[en] [slave-girl] Teddy, Bunny and Blindfold

The temptation he just can’t resist… I am lying in bed, hands above my head, tightly blindfolded and with a pillow under my butt. Teddy has been going down on me for a while and I am now in the zone. That zone where I feel my orgasmic waves hitting the shore of the beach where I am laying. They are getting close, and I am getting ready for that wave that will tip me over the edge…

I usually get hornier in the late morning or early afternoon, but we are supposed to leave to go to the city in 15 minutes. I am not sure that I want to wait until we get back, since I might be tired. So, I decide to go nuclear on Teddy and walk into his office wearing my new fluffy pink panties, with a matching top.

I know from the previous time I wore this outfit that Teddy’s horniness gets into high gear when he sees me wearing it. He is busy with his monster Excel sheet, so I walk towards him and put my hands on his shoulders. His left hand moves down and caresses my naked thigh.

I see him raising his eyes from the laptop to look back at me. I give him my version of the innocent angelic smile. As he looks down at my pink outfit, I can see his eyes shine with the realization of what I am wearing. He moves his chair back and stands up to admire me.
– Sorry Teddy, we need to leave in 15 minutes – are my words as I close my eyes in that sexy way that I know he cannot resist. He looks at his monitor, then at his watch, then at me and says:
– Bunny, I am sure it won’t matter if we are 30 minutes late for dinner.

[en] [slave-girl] Teddy, Bunny and Blindfold

I guide him to the guest bedroom and see that he takes a detour to our room. I lay in bed to wait and after a minute I see him walk in, naked except for his sexy underwear, and holding the handcuffs and the pink blindfold that I use when I take a nap.

– Someone has big plans – is what I tell him. He shakes his head and proceeds to cuff me with my arms above my head. Next, he blindfolds me, and afterwards I feel how he pulls a pillow under my butt. I open my legs since I know what is coming.

Teddy was eating my clit so good

I feel his 5 o’clock beard on my legs as he starts kissing them. First the right, then the left, and in the end, he stops at my sex. I am expecting a soft lick of my folds, so I am surprised as his full mouth closes on my exposed pussy. He is lapping at me, like someone who has not drunk water in a day and just got to a well.
– Your juicy pussy tastes delicious! – are his words.
– My what? – I responds.
– Your pussy juices – he corrects himself.
– Aha – is all I can mumble back. I feel his tongue probing the entrance of my vagina, just to roll all the way to my clit. I was already wet, but now I am overflowing.

[en] [slave-girl] Teddy, Bunny and Blindfold

I feel one of Teddy’s fingers probe my entrance, and arch my back expecting to be penetrated, but he moves his finger out and slides his hand up to reach my nipple. I pull my hands from the cuffs to divert the pressure that is building inside me. Another finger goes into my pussy, and the same happens on my other boob.

I move my legs higher and place the soles of my feet on his shoulders. I feel his tongue zoning in on my clit, and I relax back to enjoy his caressing of my intimate parts. My imagination drifts to a dream beach, I can hear the waves and the sun on my skin.

And so, I get into the zone, and I lay back and let my orgasmic waves build up. I can feel Teddy’s tongue doing pirouettes on my clit. I feel how he is stroking its hood, and this is driving me over the edge. I don’t really know how long he has been eating me, but after a while I feel my orgasm race towards me.

Like a deer in the headlights, I stay paralyzed, until I cannot hold it back and start shaking and shivering. My legs go up higher and start trembling. Teddy is now licking all my sex, and this is making my orgasm last longer and longer.

I feel Teddy moving up and placing his rod at my entrance. I am so wet for him, and I just want him to get inside of me. I move my hips forward as if to get him inside and then I feel his hands removing my blindfold.
– I want you to see this – are his words as he pushes his tip inside of me, past my entrance. I move my hips to meet him, but he waits there and does not thrust forward. I grab his mane of hair as I tell him:
– Fuck me hard now!

fucking a slave girl in missionary position

He grabs my arms and removes the handcuffs. Then I felt him pushing in until his balls hit my buttocks. I open my legs wider, letting him all the way in, and feel his weight on me. He cradles me in his strong arms and starts fucking the hell out of me. I move my head to the right and see my pink undies next to me. I know then that it was a good decision to wear them…

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