[en] Ken Gave Me My First Gay Experience

After I broke up with Silvi, I was in a depressed state. I had spent all my time with her for the last six weeks and now I was isolated outside of work. Work was difficult because I saw her there, and everyone gossiped about us because of the rumors she had spread about me, which were mostly true. I started going bowling with some guys from the plant on Fridays. Most days I drank alone, but at least on that day it was a chance to drink with other people. We usually shared a pitcher during the games and then drank in the bar afterward. One night Ken ordered a second pitcher of draft beer. We usually had one and the rest of the guys left when there was still half a pitcher left. It was just me and Ken.

Ken was a supervisor at work, only a few years older. He was always very friendly. He asked me what had happened with Silvi. He had heard the rumors, but he wanted my side of it.
– Is it true she is a Virgin?
– Yup. – I was a little drunk, and it was only one other person, so I started talking about what happened. I told him how uptight Silvi was about sex. I imitated her girly voice saying: – We shouldn’t! – I told him that I only got handjobs.
– Never a blowjob?
– No. She would put her mouth on it and then finish me with her hand when I was ready. – I refilled my glass.
– You never came in her mouth? – I laughed.
– One time, I came when she was pulling up and squirted on her face.
– So, you’ve never had a real blowjob?
– Sure, I have, I dated a girl in college and before that I had some experiences with my friend’s mom.
– What! – Ken laughed as he refilled my glass. – Tell me about that.

[en] Ken Gave Me My First Gay Experience

– I was just hanging out with her one night, when everyone else was away and we started talking about sex and then she offered to give me a blowjob. Next thing I was in the basement, and she was on her knees sucking my dick.
– Wow. The same thing happened to me. Sort of. I was doing a landscaping job and the homeowner just offered. All of a sudden, my pants were down, and I was getting my first blowjob.
– Well, the thing with Mrs. Lasalle was she was experienced. Probably had done it thousands of times. She got me off within minutes.
– Yeah, I didn’t last long either. – Ken smiled and then took a sip of his beer. – I was shocked at how good it felt. I came so hard. – Ken paused and looked at his beer lost in memory. – Was she the best you’ve had?

I finished my glass and poured the rest of the pitcher.
– I think Silvi was the best. I mean she was the worst, but wow she turned me on. The best was probably Beth. Mrs. Lasalle’s sister.
– You did your friend’s mom and her sister?
– It was kind of a birthday present. Just the one time. – A waitress stopped by and dropped off two shots of tequila. Ken pushed one my way.
– Do you like tequila?

I took a sip. I looked across the table at Ken. I was getting a serious buzz on. I had that funny relaxed feeling. It was good to talk to someone. People knew my business with Silvi, but they didn’t know my past. It felt good to brag.
– Hey man. You can’t tell anyone this shit.
– Don’t worry. Nobody cares. Just shooting the shit. What was so good about Beth?
– Just enthusiasm. She really liked giving me oral. She went crazy down there. I was busy with her sister and Beth was just enjoying herself. A threesome can be wild. – I finished my shot. Ken leaned in.
– I had a threesome once. When you are getting oral at the same time as you are giving it you think you are going to lose your mind.

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I sat there not knowing what to say. I didn’t know Ken that well. Ken signaled the waitress and soon another two shots were dropped off. Ken pushed one my way.
– If I have any more, I will have to walk home. – I said as I took a sip.
– I will give you a ride. – We sat silently for a while. I finished my shot and Ken pushed the other towards me. – You ever do two guys and one girl? – He asked. I held up my hand.
– Please don’t order any more. This is my last. – Then I tried to finish the shot, but I had to put it down. – I was at a party near the college once and two of my friends had a girl in the bedroom. They were going at it front and back. One guy finished and I got on the bed and the girl gave me oral as my friend screwed her.
– So, it was three guys and one girl?
– Actually, another guy came in. After my friend finished, there were three guys watching me get a blowjob.
– You didn’t mind being watched? You must be pretty big down there. – I shook my head.
– Once you get going. You can’t stop. She had me worked up. It didn’t matter that I was being watched. My dick took over. – I took a sip of my tequila. I sat there silently. After a while Ken said: – That must have been something to see.

