[glory-hole] We Suck each other off Every Chance we Get

This story is true, and from the late 70s, before we found out anonymous sex could kill you! My Saturday afternoon routine often included an hour or so at the local ABS, sucking and being sucked. Besides the fact that I LOVED to suck, I though dropping a load or two in the afternoon made me a better fuck with my girlfriend that night.

This particular afternoon, I had cum once, and sucked off a couple guys. I thought I’d drop another load, and then head out. When a guy entered the booth next to me, I had my cock aimed at the glory hole, ready to be serviced. His fingers reached through the hole and guided my cock straight to his mouth.

Long hard sucks, from my pubes to the tip. He swirled his tongue around the head, then did it all over again. If I hadn’t already cum once, this would have been over quickly. After a minute or so of the long strokes, he switched to just licking the head. GAWD! I love that! Finally, he settled on polishing my knob, just lips and tongue on the head of my cock. This was one excellent cocksucker, and I wished I could reward him with a huge load, but I could only give him the second load of the day. I blasted it into his mouth and heard him swallow it all down.

guy sucking dick through a glory hole

I had planned to cum and go, but I thought I needed to show this guy that I am an excellent cocksucker, too. I zipped up and signaled for him to give me his cock. A long, slim, uncut cock came into my booth. I have nothing against uncut cocks, as long as they’re clean; they can get all schmeggy under the hood. But, this one was nice and clean. It pointed almost straight up.

I pulled the skin back and put the head into my mouth. Slow hard pulls on the head caused his cock to swell and get even harder than it was! In less than a minute he blasted the back of my throat with a huge load of hot, thick, salty cum. I pumped him dry, swallowed every drop, then bolted out of the booth.

I wanted to see who I had just swapped cum with, but also wanted to be far enough from the booth that he wouldn’t know it was me. I was a couple booths down when I heard his door opening. I turned around and was walking back when I saw Ed, my best friend, come out of the booth.

I knew instantly that I had just sucked off my best friend

That didn’t stop me from fuckin’ with him! I walked up to him and whispered:
– You’ve got CUM in your beard! – He instantly raised his hand to wipe off the cum, then realized he had just admitted to doing SOMETHING that could put cum on his beard.

[glory-hole] We Suck each other off Every Chance we Get

I didn’t let him squirm long before telling him that I was in the booth next to his. We left the ABS and went back to his house to talk over what had just happened. This was the first time in my adult life that I had ever traded cum with someone I knew.

I didn’t know what was next. We both agreed anonymous sex was getting scary these days, with stories of herpes in the news, and AIDS, as yet un-named, just starting. We also agreed we loved sucking cock and being sucked. The obvious solution was to suck each other, exclusively. So, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past, OMG, 30 years! We have both married lovely women, and have families. My wife knows about us, Ed’s does not. This isn’t a romance or love relationship. We don’t kiss, (I’ll suck and be sucked, fuck and be fucked, but KISSING a guy is way too gay for me!).

We never go to bed together. We suck each other off every chance we get. If we have 10 minutes alone, that’s all we need. And we fuck each other occasionally. (Not often, neither of us wanted one of those big floppy assholes you see in videos!) The only thing that beats kneeling in front of a guy to worship his cock, is having him kneel in front of you, grabbing the back of his head and fucking his face. I am able to do both, and still remain safe.

[glory-hole] We Suck each other off Every Chance we Get

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