[en] She Loved His Penis and His Balls

She tapped softly on the door. From inside came a mutter that seemed to convey an impression of assent, so she opened the door a fraction and peered in.

The room was almost entirely dark. A faint glow came from the screen of the PC, which was busy attack-dialing Mariska. A stronger light was cast by the green led of the hard disk drive; this revealed the noble features of Bart, eyes closed in transcendental rapture, one finger resting over the “escape – key, the other paused by the space bar. She entered the room, stepped over the piles of Granta, Rolling Stone, New Scientist magazines and partially disassembled Vespas and Harley Davidsons, threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged him.
– Bart, I made it! Nineteen hours on the bus, we were hi-jacked by the Jehovah’s Witnesses just outside of Bordertown…
– Mnnnnph. – Bart grunted, not taking his eyes from the screen.
– I had to climb out of the back window and throw myself out of a bus moving at one hundred and fifteen kilometers an hour… – she continued, tenderly touching a graze on her shoulder.
– Mnnnph.
– I had to hitch a ride with a motorcycle gang, half of them wanted to rape me and the other half wanted to tie me to the front of an EH Holden as a hood ornament and I escaped, after a punch-up started over who was going to go first…
– Mnnph.

[en] She Loved His Penis and His Balls

She bent down, nibbling his earlobe while stroking his cheek with her other hand. He moved his head slightly so that he could still see the screen. She sighed and kneeled down, running her hand down his muscular arm, which tensed slightly. She immediately withdrew, and sat back on her haunches for a moment, glancing about the room at the hundreds of empty beer cans, wrinkling her nose at the faint but unmistakable aroma of cannabis sativa.
– Bart, aren’t you glad to see me?
– Mnph. – Her eyes lit up with joy on hearing this, and she grabbed his right foot, tugging him around in his swivel chair. He managed to keep his eyes on the screen and one hand on the keyboard as she slowly pushed his legs apart and then moved in to kneel between his knees. As she gently tugged at his fly with her teeth, she heard the modem’s faint screech as Bart finally got through to Mariska.

His penis was ready for some BJ…

He turned the chair back, and she shuffled awkwardly to follow him, eventually taking up a position underneath his desk. She undid the pentacle-shaped brass button of his jeans and tugged them down, stroking the outline of his hip as she uncovered it. She peeled his underpants down and he deigned to lift his behind long enough for her to slide his pants down around his ankles. She placed her hands around his waist and slowly shifted him forward, until he was sitting on the edge of the chair. He hiccoughed twice, and her heart swelled with admiration; most men would be paralytically sprawled on the floor after the amount of beer that he had consumed!

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She grasped his penis in her fist, gently squeezed, and was rewarded with the sight of it swelling slightly. She squeezed again, drawing the foreskin back so that she could take the head of his penis into her mouth. By alternating pressure, first squeezing the base of his shaft with her hand and then sucking on the head, she managed to coax him towards a state which approached full arousal.

She then drew him forward in the chair a few inches more, and bending his penis downwards so that it pointed straight out, parallel to the chair, she slowly drew it as far as she could into her mouth. She paused there for a moment, nose pressed into his pubic hair, her fingers interlaced behind his back, relishing the way that his pulsing erection slowly enlarged, pressing her tongue down and poking against the back of the roof of her mouth.

He sighed as she drew back, raking her teeth along the length of his shaft as she withdrew, catching the head in her lips and playfully tickling the hole at the end with her tongue. Bart made a drawn-out “ahhhhhhh” sound and arched his back slightly as the head popped out of her mouth, glistening with saliva. She squeezed the base again, and daintily touched her tongue to the head, tasting the pearl of fluid that had gathered there; she then kissed the end, applying pressure to the hole as her tongue explored it again.

[en] She Loved His Penis and His Balls

Bart slipped forward a few more inches, spreading his legs slightly as she encircled the head of his penis with her thumb and forefinger, lifting it up so that she could run her tongue and lips along the throbbing underside of his erection, tracing the patterns of the veins which stood out in sharp relief, gently kissing a trail all the way down to his balls. Nuzzling the soft flesh which enclosed his testicles which were swollen and aching with lust, she playfully plucked a few pubic hairs from his groin while squeezing the head of his penis with her other hand, stretching it.

She softly kissed first one testicle, then the other, applying slightly more pressure each time until she was sucking them both into her mouth, holding them delicately between her teeth and then drawing back until Bart moaned. She let them pop out, released her grip on the head of his penis and took it in her mouth again, running her tongue back and forth along the underside of the head, again wrapping her lips around the rim and sucking like a vacuum-cleaner.

Bart was making involuntary thrusting motions with his hips and softly moaning in time with the squeezes that she was applying to the base of his penis. Suddenly, he arched his back, thrusting himself forward, further into her mouth. She delicately applied her back teeth to the head, taking extreme care to apply pressure and to refrain from biting as she firmly grasped his shaft with her right hand, her thumb reaching along the base as he began to quiver with the tentative beginnings of orgasm. His breathing suddenly grew deeper, and he stopped thrusting, his thigh muscles taut against her cheeks, and she knew that this was the moment.

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She pressed firmly into the base of his penis with her thumb just as he came, squeezing his erection so that the head swelled within her mouth. He gave a gasp of shock as the fluid coursed through him, only to be stopped by the cruel pressure she had applied.

Slowly, painfully, she let her grip slide up his shaft, allowing the fluid to course a few centimeters further each time, while Bart writhed in an agony of unspent passion. Eventually, she had her fingers wrapped tightly just behind the head of his penis, which was still held firmly between her lips.

She pressed down just behind the rim with her lips, and carefully released her grip – the pulsing tide of fluid was still held at bay. She unbuttoned her denim jacket and shirt, exposing her breasts, and carefully backed up until Bart’s penis was stretched straight out, swollen like an overinflated tire, the end held in her mouth.

Her jaw quivering with the effort of holding back his ejaculation, she gripped the base again, glanced at his face, and when he made eye contact, she whipped her head back, his engorged member flying up and butting against her throat, spurting fluid as she squeezed again. Streams of pearly semen shot out, filling her mouth as she started swallowing and coating her collarbone. She smeared the warm viscidity onto her throat and onto her breasts, rubbing it over her nipples as it cooled in the night air.
– Ready to fuck my brains out now, darling?

[en] She Loved His Penis and His Balls

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