[en] [slave-girl] A Night in a Club

He invited her over knowing damn well what’s going to happen. She knew he wasn’t normal, she wasn’t innocent herself, but compared to him – she was an unexpected angel. She was a little intimidated by him, his intelligence, fore-sight and power over people and situations. She didn’t like to lose control or be in someone’s control, but in the back of her psyche – she was willing to let that all go and act within her feminine power. So she accepted the invite.

He was rude at first, not in a crass way, but holding too much confidence she hasn’t experienced in other men who always trembled before her, because of her beauty, her style, the words she spoke… There was a struggle for power present, both could put up a fight, but she was ready to let go. Maybe finally she found her match. Someone universal, someone with many sides, someone smarter, more cut-throat and as deviant as her if not more.

He instructed her to dress all in black. Then he came in the room carrying a gift box. He opened it for her and she saw a the glimmer of latex and metal chains. She was hesitant at first do wear it and said he was crazy, she didn’t want to be seen.
– But that’s what you want, isn’t it? – she blushed. How could he have known that, nobody knew that.
– Don’t worry, I prepared a coat for you, you will be seen only inside of the club. Phones and filming are strictly banned there. Don’t you trust me?
– I’m not sure I should – she said as he buckled her choker tight.
– I promised to keep you safe, you have my word – she let go of the topic and relaxed a bit. She went to put her heels on, but he stopped her. – Allow me – he said as he kneeled and put her heel on his knee, instructing her with his eyes to place her foot in the footwear. The tension was high. They haven’t even kissed yet there she was, letting him dress her up like a shiny Louboutines wearing latex pleasure doll. He helped her in her coat, tucking everything inside, with only sharp heels sticking out.


They went inside, there was a big crowd of people, everyone was dressed as crazy as her if not more revealing and provocative then her. He smiled at her innocent reaction as he took off her coat. She looked amazing. All tight and shiny in her latex and chain harnesses, it brought up all her best features. The thinness of her body, the length of her neck, the structure of her shoulders and the legs for days…

They tried talking, it was loud and she was awkward around him which he noticed and it made her even more ashamed to be seen like this by him. He said something to her in her ear, which she didn’t hear well, so she leaned forward to him, he smiled and pulled the big ring on her choker and lead her into a hallway section where it was much more quiet.

She was all wet in the middle of the club…

The hallway was draped in red velvet, there where people passing through, some standing and talking with each other. He sat on a velvet couch there and pulled her by the choker once more so she clumsily went between his legs. He started kissing her neck and ear. That made her instantly wet. Shivers went down her nipples, belly button and clitoris. He pulled her legs over his, making her sit on him. They finally kissed for the first time and people where watching.
– Not here – she said. He unzipped the conveniently placed zipped on her ass and pussy and began to stroke her. – People are watching, stop – she said as she was moaning.
– This what you want, let go, enjoy it, you’re safe – he said as he pushed his bare cock inside of her. She was completely wet, so he slipped into her so quickly and easily she moaned louder which attracted the attention of all people occupying the hallway.

[en] [slave-girl] A Night in a Club

His cock really pierced through her, stretching her from inside, now she didn’t care. He exposed her breasts and kissed them.
– They are looking at you – he whispered in her ear. – They are jealous of your beauty and pleasure, show them what they’re lacking – he turned her around, fucking her from behind. Everyone was standing and watching her face contort in pleasure as her breasts bounced from his thrusts. No one dared come near, as if they were protected by this aura of exclusivity and all they could do is bask in their glory. In her glory. That’s how he framed it. That’s how he presented her.

He took her by the neck as he was pounding her ass, with the other one griping her breasts as if he was saying:
– Look at her, admire her, bask in her glorious lustful body and the freedom of her pleasure. – He came into her and let off a hard moan. – Keep it in – he said – and zipp yourself – he kissed her and took her hand.

Quickly they left the club, coming back to their normal lives. Smiling with satisfaction every time they saw each other and remembered what they did together.

Both of them weren’t normal, both were very serious in their day life, but they could be filthy and perverse together, in the shadows, where it’s the sweetest…

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[en] [slave-girl] A Night in a Club

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