[en] My Sister-in-law Beat My Husband in Bed

I did not like the idea of my husband’s sister living in our house for her summer break of two months. Nina was 20, she was doing her computers and my husband Sushil adored his sister and could not say no to her. Looks wise, she was good looking, actually sexy. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall, nice hips, ample bosom with a small waist. Her face was like that of a child. But I don’t know why, I did not seem to like her. Like or not Nina was in my house and I had to bear her for two months. Then something happened which changed my life.

I was in my bedroom wearing a small skirt and a light blue cotton top. My top was lifted high by my erect boobs. My sister-in-law came in without knocking the door. She wore her brother’s shirt which was quite long for her and covered most part of her thighs. Top three buttons were open and as she came in I smelt an erotic perfume. When she walked, I could see a glimpse of her upper thighs and even her bottom. The bitch was not wearing anything underneath. Thank God Sushil was not home.

Not only were her breasts clearly visible, but I could see the edge of both her nipples too. The bitch wore no bra. No wonder my husband loves her sister! But whatever the reasons, I certainly couldn’t take my eyes of her breasts.
– Hey you are working alone, let me help you. Your husband must have worn you out at night. I know men do. Let me help you relax. Work can wait. Let your Nina show you her love.

Then she pulled me closer into a hug and ran her hand up my top, feeling my boobs from over the cotton of its fabric. I was mesmerized by that feminine touch. It electrified my body. It felt so nice to be held and wanted, that I just let her hands move where they wanted, and soon she’d slipped a hand behind me under my skirt and was playing with my panties and buttocks.
– Hey Nina, what are you up to? – I protested. But in reality, I felt amazed and embarrassed, but loved it all the same, when she whispered:
– Feel my tits, I want you to love your sister-in-law as well as your husband. In fact, I fell in love with you when I saw you the first time. I felt jealous of my brother when I imagined him sucking on your tits…. Ohhhh, touch me… Feel my tits. – I couldn’t believe my ears. But I did as told. I seemed under some magic. I seemed irresistibly attracted to my sister-in-law.

[en] My Sister-in-law Beat My Husband in Bed

I felt very daring as I slipped my hand inside the shirt of my Nina and felt her breasts and lifted them outside out of her shirt opening. Nina had long brown nipples over her white boobs. Her breasts felt so warm and soft, and her nipples hardened quickly as I touched them. She fondled my tits and let me touch and feel hers for maybe two or three minutes, then she gave me a big kiss on my lips.
– Oh yes! You taste sweet just as I thought. My brother is a lucky bastard, believe me to have a wife as sweet as you – she smiled at me: – That feels so good to have my breasts played with by you. Men don’t know how to feel our breasts. They are rough and horny – it’s either too rough or too quick! Is my brother any better?
– Well – I replied – I have been touched by your brother only, so don’t know about others. And yes, your brother is rough and quick. You are different. I have not known anything like this. Nina, you have made me feel a new sensation. You are sweet yourself darling. But what is this. Brother and sister lusting after the same woman?
– Well, does it matter if I love you? What’s wrong in lusting for my brother’s wife? I can’t make his kind of love, Can I? I don’t have between my thighs what my brother has, do I? – she said, cupping my ass cheeks harder and making me quiver. – Would you like me to play with your tits and ass a little more now, or just order me to leave? – I couldn’t think what to say but smiled as it seemed a nice idea to explore what my sister-in-law wanted to do.
– Well if you’d like to, you can feel my boobs. I can’t say no to my husband’s sister especially when she is so hot and sexy. Your tits are so soft and nice too – I said, with my hands still cupping her breasts.
– Now that’s better. We understand each other. Let’s love each other, let’s do it properly, shall we? Why don’t we both take off our clothes? I want to see what my brother has seen. Let me kiss every inch of your gorgeous body. Come to your bed and let’s do it!

So, we walked to my bed in the middle of the room. My sister-in-law turned round before pulled up her shirt over her head and her full breasts were exposed for me, waiting to be touched and kissed.

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I fumbled a little with my skirt in my excitement. I felt her fingers at my naked flesh as I threw down my skirts. My sister-in-law wore nothing under her shirt. She bent down to kiss my thighs as her fingertips brushed the puffy lips of my cunt.

It felt so naughty to be totally naked in my own house…

Her naked presence was igniting a fire in the center of my being. I had never been aroused the way my sister-in-law had set me on fire. Nina was bent at a level with my crotch and her warm breath was being felt on my wet pussy. She kissed my upper thighs as I trembled with excitement:
– Oh Nina, what are you doing to me? I am on fire. I have not seen you properly without your clothes, darling. Stand up before me and let me have a good look at you first. Come on, Nina, show me your body, your tits!

