[en] [brother-sister] My Sister’s Piss in My Mouth

For as far back as I can remember my sister has turned me on more than any other woman ever could and was very well aware of this. Growing up together we had a lot of time alone while our parents both worked full time jobs. Now I’m not saying we spent a ton of this time together, we would have, had she not been aware of my ever-growing sexual desires for her and my curious exploration of a different fetish each year.

My obsession with her body went through the normal fascinations of her small perky, ever so perky 32A tits with their perfect little pink nipples, then of course her ass that she always had on display. My sister was very comfortable wearing only panties or bikini bottoms and to be honest, I don’t know if she ever shaved or her perfect little slit just never even thought about growing hair. At 4ft 11 inch my sister was the epitome of sexy to me and she constantly caught me staring, rubbing my dick, and I’d make it an issue to ask her to see anything she was holding just so I’d have an excuse to touch her and then “accidently” feel anything I’m not supposed to.

As I said earlier, my sister never really minded me gawking at her and would even leave her bedroom door open when she changed. If I sat on the very edge of my bed, I had a clear path to her mirror and would jack off in plain sight to her beautiful body. I know she saw me busting several loads and would just giggle and shake her little head.

So now we both have our own vehicles and not much has changed as to how much time we spend alone. We’re too far away from a public school and did our classes online so we didn’t have too much interaction with others our age and honestly, I didn’t give a fuck because I was doing my best to finally bed my sister the first chance I got. I never really thought about what she did to get a nut or if she was even into guys. My days were filled trying to figure out more clever ways to see her naked and make it obvious that I want her without actually saying it, because… Well, that’s just creepy.

My porn fueled desires progressed from t and a to her feet. She has the sexiest little feet that are so soft and never covered up. Before I go any further, just imagine Selena Gomez, even shorter and slimmer. As if Selena and Ariana had a daughter… Yeah that was my sister. She didn’t too much freak when she caught me taking pictures of her feet and later cumming on them in her sleep while she was on the couch napping. My foot love was cute as she called it.

[en] [brother-sister] My Sister's Piss in My Mouth

So, it was when I got into piss that she kind of like WTF:
– No, I’m not voluntarily taking a piss into this cup so you can see if your drug test works or if I’m pregnant or whatever the fuck you want me to piss in a cup for. Fuck! – I was going to have to resort to desperate measures. My thirst for her piss was out of control and I didn’t just want to get a shower, fuck no. I wanted to drink it, I wanted to eat my cereal with it, make my coffee with it, bottle it and savor that delicious nectar all fucking day. I went to the bathroom proceeded to turn off the water from behind the toilet and flush the toilet until the tank was empty. I then grabbed a tennis ball and Saran wrapped it and forced it into the bowl far back enough so she couldn’t see it. Now I just had to wait. And wait and wait. Finally, she went in and she noticed the bowl dry and called me and I just answered from outside the restroom that I’ll check it out when she’s done not to worry about it. What I didn’t think about was that she was going to wipe, and the toilet paper would absorb my liquid gold and I heard her get up and try to flush, saying “WTF”. I was still standing there with a look of misery realizing I had forgotten to take the toilet paper when she opened the door and I just quickly walked past her and closed the door behind me. And there it was, I quickly snatched out the small fold of toilet paper and sucked on it for dear life. I chewed it and yes… Finally savored the taste of my sister.

Now to get to the rest I shot to my room to get my recently finished Slurpee cup along with standard red straw and made my way back to the restroom, closed the door and hit the floor. I know I had a bunch of plans for this piss, but I couldn’t resist. I drank it all almost in one gulp. I loved the taste of my sister, but I wanted more, and I didn’t want to have to get it from the toilet. I wanted it hot and from the source.

Finally savored the taste of my sister…

I thought about any way I could convince her to let me get that close to her pussy and not just at any time but while she’s peeing. I thought about every possible scenario, and I finally came up with one but it was going to be a long shot. The thing that turns me on about women the most is their femininity, and my sister was a princess. She was dainty and perfect, not a trace of masculinity in her. She was scared of spiders, snakes, the dark, thunder, you name it, and she was screaming. I checked the weather to see the next time we were expecting rain and in Texas I might as well be using a magic 8 ball to predict that. However, there was a tropical storm that most likely was going to not hit Texas in the Gulf but it was predicted to bring very very strong winds and a possibility of several feet of rain if it hit land. There I was praying for it to hit land.

The night before the storm was supposed to hit, I went outside and accidently flattened 2 of my sister’s tires knowing she had to absolutely had to get her Starbucks in the morning. I also maybe, might have insisted she drink extra water because we might not have any because of the storm and she would want to be hydrated and blah, blah, blah. I also offered her several girly drinks prior to letting her go-to bed and insisted she drink a topo after each one so she wouldn’t get a hangover.

