[en] [cuckold] [crossdresser] My Wife with a Woman in front of Me

My wife and I have been married for over twenty years. Until recently, I thought she was straight laced when it came to sex. I mean we had a good sex life. Most of the time she would wear what I asked her too, if I was feeling a little kinky. The only thing I ever ask her to wear would be a pair of tights and leotards. There was just something about seeing her dressed like that. I guess I always have had a fetish about tights and leotards. She knew that and sometimes she would let me wear them to bed with her. When that happened it really made for a good sex night. I tried to talk her into bondage but she would never go for that. At least I tried.

A couple of years ago a new girl, Jill, started to work at the same place my wife works. She was ten years younger than Sherrie, my wife was. She had a body that wouldn’t quit. She and my wife became very good friends. Jill lived in some apartments not too far from our subdivision. She talked my wife into taking aerobics with her at a nearby gym. Now with my tights and leotards fetish seeing them dressed in those everyday drove me crazy. They both wore the tightest outfits they could find. I especially loved it when they would wear the thong leotards. I used to love to make love to my wife when she came home from the gym all sweaty and worked up and we used to do that quite often. However, all of the sudden that stopped, She would always say she was too tired to have sex. Finally, I just gave up and quit asking. I could always put on a pair of tights and leotards have sex for one. It sure wasn’t the same but it was all I could do.

One Saturday the kids were gone for the weekend and I was supposed to be fishing for the day I found out why my wife Sherrie was always too tired for sex, with me. I was riding with my brother in law to the lake. It started raining so we decided to call off the fishing trip. He dropped me off at the house about ten that morning. I saw Jill’s car in the driveway and figured she and my wife had gone shopping. I took a shower and went into my son’s room to work on his stereo. I guess I fell asleep. The front door closing woke me up. I heard Sherrie and Jill coming down the hall. I was going to let them know I was home early but they went into our bedroom and closed the door. That’s when I decided to find out what was going on.

[en] [cuckold] [crossdresser] My Wife with a Woman in front of Me

I stayed in my son’s bedroom until I heard our bedroom door open a couple of minutes later. I heard my wife asking Jill if she wanted a beer as she walked out of the bedroom. I stayed quiet until Sherrie came back from the kitchen and went back in our bedroom.

This time my wife didn’t shut the door…

I stayed where I was until I didn’t hear any noise coming from where they were. What I did finally hear I wasn’t sure if I did hear it. There were quiet little moans coming from the bedroom along with the little giggles people make when they are being tickled.

I silently walked to the bedroom door and peeked around the corner. What I saw made my heart sink down to the bottom of my stomach. It really hurt and shocked me at first until my male hormones kicked it and I started getting excited. I figured I would face my feelings later. This was, hopefully, going to be fun to watch. They were both standing in front of the closet doors looking at themselves in the mirrors and rubbing each other’s butts. They would bend over and touch the floor to give each other a good rear view. Each time they did that the thong part of the leotard would disappear up the crotch. I would have given anything to be the material of those leotards. Jill turned the lights out and they both got in the bed. There was still just enough light coming through the curtains for me to see them. However, it was dark where I sat down on the floor behind the chair to watch them.

My wife Sherrie got on top of Jill and went down to her crotch and started to rub Jill’s mound until Jill started moving her body to match Sherrie’s strokes. Jill started moaning louder and my wife quit rubbing and buried her face in Jill’s crotch. I could hear her sucking Jill’s vagina through the tights and leotards until Jill reached up and peeled her tights and leotards off. Then she pushed Sherrie’s face back down on her. My wife stuck her finger in Jill’s hole and kept sucking on her clit until Jill was bucking around on the bed like she was going crazy. That’s what I used to do to Sherrie so I guess I did something right. When Jill settled down my wife pulled her finger out and stuck it in Jill’s mouth. She licked it until all of her juices were off the finger.

[en] [cuckold] [crossdresser] My Wife with a Woman in front of Me

My wife took her tights and leotards off and put her butt right on Jill’s face. I couldn’t see but I could imagine Jill’s nose sticking right in Sherrie’s butt hole. That must have been what happened because Jill started making little sucking noises on Sherrie’s butt hole while Sherrie started masturbating herself. My wife grabbed one of Jill’s nipples with her other hand and starting moving it between her fingers.

Jill pulled her knees up and pushed Sherrie down to where Sherrie’s face was right in her crotch and Sherrie’s vagina was pushed right up in Jill’s face. It was like a race, then. Both of them sucking and licking so hard I was about to shoot off in my pants just watching them. They both orgasmed at the same time. When they had finished my wife rolled off of Jill and both of them lay there not moving. I could see both of their bodies glistening with each other’s juices. I just wanted to pile on and start licking until they kicked me out.

They both rolled over and started playing with each other’s butt. I couldn’t stand it any more. I reached around to the dresser, pulled one of my drawers open, and pulled out the pair of tights and leotards I had hidden under my socks. I sneaked out of the bedroom, went back in my son’s room, and put them on. Then I crawled back into the bedroom where they were. My wife and Jill were still lying there rubbing each other’s butt. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to shoot off when I was wearing my stuff. So, I tried not to move around. The more I move the better chance I had to rub my penis against the material of the tights and then I would loose my load for sure.

I thought they were still just lying there until I saw Jill start moving her hips back and forth. Then I heard her gasp and tell Sherrie to be a little gentler.

Then I saw what my wife was doing…

She had two fingers stuck up Jill’s butt hole moving then in and out slowly. The faster Jill moved her hips the faster my wife went in and out of Jill’s butt. Sherrie put her other hand on her own vagina and stuck three fingers up herself and matched the in and out movement she was doing on Jill. Well, that’s about all it took for me. I could feel the bulge in my crotch getting harder and the juices were flowing that way.

[en] [cuckold] [crossdresser] My Wife with a Woman in front of Me

They went on with each other for another ten minutes and finally both of them started breathing harder. I knew it wouldn’t be long then. Their moaning started getting louder. I was rubbing my legs together and getting really close to losing my juices when both of them orgasmed. I closed my eyes and shot off all over myself inside the tights. I must have moved too much because they both suddenly got quiet. I opened my eyes and saw them both looking my way. My wife Sherrie reached over, turned the lamp on, and saw me sitting there dressed like I was.

They both tried to cover their bodies up but Sherrie couldn’t move too fast because Jill was sitting on her hand with her fingers still up her rear end. I could see that my wife was getting mad but then she calmed down. She really couldn’t get mad at me for wearing tights and leotards when she had just had incredible sex with another women in front of me. I was embarrassed that they saw me like that. In addition, I had a big juicy mess in my tights but it had felt so good I didn’t care.

I walked out and sat on the couch. I didn’t bother to change clothes. Both of them came out of the bedroom later and sat down on the floor looking at me. There we all sat wearing the same tights and leotards we started out in. The only difference was that I was getting excited again seeing them like that and I already had a bulge in my crotch again. I told Sherrie that I knew she never would make love with me again. My wife smiled and told me I never knew, she kind of like me dressed the way I was.

We never mentioned what happened that morning again. They still get together all the time. I’ll never get to see them together. But as long as she doesn’t make fun of me when I wear my little outfit I guess we can all be happy.

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