[en] I Fucked Melissa in er Wedding Dress

My roommate Mark was in the Air Force and had been temporally assigned to Korea. Mark was engaged to Melissa, a very attractive 5’5 – blonde who weighed less than 100 lbs who worked at an advertising firm in nearby Kansas City. She had just graduated from college and started the job; therefore, she wasn’t making too much money yet. Mark had asked me if I minded her staying at the apartment while he was gone, so that she could save a little money. I’m a very laid-back person so I didn’t mind.

One night Melissa  returned to the apartment from a workout at the gym. She had on a tight white cotton tank top that barely held back her bulging breasts and very small extremely tight cut-off sweat pant shorts. Melissa is in top physical shape. Mark had warned me that she was an open person, but I was not prepared for what she did next. After she took a shower she sat down on the floor in front of me wearing a small t-shirt. We were holding a casual conversation when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She was sitting with her legs crossed Indian style and I could see everything. She was definitely a natural blonde! Her blonde bush was neatly shaven into a small patch of hair. I could feel myself starting to get hard as I glanced between her legs. I didn’t even remember what she was talking to me about. A few minutes later she began to paint her toenails in the living room. By this time I couldn’t take my eyes off her little bush.
– What do you think of this color? – She put her foot on my leg. I looked at her foot and followed her leg all the way to her crouch.
– It’s nice – was all I could muster.
– Is there something wrong? – After she said that, I looked at her face and she held a small smile while gently biting her lip.
– No, excuse me. – I got up and ran into the bathroom with an extremely stiff shaft. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I had to let loose. As soon I started to masturbate I felt a hand reach around mine. I quickly turned my head and Melissa was pressed up to me from behind.
– Relax stud, I’ve done this plenty of times. Since I’m pretty sure I caused it, I’ll finish it. – She gently stroked my shaft standing pressed behind me. I can never remember having a better hand job. – You ought to be proud of yourself. You have at least two inches on Mark and my hand can’t even fully wrap around. – Melissa grabbed me with her second hand to message just the head of my cock as she stroked with the other.

[en] I Fucked Melissa in er Wedding Dress

– I can feel you getting harder, I bet you’re about to cum. – My head was tilted back on her shoulder, I was in a total state of rapture. I could feel her hard breasts pressed up against my back. In a matter of seconds semen poured out of me all in Melissa’s hands. With every twitch of my dick more cum exploded out. There was a small pool of my cum on the floor and Melissa’s hand was completely coated. – That is by far the most cum I’ve ever seen come out at one time – she remarked.

A couple of days passed and we never spoke about it. I felt guilty about doing this with my friend’s fiancée. She continued to show her body off by lying outside topless and walking around the apartment naked. One afternoon I heard a strange noise coming from her room. I walked down the hall to see her door cracked open. Melissa was lying on the bed naked face down with her perfect tight ass sticking in the air. She had a small dildo inserted into her pussy while she rubbed her clit. After about a minute I was completely hard watching her message her clit.

I slowly walked into her room. I positioned my face right behind her ass in front of her soaking wet pussy.

Melissa had no idea how close I was…

I began to gently blow on her clit and this caused her to increase her pace. I stuck the tip of my tongue on her swollen clit. She still had no idea, but she started to gently sway back and forth rubbing herself on my tongue. I grabbed the back of her dildo and slowly worked it in and out.
– Yes! Thank you, that feels incredible – she cried.

Now it was my turn to be in control. I began licking the back of her muscular thighs, all the way up to her tight ass, and back down into her soaking wet hole. Juices began to pour out dripping down her leg. I licked them all the way up her leg. No matter how much of her juices I consumed straight from her pussy it only caused more to come out. She began to shake a little.
– I’m going to cum, please let me cum on your cock! Please! – I had absolute control.

[en] I Fucked Melissa in er Wedding Dress

Pre cum had already been dripping out of my dick. It was ready to consume this waiting twat. I positioned myself behind her with the tip of my dick at the entrance of her hole. I grabbed the sides of her ass and pulled her onto my cock. I could feel her pussy stretch to accommodate my cock. Even with my shaft inserted, her pussy continued to leak juice. Waves of ecstasy took over her body as Melissa came. She clamped down on my cock like a vise when she started to cum uncontrollably. Fucking her from behind became difficult because she clenched down so tight. Because she was extremely lubricated, I managed to slide my cock in and out. I could feel myself ready to explode. Her tight hole had taken its toll on me quicker than I had liked, and I came. I refused to slow down even after I came. My fluid began escaping her hole and I could see it dripping onto her bed as we fucked.

I turned her on her back, my dick still stiff as a rock, even after emptying its load. My cum soaked her pubic hair and seeped down her ass crack as she lay on her back. I slid my dick back in. She was still tight (she later told me she just has a small hole, Mark is a lucky man!) I wrapped her legs around my neck and pounded into her at a steady pace. After a minute her back arched, she dropped her legs to my waist, and shoved her hips up to lock with mine. At this second we both came again. As we came we embraced in a deep “thank-you-kiss” as more of my fluid poured into her.

Later she told me that it took almost two days for my semen to completely empty out of her. Mark returned from Korea a week later. I felt guilty when he asked me to be his best man in the wedding.

The wedding day finally came. We were setting everything up in the church when one of the bridesmaids came to me and said Melissa wanted to tell me something. I went to the room were she was waiting. She had on her wedding dress already. We talked for a few minutes when she came out and told me she wanted me one more time before she got married. I told her I couldn’t.

[en] I Fucked Melissa in er Wedding Dress

– Well it would be a shame for Mark to find out what happened while he was gone – was her response to mine.
– All you need to do is lick me like you did that night. – She is a very attractive woman and difficult to say no to. – Please, it will only take a few minutes. I need to relieve my stress.

I dropped to my knees and lifted up her dress. She was wearing thigh high panty hose and a tiny pair of white silk thong panties. I pushed the front aside to see a cleanly shaven pussy. I plunged my tongue in between her lips. Her pussy quickly swelled and her juices once again ran down my chin. She had one hand on the desk holding her up, and the other on the back of my head. She lifted her left leg and put it on my shoulder to allow my tongue to go deeper. I was like a man possessed; I was becoming addicted to her juices. I finally broke free and quickly stood up and unbuckled my pants. They fell to my ankles as I turned Melissa around and bent her over the desk. I pulled the back of her dress up and told her to hold onto it.

I tore the tiny panties from her body and placed them in my jacket pocket. I placed my shaft between her legs and pulled it up until I found her waiting hole. She laughed and said:
– That’s it! I thought you didn’t want me!

Her hole felt tighter than ever. She began to moan so loudly that someone knocked on the door to ask her if she was OK. I never took my rod more than inch out of her. Once again we came together. She pushed her ass all the way back to absorb all my cock in her pussy. She was shaking with euphoria while my dick pumped warm semen into her. This time her pussy lips were wrapped so tight none escaped… until I pulled out. A large stream fell from her hole to the carpet. Melissa squatted to her knees to suck the remaining fluid out of me. To her surprise I came again in less than a minute. She tried to swallow all my cum, but some poured out on the sides of her mouth. I quickly dressed because I knew people we getting suspicious.

fucking the bride while she's licking the wedding cake

A funny thing happened during the ceremony. When they asked for the ring I accidentally pulled out the panties! No one noticed except Melissa, who smiled. When they kissed, Melissa didn’t have time to rinse her mouth and Mark had a funny look on his face. No one also noticed the small wet stain on the carpet were Melissa had been standing when they walked away. They have been married a year now. I know it’s wrong, but Melissa and I met almost once a month for our little rendezvous.

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