokes out loud, and he rained blows on her ass, thighs and even got her pussy a few times. By the time they switched positions, my wife’s ass was bright red and her pussy was dripping.

By the time George finished his 15 strokes, the discipline had taken its effect. My wife was totally turned on by the humiliation and was ready to serve black cock. Since Billy had the leash, he sat down and roughly pulled her to kneel between his legs. She immediately unbuckled his pants, only to discover that he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Knowing this black man came ready to fuck her turned her on even more

She freed up his already hard 91/2″ black cock and started sucking it like a woman possessed. With one tiny white hand, she caressed his big black balls, while with the other; she masturbated her hot wet pussy. My depraved submissive wife looked like she was weighing Billy’s big black balls, measuring how much cum was in there, and determined to swallow and savor every drop. George meanwhile was watching my wife’s shaved wet pussy, as she drove three fingers in and out of her hungry pussy.

– You got any rope? Let’s tie her wrists to that table leg – suggested George.

white girl in a sandwich between two black guys

With some nylon rope, we laid her on her back on the carpet and tied her hands over her head to a heavy table leg. Billy immediately climbed back on so that his black butt was on her tits and her mouth was once again filled with his black cock. He was close, and wasn’t to be denied. George grabbed the riding crop, reversed his grip so that the thick handle was available, and using it like a dildo, started fucking my wife with the handle.

Her pussy was making wet sounds as he drove the leather handle deeper into her. When he hit bottom, she let out a little cry, but it was muffled by Billy’s cock. To tease her, George held the crop still, and my wife in frustration, humped her hips off the floor, trying to fuck the riding crop deeper into her pussy. Both black guys looked over at me, and Billy said:
– Look at what a whore you married! Right now, she’ll do anything for some black cock!
– You’re right, when she gets like this, we can do whatever we want with the slut. Since it’s her birthday, I have an idea for something really special.

Like I said earlier, Billy and George were married, family guys. Also, I had them go get tested for STDs and HIV, and both were clean. I had been sharing my wife with them for years, so I felt pretty confident about going bareback with them. My wife has only done double vaginal penetration a few times, and each time my cock was one of the ones inside her. For her birthday, I thought it was time for her to get really stuffed with two black cocks, stretching her pussy to the extreme.

The guys were all for it. We untied her, and made her straddle Billy’s thick raging cock. Good thing her pussy was wet, because just Billy’s cock stretched her out and she looked completely stuffed. Then, George got behind her doggie style and started to force his 10″ cock into her already full pussy. She started to protest and moan, but there was no stopping us now. When George was halfway in, she was crying and begging us to stop.

– Sorry, bitch! We didn’t have time to buy you a birthday present – said George, chuckling.
– Hey, we’re always packing a gift for a whore like you! And we are going to deliver your gift deep up your ruined pussy! – said Billy. – And with that, they both started to fuck her poor pussy in earnest. She was tossed back and forth like a rag doll, and she gave up begging, realizing that it was useless. Maybe her giving up all resistance did the trick, because it looked like George was making headway much easier, and after about 5 minutes, they were all the way in, and got into a nice rhythm.

Two Black Dicks as a Birthday Present for My Submissive Wife

My wife’s submissive gash was stretched wider than a beer can, and she was starting to enjoy it. I could see the two black cocks glistening with her juices, as my wife let out a loud wail as her orgasm wracked her body. Her hair was a mess, her makeup smudged and streaked; she reached a huge climax as the guys started slamming her pussy.

I grabbed her blond hair and jammed my 8″ into her mouth, and she eager sucked as I watched her move her whipped ass to meet the thrusts. Billy started talking dirty to her, calling her a “freaky white whore”, ”married black cock sucker”, “his nasty cum dump.” George started spanking her already abused ass saying:
– Get ready for your present, bitch!

The two guys came almost at once, and when they did, they each hammered in as deep as they could and held it deep as they unloaded stream after stream of sperm deep inside of my wife. To feel two huge black cocks unload deep into her womb was too much for my submissive wife. Her head reared back, leaving my hard cock, and her eyes rolled back as she came again. Just then, seeing what the guys did to her put me over, and my cock exploded its load all over my wife’s face. That brought her out of her trance, and she lunged to get the rest of my load in her mouth.

Most of it had already painted her face, but she managed to capture the last few spurts. When the black guys pulled out their spent cocks, we could see her gaping pussy lips overflowing with cum. Our birthday girl looked like a cheap, well used whore, but there was a satisfied expression on her exhausted face. She reached down with one hand and caught the copious overflow of sperm, and scooped it up in her hand and licked it clean. She had to do this several times, or else the carpet would have been stained with cum.

Of course, she crawled over and cleaned each of the black cocks with loving licks of her tongue, covering every inch from their balls to their cock heads. Looking at my wife’s stretched out pussy, with her lips hanging open, Billy said:
– I bet you can’t carry that whip now, bitch.
– No, it’ll take a while before my poor pussy recovers from what you guys did… – she said. – The guys laughed, and told me to give them a call if my wife starts acting up again in the future. Looking at my submissive wife, I said:
– No, I don’t think she’ll do that again, but if she does, I’ll let you know. Now, don’t forget to thank our guests for the nice birthday present they brought you.

My wife got on her knees, with thighs apart, and looking right into their eyes, she slowly inserted three fingers into her sperm filled pussy, then slowly licked her fingers, and told them:
– Thank you for making my birthday so special.

Two Black Dicks as a Birthday Present for My Submissive Wife

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