She stood up in her naked glory. I liked looking at her breasts, which were bigger than mine, with darker nipples. Her cunt was swollen like mine and a small stubble covered her pubic area. I always keep my pussy shaven. My brother likes it shaven and he is a great licker of cunt. His tongue has made me mad with desire often. Now it was my turn to see if his sister had any of his cunt licking talent. My husband licked my cunt like a dog. Now I had to see if the dog’s sister was a cunt licking bitch or not. Nina was a real bitch, I knew that. She looked at my naked figure, touching and feeling here and there. I said:
– Do you like what you saw Nina? You brother is mad for my ass. His mouth drools when he looks at my ass. He even has licked my anus – I was surprised by my own openness. I put my hands on my hips and let her gaze at my breasts.
– Mmmm, you are a sexy angel – smiled my sister-in-law – and what nice boobies you have. So much nice. Can I suck them please? Just relax and let me show you what real sucking means. I nodded ”yes”. She moved towards me, smiling and holding out her hands. Suddenly there was a magical feeling as she scooped my breasts in her palms, letting her fingers just touch my tits gently before squeezing them gently. Then I let out gasp as she brushed her fingers over my nipples, both at once.

[en] My Sister-in-law Beat My Husband in Bed

Nina looked straight into my eyes and continued stroking my nipples.
– Nina, my darling, my nipples are very sensitive. – She smiled naughtily and moved her finger and thumb around my nipples. Excitement went straight to my pussy and made me melt. I think she knew too. After a few minutes I was breathing more heavily and feeling so aroused:
– Shall I suck these beauties? – she smiled. – It seems silly to be standing when you could lie on the bed. And I can suck your boobs so nice and wet.

I lay silently on my bed which smelt of my husband’s jism. Nina smelt it too. She bent down to lick the sheet where her brother had leaked his seed. Nina licked it.
– Oh baby! You are so lucky to have both brother and sister as your lovers. I can taste the taboo seed of your husband. You are made to receive this seed. I am lucky if I can taste some of it on your cunt. Have you got some of my brother’s sperm in your cunt or have you washed it completely? And my brother is right about your ass – she said. – What a nice firm bottom you have! I’ve often thought that I would one day lick your ass.

It felt wonderful to have my sister-in-law’s fingers explore over my tit, her tongue kissing my nipples. She was giving me wonderful feelings of pleasure as she fondled and kissed my breasts and they seemed to have grown bigger under her kissing mouth.
– Oooo Nina… Yes…Kiss me… don’t tease my nipples… Haaaaiiiii… Hmmmm… I am so hot… – Her sucking was faster, hotter. She was making me wet between my cunt-lips.

Oh God, I was coming from mere her sucking…

My breathing was getting harder now, as all that nipple sucking was making me get quite damp between my legs.
– You seem to be enjoying this, baby – she smiled: – You can touch my tits. Here, let me move closer to you. – She moved closer, bringing her marvelous boobs close to my mouth. I closed my mouth on the nipples closest to my mouth. Then she ran her hand over my leg rubbing my warm flesh and exploring between open legs. I kissed her excited nipples and loved it. I liked to give her the same treatment that she had given me. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks to pull her closer. Her pubis stubble felt exciting against my skin.

[en] My Sister-in-law Beat My Husband in Bed

Her hands on my naked body felt so exciting that I wanted to feel her pussy. My breathing was now coming in short pants as we continued our arousal, and she kept on smiling at me as her fingers encircled my cunt and she squeezed it tightly. Suddenly, she reached right up to the dampness of my cunt and her fingers flicked softly over my clitty. I moaned loudly:
– Yesss Nina, I need to cum… Ohhhh, make me cum. I want to be fucked… I need a cock… I need your brother’s cock now! Fuck me Nina! – She sank her mouth into my cunt, spreading my legs apart just as her brother does before entering me with his cock.

Nina entered me with her cock. Her tongue was her cock. My sister-in-law licked my pussy with her flat tongue, making it wet with her saliva. I writhed under her mouth assault. She devoured my juices which had been flowing for some time now. Her tongue was in my cunt, whole of it. It snaked in and out of my cunt like a fucking cock.
– Aaahhh… mmm… haaa… I love you… fuck me…!

I felt my whole body rock and writhe. Nina had her tongue buried in my cunt and was now moving her fingers purposefully on my clitty and rubbed it with her fingers and thumb as I cried in pleasure. I felt my hips pushing up on her tongue as my body developed a rhythm in my arousal. I knew she would be able to make my cum like I have never been able to do. I moaned even more as she sucked my cunt and rubbed my naked clitty, and then slipped her fingers into my pussy along with her tongue.

I was in heaven as she tongue-fucked me, finger-fucked me, played with my clitty all at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t take long, and as the pleasure built up I just put my hands over her head to pull her into my cunt and take her tongue in all the way. I didn’t feel I could stop her even if I wanted to.
– Oh yes, Nina yes fuck me, you are the best… Better than your brother. Fuck me, please! – I was begging. – I’m coming darling… fuck me… I am coming!

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And as she kept up her fingering and tonguing of my cunt so my panting began to rock the room. I cried out as I came, moving my hips frantically over her hand and mouth to get all the pleasure and wanting the moment to last forever. My sister-in-law just carried on her pleasuring, knowing she’d brought me an intense pleasure.

After a while I began to slow down, as my orgasm died away. My sister-in-law stopped her sucking my cunt but kept her finger inside my wet cunt, as she looked up and smiled.
– Well how did you like your husband’s sister? Do you think I beat my brother in bed? – I was embarrassed to answer this question. So, I just lay back and shut my eyes.

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