[en] [foot-fetish] Mrs. Michaels and her Sweet Feet

It happened a couple of days ago. I was just hanging around at Nic’s place like almost everyday – just relaxing. Nic’s one of my best friends and I often visit him in the evening so I get to enjoy one of Mrs. Michaels’ delicious meals.

Nic’s mother is 48 but she looks good and her giant natural breasts always give me a hard-on within just seconds. Of course her tummy isn’t flat like 30 years ago but that never bothered me really. I often think about fucking Mrs. Michaels while jerking off since I once saw her sunbathing in the backyard with nothing more on than a very small bikini slip.

I visited Nic a thousand times before and it was always the same thing. Watching TV, playstation gaming, two beers or three and from time to time some glasses of J&B… but this time it was a little different.

Nic and I were sitting in the living room watching music videos on MTV when the doorbell rang. Nic’s mother opened and a few moments later she called for Nic. After checking the door Nic returned with an angry looking face.

– What’s up? – I asked.
– I could kill him. My father needs me at his office to do the damn book keeping for him because he has to show up at some fucking business meeting. Damn!
– What does this mean to me?
– Either you wait or you go. Or would you like to come with me and do a little happy book keeping, hm?
– No thanks. When will you be back?
– I don’t know exactly but I don’t think it will last longer than about two hours.
– Well then, till later.
– Fine. I’ll hurry. Maybe I can make it in one and a half hours.

Right after Nic had left, Mrs. Michaels came down the stairs. She came into the living room and placed herself on the couch, right next to me.

[en] [foot-fetish] Mrs. Michaels and her Sweet Feet

– Well George – she said with a calm voice – so you decided to stay with me?
– I guess that’s right, mam.

I was kind of nervous because Mrs. Michaels was wearing a red loose silk dress and as I could see, no bra. She was sitting right next to me and her elbow was resting on my underarm. She sighed hard and put her right foot on her left knee so her sole touched my knee. She reached forward and began to massage her foot when suddenly she quickly released her foot and leaned back.
– Is everything all right? – I asked.
– Sure honey, it’s just my damn back. Would you do me a favor and massage my feet for me? – I couldn’t believe my ears. The mature woman of my dreams asked me for a foot massage? A foot massage is the first step to a sexual experience with a woman, and she asked for it!
– I will be my pleasure – I said.

She leaned aside and placed her feet in my lap. Directly onto the sensitive part. I felt a little reaction from my dick as her feet touched my pants. I started with her left foot. I first stroked it a little instead of massaging it but when she didn’t stop me I began to stroke every single toe. Mrs. Michaels moaned quietly. I pressed her pads softly and ran my fingers up and down her sole. After about two minutes Mrs. Michaels said:
– And now please do the other one. – She raised her left foot and placed it on my shoulder so I could catch a glimpse of her white silk panties between her spread legs. I couldn’t help staring at it for a moment but it was long enough for her to recognize it. She smiled and pulled up her dress a little giving me a better view. I spotted a light gray stain on her white slip telling me that she was getting horny too. I looked at her silk covered tits and her huge nipples stood straight up. I had never seen nipples of that size before. They must have been more than half an inch long. She started using her big toe to play with my flap. She ran it all over the right side of my face then she softly pushed my lips apart and slid her toe right into my hungry mouth. I began to lick the bottom side of her big toe and with my hands I was still stroking her other foot. Mrs. Michaels again moaned quietly. – Have you ever seen an older lady’s boobs? – she asked.
– No.
– Would you like to?
– Nothing more than that, Mrs. Michaels.

[en] [foot-fetish] Mrs. Michaels and her Sweet Feet

She pulled up her dress and showed me the most delightful pair of tits I have ever seen. They were E-cup sized and her nipples were even bigger than I expected. Of course her tits sagged but their size made up for it besides, they were awfully suckable and seeing Mrs. Michaels squeezing her tits to my pleasure almost gave me the rest but thank god, just almost. I could see the gray stain on Mrs. Michaels’ panties grow as she stroked her tits.

