[en] [slave-girl] The Strict Husband, Throat

She was instructed by her husband to please him orally every day. So she sat down on her knees and awaited him do come back from the bathroom.

As she sat there, her mind was blank and she felt a little scared, knowing what’s about to happen to her.

In her day life she wasn’t submissive at all, even in her relationship with her husband she wasn’t submissive – but sexually, she belonged to him and her body wasn’t her own. That very thought and realization aroused her terribly.

He came in. She felt a sinking feeling of fright going down her stomach into her uterus. He came so close to her face. She knew what she had to do. He needn’t say anything, she knew what her obligations are.

– You need to perform you wifely duties – he said – for women it is to suffer and endure the burden of her husband’s wrath. Now open your mouth, whore.

That “whore”, each time – it would unlock a character in her, a character of a woman who suffers and endures, who goes above and beyond her limits just to please the male counterpart. The description he gave her was an encouragement and tone setting she needed to find her character – the whore who endures.

As she was gently sucking his cock, as if he got bored of the soft play – he began to forcibly push it in her throat, she gagged.

[en] [slave-girl] The Strict Husband, Throat

– Ignore the need to throw up, take it! – tears filled her eyes. – Endure it! Accept it! – he yelled as he continued pushing it in with a consistent progress.

The strict husband and the whore who endures

She was fighting back the urge to pull back, she wanted to please him so bad, so she looked up in hopes he would have some mercy for her. He didn’t. He looked angry and determined to almost choke her.

– You need to try harder, accept it! – he yelled, she felt that unexplainable feeling of deep discomfort, fright, regret and arousal at the same time, she was crying and felt her natural survival instinct to fight for air. He didn’t care: – Give your arms to me! Right now! – he saw it in her before she thought of fighting back, she pulled her arms above her head, he took them with one strong grip, holding her jaw in the other hand. – You deserve to choke, you need to please me in order to breathe. You need to forget your needs and realize what’s most important – to please your husband. Now accept it whole.

And with that, her throat finally relaxed and his cock had fully entered her throat. He just smiled and kept it there until she almost went blue from oxygen deprivation. He let her go. She took a deep relieving breath, the most satisfying breath of her life. She looked up at him looking for a sign of approval, all covered in tears.

– Now you know what’s the bear minimum I expect from you as a wife. You must perform this daily, without hesitation. I will fuck your throat, I will be rough, I won’t care about your feelings, I will fuck you until you stop breathing. This was nothing. Your reflex control is weak and you require extensive training. Yours is to endure. Remember that and you’ll succeed to please me.

He looked so angry and serious as he said that, she honestly felt so proud of herself to have endured that, but also crushed as she knew she needed to do a lot more. He was strict. Those are his rules she needed to follow, the law. He looked at her, gave her his hand, she kissed it as a sign of respect. Then he kneeled and have her the most beautiful soft and passionate kiss.

[en] [slave-girl] The Strict Husband, Throat

He was strict, but she was happy.

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