I managed to empty my shot glass and stand up. I had to put one hand on my chair to stand straight. Ken helped me to the bathroom and then led me to his car. My car could stay parked overnight. I would have to walk back the next day to get it. He drove me home through the snowy streets.

I was glad not to be walking. Parked outside my building he talked to me about Silvi. He repeated some of the things that Silvi had said about me at work. Some I had heard before, some were new. I contemplated how much I missed Silvi as I looked out the window at the snow on the trees.

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He kept talking about his opinion of my relationship with Silvi. I closed my eyes to rest for a moment. I relaxed for a bit. I was aware of him leaning over me, he must have been looking for something on the passenger side. He felt around my pants, I felt my jacket being opened and my shirt lifted. He asked me to lift my hips. I must have sat on something when I entered the car. I lifted my hips. I felt a tug on my pants. I lowered my hips and felt the cool vinyl of the car seat against my flesh.

His head was between my legs, and he lifted my soft dick into his mouth. His lips were pulling on it gently and as soon as it became semi-hard I could feel his tongue moving. After a minute of him raising and lowering his head I was hard. I heard a cold wind blowing outside and the slobbering sound he made.

I put my hands on his shoulders. I was going to pull him off of me, but I couldn’t stop. Even though I was drunk, my dick was rock hard.

Why couldn’t Silvi suck my dick like this?

I closed my eyes and thought of the time in the motel when she licked my dick with just a bit of enthusiasm. I held onto that thought for a few minutes. This wasn’t like that. I reached down and shifted my jeans past my knees so I could open my legs wider. Ken shifted his right hand behind me and lifted his leg on the driver’s seat, so he was face down over my erection with his left arm resting against the inside of my leg. He moved up and down and took off his mouth and ran his tongue along my shaft. He tongued my head for a while then lowered his mouth taking me all in again. The angle was different, but it felt like the times when Mrs. Lasalle knelt before me as I sat on her office chair. I hadn’t felt such rhythm and enthusiasm in the last two years. I pictured Mrs. Lasalle’s head between my legs. I moaned at the memory.

[en] Ken Gave Me My First Gay Experience

He paused when I moaned, then he lowered his lips along my shaft until I was fully in him, then he jerked up and down while clasping me tight. I listened to loud wet sounds. I couldn’t hear the wind over my own breathing. My drunk dull feeling was replaced by all the sensation. I was aware of everything Ken did. He used his lips and his tongue, and he kept up a steady suction, sometimes making a loud slurping noise. He moved his hand, and I could feel his fingers on my balls even as his head moved steadily. I had a long moment of tension where I knew I was about to cum. I gripped his shoulder as my body tensed at the very edge. I felt him slide his fingers below my balls. My dick flexed and I pumped semen into his throat. He struggled and choked but he stayed on it as I pumped, my hips spasmed and I made noises that I hoped the closed windows of the car would muffle. After my last spasm, he continued to lick and suck as if he hoped I could cum again, but I finally went soft.

He straightened up then helped me get my pants back on. He started talking again. In an excited tone, he told me what he liked about me, how he had watched me at work.

I opened the door, stepped out of the car and stumbled into the cold night holding my jacket closed.

I saw Ken at work the next day and practically every day after that. For the whole week he didn’t mention what had happened, but when I skipped bowling night, he confronted me the next Monday at work.
– Hey man. Why didn’t you show up?
– Sorry Ken. I felt a little uncomfortable. I think we made a mistake.
– No one will know. Don’t worry about it. Don’t give up bowling night because of that. I won’t buy you drinks again, we can just bowl.

[en] Ken Gave Me My First Gay Experience

In the following weeks he occasionally came on to me. He offered to help me move to my new apartment. He asked me to go drinking with him. One day he whispered to me that he needed to come to my apartment and talk.
– It’s ok Ken. There’s nothing to talk about.

Finally, near Christmas the secretaries at work set me up on a date. I dated Tanya for the next few months. Ken eventually forgot about me.

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