[en] The Power I Had over Two Women

I don’t know how I acquired my power over women. Or when I acquired it. Maybe it was there all along and I just didn’t know how to tap into it. Anyway, such an awesome thing can be a gift or a curse. I must use it sparingly because when I do it requires a tremendous expenditure of psychic energy which leaves me exhausted for days, even weeks afterwards.

The last time I used it on a woman was three weeks ago. I was working late on a Thursday night and left for home about 9 PM. On my way home, a lounge featuring nude dancers caught my eye and I decided to go in and have a beer and enjoy the scenery. Watching doesn’t require anything other than eyesight. When I entered the lounge, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light. I sat down at a table and ordered a beer just as one of the dancers was starting her routine. She was short, only about five feet tall, but with tits the size of melons. How she even stood up straight astounded me. And she could dance up a storm, gyrating to the heavy metal music as she captivated every man in the audience.

I was absorbed in the show when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to stare into the face of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had long, dark hair done in braids and was wearing nothing more than G-string which allowed me to see all there was to see. She put her arm around my shoulders and asked if I wanted to ”dance” with her. The lounge had a small room off to the side where the dancers would take their patrons for a little one-on-one performance. Legal, but barely so. As I stood and said yes she took my hand and led me to the room, whispering in my ear that for $25 I could touch her tits and for $50 I could touch anything I wanted. I told her I was a $50 man. I hadn’t yet decided to use the power on her but she was such a specimen of womanhood that I knew it was inevitable.

horny and drunk blonde at the club

Her name was Chantelle which comes from the French word for ”singer”. She sat me down in a chair in a corner of the room and began to dance seductively in front of me. She placed her hands on my shoulders, swaying to the music, her magnificent breasts only a few inches from my face. As she danced she spoke to me in a throaty voice asking if I wanted anything special.
– Yes – I replied – something special for both you and me. – With that I placed both my hands on her hips and let the power flow through me into the unsuspecting Chantelle.

She reacted like they all do when they first feel the power. She was surprised by the jolt she felt from my touch and tried to pull away, but I held tight and would not release her. Within seconds the feelings of pleasure coursing through her had taken over; she was mine. I pulled even closer to me and had her sit on my lap facing me with her legs straddling me. Her lips, full and pouty, were pressed against my cheek. I could feel the spasms of pleasure begin to build as I continued to apply more and more energy.
– Wh-what-what are you doing to me? – she stammered.
– Relax baby – I whispered in her ear – relax and enjoy what is happening to you. – She was breathless now as I reached my full intensity. Her breathing became more raged as the orgasms merged into one single, all-encompassing wave of pleasure. It was time to let her down, but slowly. I decreased the pleasure and she slumped against me, exhausted.

Finally, she regained her composure. Many times before a woman would not recall what had happened to her, the experience was so intense it blocked out all memories. Not Chantelle, she simply stood and smiled at me, saying:
– I get off work at 2 AM. Will you come back then?
– Of course – I said.

Looks like she gained some power over me…

Two-thirty AM. in the almost deserted parking lot of the lounge. I had watched as first the patrons and then the dancers departed for the night, but no Chantelle. I was about to leave when I saw her approach the car. Wearing blue jeans and a tube top she looked just as sensual as before in the club. And she had something with her. A friend.

[en] The Power I Had over Two Women

The friend’s name was Caprice. Her stage name but good enough for me. Where Chantelle was dark, Caprice was blonde. Otherwise, Caprice had the same magnificent body as did Chantelle. Without a word the two women got in the car and we drove to my house.

I broke open some champagne and poured a glass for my guests. We engaged in some small talk until Caprice excused herself to go powder her nose. Chantelle said:
– Caprice is my roommate and I want to see you do to her what you did to me earlier tonight. Then I ant you to fuck me so I can if your cock has the same effect as your hands. ”Relax, Chantelle”, I told myself. My cock has twice the power as my hands.

I suggested that Chantelle and Caprice dance a little for me so I could enjoy the sight of their bodies. After a few minutes I decided to join them. Placing my hands on Caprices’s waist, Chantelle held her so the power could take over. In a few seconds she was quivering with pleasure as I ratcheted up the energy. Chantelle began suckling on Caprice’s erect nipples as I massaged her pussy, already dripping wet with love juices.

[en] The Power I Had over Two Women

Chantelle could not wait any longer to feel my cock inside her. Ripping at my clothes in a frenzy, she exposed my throbbing cock, pushed me back on the couch and mounted me. All the while I continued to finger Caprice’s pussy so she could participate in the action. Chantelle was captivated at once by the flow of power from my cock.

She rode me like she had never had a cock inside her before. For the first time since I acquired the power I wondered if it was too much to handle. I felt my jism building inside me and it suddenly rushed up and out into Chantelle’s waiting pussy. My jism sent Chantelle into a series of orgasms so intense that she lost consciousness. The three of us slumped on the couch and slept the rest of the night.

Chantelle and Caprice are roommates of mine now. The three of us live together in sexual splendor. I rarely go out of the house and now make my living on the internet, trading stocks and bonds as a day trader. Chantelle and Caprice keep me totally spent with their sexual demands. But I love every minute of it.

[en] The Power I Had over Two Women

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