[en] [roommates] Perfect Lesbian Roommates

A million things were running through Sarah’s mind as she stood their in the elevator, nervously playing with her shoulder-length brown locks. Would she like me? Would the apartment be a mess? Was she prettier then me? These, and other thoughts continuously pounded her head as she was only 2 floors from moving in with her new roommate. She was, for some reason, nervous and scared about this girl, who’s name was Keri. She straightened her short black skirt and black dress jacket – she had just gotten off of work and hoped she didn’t look too dressy. The elevator stopped, and the doors opened. Sarah walked slowly to apartment #207.

Knocking on the door quietly, she heard a sweet voice from inside call:
– Just a minute! – She fixed her clothing again, and waited. A blonde girl pulled the door open. Sarah looked her over – she wasn’t any older then her, about 20 or so, she was wearing a tight white t-shirt, with full, firm breasts pushing against the fabric, and tight faded blue jeans. With one quick glance at her own chest, which, wasn’t too bad, she smiled.
– Hi, you must be Keri… I’m Sarah. – She extended her hand. Grasping her hand, she replied:
– It is sooo nice to finally meet you! Let me show you around! – Sarah liked this girl. Nice, friendly, and just as pretty as her. She stepped inside.

The apartment was nicely furnished, with nice leather chairs, and a long couch. There was an ajoining kitchen, and a bathroom and bedroom with two single beds. Sarah placed the bag with her belongings on one of the beds, and sat down on it.

– So, what do ya think? – Keri asked her, impatiently.
– It’s wonderful – she replied – I love it.

Sarah slipped her dress shoes off and swung her legs onto her bed, staring at the ceiling. Keri took this chance to look over Sarah. She hadn’t told her new roommate that she was bisexual. Hopefully, as Keri looked over her well-shaped body, she could tell her. She wouldn’t deny that she was attracted to Sarah, majorly. She began to slowly undress her in her mind…

hot girl in lingerie

Sarah ducked into her sleek black Saturn. She had to work tonight, Keri had told her that afterwards the two of them could go see a movie or something, to get to know each other better. I hope she can tell that I am a lesbian, she thought to herself as she turned down the street to her work place. It’d be a lot easier that way, I just hope she doesn’t feel weird about it or anything – she seems really cool.

Keri hurriedly scooped her school books out of the backseat of her car, and walked quickly to the elevator, she was going to tell Sarah tonight, to get it out in the open. She wasn’t sure if she’d tell her that she was attracted to her, that definitely depended on her reaction to her bisexuality. Once out of the elevator, she entered her apartment, and started to get ready. Her new roommate would be home from work in only a half an hour.

They became the perfect roommates

She went into the bedroom and pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing a tight cotton bra. She slipped out of her khaki pants, sliding them over her panties, and tossed them into the closet. She stood in front of the full-length mirror, in her cotton underwear. She looked at herself, wondering what to wear for her new roommate, Sarah. She pulled the pair of her favorite leather pants out of her closet, and pulled them up over her panties, fitting snugly around her cute, round ass. She took her pink, fuzzy sweater off of a rack and pulled it over her chest, it stopped at the top of her belly-button. She looked once more in the mirror, straightened her clothing, and nodded confidently. She walked back out to the living room and pulled on of her bare feet onto the table, and started to paint the nail as she heard a key enter the door.

[en] [roommates] Perfect Lesbian Roommates

Keri watched as the door swung open and Sarah walked in. She smiled happily to her, as Sarah slipped out of her black dress jacket and slung it over a chair. She started to finger the top button of her white blouse.

– Hey Keri… how are you doing? – Sarah asked as she sat down on the arm of the chair, next to her.
– Um… great – she stopped for a moment, gently biting her lower lip: – I have something to tell you, Sarah.
– And what’s that? – Sarah inched her face closer to Keri’s.
– Well… I don’t know how to exactly tell you this… but… – Her words were hushed by Sarah’s soft lips, pushing them against hers. Sarah slid further into the chair, and opened her mouth. Keri followed, and soon their tongues were entwined, each taking turns exploring the other’s mouth. Sarah swung a leg over Keri, stradling her. She rubbed the sides of her bare stomach, below the sweater. Still kissing her deeply, Keri gently placed her hands on Sarah’s firm ass, feeling it softly through her skirt.

