[en] My Friend Karen and a 2-day Fuck

I knocked on her door. I saw my friend Karen walk down the passage through the glass front door. She opened it and smiled:
– Come in Greg – she said. I entered and closed the door. I followed her down the passage to the lounge room. The place was a mess as usual. The TV was on, and it was about 2 in the afternoon. I sat on the lounge facing directly in front of the TV and she sat on the chair to my right. My seat was warm. – How have you been Greg?
– Fine, and yourself?
– Not bad, how’s study?
– Ok, I’m dreading the exam results though…
– Yes, me too.
– I feel bad about one especially.
– Oh, which one?
– I think I’m gonna fail… – I started to cry. This was my final year and I didn’t want to repeat any more topics. I wasn’t crying that much, when I said: – I need some reasurance… – and with a doubting voice added: – Could you hold me for a while?
– Sure.

And over she came and sat down beside me. She put her arms around me and we cuddled for a moment. It make me feel better. Now, I am really attracted to my friend Karen. She is really what I’m looking for in a woman. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a gorgeous figure with shapely hips. She was fit too. I bet those hips could really put out. And she has joked about that in the past as well, though not as crudely as I have just put it. I was assured in less than 2 seconds of her saying „sure“. The hug sort of turned me on. I had a hard-on. As we broke, she placed her hand on my pants to get balance and felt something.

[en] My Friend Karen and a 2-day Fuck

– Oo, what’s that?
– Oh, sorry Karen, you gave me an erection with that hug. – I was embarrassed as hell.
– Can I see?
– What the…

Now, I was shocked!! Karen has never mentioned this sort of thing to me in the past. In fact, she cringes at the sight of a males’ private parts saying that they spoil the illusion (she attends Man Power night’s every chance she gets).

– Come on… show me.
– Ok, ok, hang on.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I unzipped my fly anyway. Out it came. Just a little droopy, but still in good condition. Before i could lift my head to look at her face, she dove for it! I removed my hand from the base, and she swallowed it whole. Jesus, what is she doing – I thought.

– God, Greg, just go with the flow, after all, it’s what you’ve always wanted, right?

She put pressure on my penis and began to move her head up and down. Down and up she went. Her tongue giving it a good lashing. She removed her head and gave it a good pull with a tight grip. Oh, how I wanted to fuck her badly. She then coated it with saliva and I was reaching the point of no return. Faster and faser she moved her head. I groaned and groaned. I was about to come when she lifted her head and I came all over my stomach. Streams and streams came out, like I have never seen before.

– Why did you do that?
– No reason. I just did.
– Shit, now I’ll have to wash it off. Can I use your shower please, it went everywhere?
– Sure, go right ahead.

rough sex in missionary position

She had a smug look on her face as I took off my jumper and T-shirt. I removed my shoes carefully not alowing any cum to get on my clean jeans. I took off my jeans as I walked into the kitchen and on to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and removed my undies.

– Jesus, what a mess. God, why couldn’t she have done this properly? – The water washed the cum easily away.
– Karen, I’m just gonna take a proper shower, OK?
– OK – she said, her voice seamed like she was close. I washed my hair and started on my lower body. Legs, arms, chest. There, done. The hot water had made me horny again, but I remembered what happened the last time, so it was fading.
– Oh, not again – I said.
– What? – cried my friend Karen as she flung back the shower curtain fully naked. Before I could answer, she was in the shower and had pushed me up against the back wall. She lowered her body just a few inches and held my dick up and pushed her stomach against it, rubbing a little.

I embraced my friend, knowing what would come next…

She put her arms around my neck and locked her legs around my waist still holding her stomach tight against mine with my throbing cock between us. We kissed. I moved the shower rose towards us, keeping the heat up and then I turned around and pushed her up against the wall. I moved down and rubbed my dick up and down her slowly. This continued for a few minutes, then I said:
– It’s time, I want to fuck you. – She nodded:
– I’m ready, fuck me now.

I entered her. I could feel the satisfaction building. She moaned, I groaned. We wanted more. I decided on a better, more natural and comfortable position. After all, the shower was a bit awkward. I thought of the bath tub. But that was really small and I was a big boy as I thrusted once more.

[en] My Friend Karen and a 2-day Fuck

– Quickly, the mat! – I exclaimed.

Still inside her, we moved outside of the shower, her legs still holding firm. I gently layed us down, and we continued. She released her legs and arms and grabbed hold of the corner of the bath with her right arm and the wash basin drain pipe with her left. Her legs we flat on the floor and spread apart. I wanted to fuck her right over to the other side of the house, but she held firm.

Thrust after thrust, I could feel the sperm building. Finally, I unleashed my load into her continuing for a long as I could afterwards. She orgasmed just after I did. Oh, that did feel good. I’ve been wanting to do something like that to my friend Karen for ages. Finally, I had my reward, for it was fantastic.

We stepped into the shower to wash the sweat off. Towelled off, and went into the lounge where the gas space heater had been turned on. We sat in the lounge facing the TV as I did before and she layed in my arms. I was in heaven.

We fell asleep for almost 2 hours, not surprising after the sensuous exercise before hand. I awoke with a smile on my face and a hard-on on my dick. My friend Karen could feel it too as she was resting her head on my lower stomach. She must have seen it through the gap in the shower robe I was wearing, after all, it was hers. She reached out for it and grabbed it. She then got up and led me to middle of the floor about 6 feet from the heater, but still on the rug.

– Again! – she said. – I want to do it again.

handjob in the shower

Without ANY hesitation I replied:
– Yes!!.

She let go and I undid my robe. She did the same, but erotically. Under the robe, she moved one knee in front of the other and tilted her hips. My friend Karen put her hands on her hips and let the robe drop slowly.

– I don’t deserve this – I said to myself, by my manhood had other ideas.

She then kicked the robe back out of the way and dropped to the floor. She got up on all fours and turned aound, exposing her arse to me. Boy, this was a great arse, a little bigger than usual, but I didn’t care, more to hang onto.

I dropped to the floor onto all fours as well. I doggied on over to her and came up slowly from behind. Her back arched with my intensions. I stuck my tongue out and proceeded to lick her from the top of her crack, all along her spine, to the nape of her neck. She shivered. My cock grew harder with every lick, as when I neared her neck, it touched her ass, but I didn’t want to go there, just a little lower was my intension. I moved my toungue toward her left breast. Then, back up and over to the other. She shivered even more. So did I with anticipation. It was time. I drew my tongue back and as I straightened up, I slid my hands along side her body, from her breasts along her rib cage towards her hips and finally to her ass. I then rubbed it in a clockwise direction once, and proceeded to guide my cock into her wet pussy.

I held her hips and gently slid it in. Not all the way, we had to get used to the new position. Out and in, in and out, slowly, until we had the motion down pat. Then I stepped up the motion. Faster and faster I thrusted into her cunt. Using my hands to really work her thighs up against mine. The pounding of flesh really turned us on. We could have done this for ages. Finally, mutual orgasm was imminient. We both cummed like we never cummed before. Still fighting for pleasure, I, again, continued for as long as I could, giving as much pleasure to my partner as possible. I think I succeeded. The pace eased and me and my friend broke.

[en] My Friend Karen and a 2-day Fuck

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