– You’d like to suck them, don’t you? – she asked with a big smile.
– I can’t say I don’t.
– Well then, come on Georgie boy.

She put her legs down and sat up. I began to softly stroke and squeeze her left tit and I couldn’t believe how soft it was. For the second time I almost had shot a hot load into my pants. While I played with her nipples she gave me a long, moist kiss. She played with my tongue like no girl I kissed has ever done. I was horny like never before and I lowered my head to her giant nipples and started sucking on them. My pants felt like they would tear apart every second and so I took Mrs. Michaels hand and guided her to my crotch. She knew that it was her turn to give me a hand and she opened the buttons of my trousers and took out my prick. She slowly started jerking it and I couldn’t help to release her tits and let my fingers explore where the gray stain comes from. I instantly found her swollen clit and rubbed it for a few seconds, then slid my middle finger deep into her wet pussy. I could feel her get even wetter as I finger fucked her. On one hand I wanted to taste her hot juices but on the other hand I didn’t want her to stop caressing my rock-hard cock so I took out my middle finger and licked off every drop.

I have never had a pussy tasting as good as Mrs. Michaels’…

I couldn’t wait to eat her and like she had read my thoughts she stood up, removed her slip and placed herself right in front of me, legs wide. She spread her big soft pussy lips and released a few drops of her hot juice.
– Is that what you want? – she asked. – I didn’t answer. I slipped to the edge of the couch and started licking her dripping hole. I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit. I took her big lips into my mouth and sucked them tenderly. Mrs. Michaels moaned a lot deeper and louder than before. I simply couldn’t get enough of her. I squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands when suddenly I recognized that she had a finger right down in her asshole. I wasn’t sure what to do. I never had any anal experiences before. But I guess there has to be a first time for everything.

pussy licking

I slowly pulled her hand away and inserted my finger. I slowly slid in and out her asshole while still licking her juicy cunt. After about five minutes of this horny piece Mrs. Michaels turned around spread her ass cheek wide and asked, in kind of a cute way:
– Would you please be so kind and lick my asshole, dear? – I always thought assholes would taste like shit but when I laid my tongue on this one I just wanted to suck the hell out of her. It was the best feeling my tongue has ever experienced. I stuck my tongue deep into her and licked every drop I could get. This whole scene made so hot I shot the biggest load I’ve ever seen without even touching my prick. – I guess my asshole was too much for you, hm? – she said.
– I can’t deny.
– So it’s my turn honey.

She pushed me back on the couch and took my dick. And then she gave me the blowjob of my life. First she licked off all the cum and then started sucking on me. She took my cock deep into her mouth and sucked very hard so I was ready again within a few minutes.

Mrs. Michaels stood up, turned around showing me her gorgeous butt, stuck three fingers into her pussy and then rubbed the cunt juice over her asshole and the head of my cock. She lowered her butt, took my prick and guided it to her asshole. Moist from the pussy juice my cock slid in easily. The feeling was indescribable. Her ass was so tight she could only take half my dick but it felt good like never before.

Mrs. Michaels started to groan very loud and I was afraid the neighbors could hear us but watching the woman of my dreams cuming made me ready to squirt again. She fucked me hard and fast and I shot my hot cum right into her asshole. Right in this moment she cried out loud, her asshole tightened and I could feel her hot pussy juice drop on my balls. I pulled my dick out her ass and caught a few juice drops with my fingers. I licked my fingers clean to get a last taste of this unbelievable cunt and Mrs. Michaels lowered herself to suck me clean. After that she came up and kissed me very, very long. I guess the kiss lasted about ten minutes.

[en] [foot-fetish] Mrs. Michaels and her Sweet Feet

– You know, that was real good honey.
– You couldn’t be more right – I said.

She promised me to call when she’s home alone again. And lucky me: she already did. I just can’t wait for next Saturday…

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