They both knew neither had to say anything. This is what they both wanted. Sarah now began running her soft tongue along Keri’s neck, below her ear and then against her tongue. She started to unbutton her own blouse, and Keri helped her. Sarah pulled the blouse off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Keri gingerly placed her hands underneath the satin fabric of Sarah’s lacey white bra. She gently pushed up, massaging her firm breasts. Sarah moaned softly as her nipples started to become erect, pushing against the fabric of her bra. Keri softly kissed the tops of her breasts, letting her tongue slip between them.

Sarah hooked her fingers underneath Keri’s sweater. Keri pulled her hands down and placed them on top of hers. Together, they pulled the sweater over Keri’s head, her tight chest bounced slightly as it was freed. Sarah thought she would have an orgasm right then, seeing Keri just half-naked had been her fantasy, even though they had met only a day ago. She started to kiss her breasts through the fabric, teasing Keri’s firm nipples through the cotton. It was now Keri who let out a short gasp of pleasure.

lesbian sucking nipples

Keri couldn’t wait any longer, she ran her hands up her roommate’s back, looking for the clasp to her bra. When she found it, she undid the clasp and slowly slid the bra straps off of her shoulders, letting them fall around her elbows. Keri then put her hands on the sides of her breasts, pulling the bra the rest of the way off. Keri began to suck her nipples gently, letting her tongue roll around them.

As Keri was pleasuring her, Sarah unhooked Keri’s bra, and slid it off of her body. Now, they again began kissing deeply, letting their nipples first, then their breasts push together. Keri felt around Sarah’s back, and found the zipper to her skirt. She gently pulled it down, then, sliding her hands down the back of her skirt, pushed it down and around her ankles. Sarah pulled Keri to a standing position, stepped out of her skirt, and knelt to the floor, in only her white, lace panties. She kissed below Keri’s navel, running her hands up and firmly rubbing her cute ass, curved by her leather pants. She moved her hands to the front of her, and let them slip under the fold where the zipper was. There was a small, quick snap as the clasp was unbuttoned. Sarah bit the tip of the zipper, sliding it down with her teeth. Keri was now massaging her own breasts, lost in the pleasure.

Sarah hooked her fingers on the sides of the her pants, and slid them down slowly. First, around her thighs, then her knees, and finally to her feet. Keri stepped out of them. Sarah stood again, and gently eased Keri back into a sitting position. Running a finger down her lips, between her still firm breasts, and to the waistband of her panties. She slipped the finger under the fabric, to tease Keri. It was working, Keri’s whole body was trembling as she did this. Sarah then pulled her panties down, revealing first the soft, curled hairs above her pussy, then sliding them down to the floor. Sarah again kneeled, sliding one hand up Keri’s inner thigh. She could notice the spot of wetness in her panties. She slid her finger around the thing rectangle of fabric in front of Keri’s cunt, and from there, pulled her panties to the floor. Now, she began to kiss the inside of her thighs, as she slid on hand closer to her waiting pussy. One finger gently slipped inside, and Keri gasped. Sarah’s finger began to massage her clitoris, and before long Keri’s small body jerked softly with an orgasm. Sarah removed her finger, and replaced it with her tongue. This pleasured Keri even more, the wetness of her tongue against her clit, sliding against the sides of her pussy. Before long, Keri had came again.

[en] [roommates] Perfect Lesbian Roommates

They had switched positions, and Keri was now fingering Sarah. She also had used her tongue to pleasure Sarah to her third orgasm. After this orgasm they were tired, and moved to the couch. Together they laid down, kissing each other softly.

Before long, the two roommates had fallen asleep, still nude, and holding each other in their arms. After that night, they never hesitated to tell one another anything ever again.

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