In the morning I rushed her out of bed and into my truck telling her if she wanted to get Starbucks she better come with me because I’m headed to get breakfast and her car is flat. She was in some skintight white legging shorts and a sports bra. I was in heaven and the thunder was already starting so I told her I’m leaving now before the rain can hit. Without even going to the restroom, my sister followed and looked at her car for a second, but another thunderclap quickly got her sexy little butt jumping into my truck. So now I purposely drove at the speed of snail until the rain started and the sky completely blackened as we pulled into the line at Starbucks. I even got her two of what she ordered and made sure they were large. Then I made my way down the street examining which fast food shit hole had a longer line and proceeded to make us wait even longer while she drank her coffee. She wasn’t exactly paying too much attention to me, and I kept grabbing my cock through my shorts as I looked at the perfect tiny print of her pussy. She was sitting with one leg up, her knee tucked close and her chin resting on it while she watched the rain and continued dreading more thunder. I was so fucking hard and if I didn’t stop, I was going to cum myself. I turned up the air saying it was humid and she looked just in time to see me adjusting my dick as her nipples poked through her top.

rubbing pussy underskirt in public

Finally I got to order and pulled forward as nature began to take it’s beautiful course as I pulled up behind the vehicle before me and after the ordering station. The storm was getting stronger, and my sister said she needed to pee. She stopped drinking her coffee and I asked her if she wanted me to get her a cup or if she wanted to go inside to pee. She said:
– No, you and your stupid cups. – I watched as she pulled her shorts out from in between her tiny slit and my mouth watered remembering the sweet smell of her panties I’d jerked off into so many times and the delicious taste of her piss that I drank from the toilet. I lost touch with reality and full on stroked my cock three full times making no attempt to hide it from her. She started to kind of squirm in the seat but not from my cock stroking, she really needed to go. I told her I’d take us home as soon as possible just let me get my food. She just nodded and kept adjusting her position over and over. One time even getting on her knees and looking out the window giving me the most beautiful view of her little ass and I wished I could just lean over and pull her shorts down and burry my face into her baby smooth ass and lick that perfect little pink hole. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was jerking off on the view when she turned to tell me the car in front had moved.

I had moved down my basketball shorts and was stroking myself through the hole in my boxers. I’m sure my sister caught a glimpse of my rock-hard cock as I let my dick go to put the truck in gear. To my dismay she sat on her butt and said that she couldn’t hold it anymore. I told her to just piss on herself and I wouldn’t tell. She replied:
– Eww, fucking gross, no! – I was hoping she would say that. I asked:
– Well what do you want to do? Even if I leave without my food, you don’t want to get off at the store, nor here and we’re looking at 20 minutes until we get home. – So what did she want to do? She thought about getting out and going inside but as she opened the door the sound of the rain intensified, getting louder and faster and then as if I was directing the storm a silent bolt of lightning struck in the parking lot across the way and a second later the thunder accompanying it was so strong. I swear, I thought she was going to piss from fear. My sister slammed the door closed and let out a whiney whimper that made me pull my dick so hard precum wet my hand. I unbuckled myself and slid over to her and hugged her. She was shivering and whining. I took a deep whiff of her hair and let my lips slowly glide through her hair as I put her head on my shoulder. Just as I was really getting my hands down her neck, she says:
– Go, your food… The car… The window. – I understood and paid for my food, didn’t really care to be quite frank and I began to drive.

Again, I asked what she wanted to do and my sister just kept saying she couldn’t hold it, couldn’t hold it. I told her I swear I wouldn’t tell if she peed herself and she was even more disgusted this time. Finally, I said:
– Fine, just pee in my truck and I’ll vacuum it later. – Amazingly she said:
– No, that’s even worse than peeing on myself because I can at least just throw these clothes out, but you can’t throw away your seat. – I suggested pulling over and she took off her shorts.
– Stick the butt out and just go. – That got me a look that said: right, and risk lighting striking my perfect little ass.

[en] [brother-sister] My Sister's Piss in My Mouth

So, fuck it, I went for broke.
– Just take off the fucking shorts and piss, OK. I’ll drink the shit if you’re that repulsed by dirtying my truck and your clothes. Just take them off and I’ll make sure nothing gets dirty. – She said:
– WTF? – I showed her that we’re actually 22 min from home and asked what she was going to do anyways because she had to get out when we got there. I pulled over and she said: – What are you doing? I told her I had to piss too. I pulled my hard dick out in front of her, opened my door a little bit and proceeded to arc my piss out the door and to my relief was blessed with an even louder clap of thunder that took the lights out.

I closed the door, put on my emergency lights slid back over towards her and positioned myself in front of her near my center console. I squeezed my knees between the seat and the radio area, looked her dead in the eye and reached forward sliding my hands into the waistband of her shorts. I made the motion for her to pick up her butt like I used to when we were younger, and I would help her dress. By this point she knew she wasn’t going to make it anywhere even if she wanted to because the storm wasn’t going to let her.

She obliged and I feasted my eyes on my sister’s beautiful hairless pussy. I could actually smell it and without any further instructions I spread her legs and dropped my head in between them. I put her ass in my hands, titled her, leaned the seat back and told her:
– Fucking piss. – She hesitated and began to say something just as lightning and thunder struck, I saw her part her perfect smooth slit so her piss wouldn’t fly everywhere and instantly a strong stream of her piss was flying towards me and I opened my mouth as fast as I could, but I still missed the initial splash. I didn’t give a fuck, I had dreamed of this moment and first I kept a good little distance between my mouth and her pussy but as her piss slowed, I moved in closer until I was sucking the piss straight from her hole.

She grabbed my head, and I lifted her small body up so I wouldn’t miss a drop. I tongue fucked her piss hole and sucked on it then purposely let a small amount drip down so I could chase it and run my tongue over her puckered little asshole. Then on my way back up I slid my tongue inside her hole and found that she was soaking fuckin wet.

As my tongue entered her hole, she grabbed my head again and peed even more while she said:
– I think I’m cumming. I’ve never came while I piss…. – The look on her face confirmed she wasn’t lying.

I kept drinking every drop and making it seem like it was a favor I was doing her because I was so concerned. As the second wave of piss subsided, I quickly flicked her clit and made my way back so that I could pull my cock out. I had never in my life been so hard. The taste of her in my mouth left me lost with no abandon. I pumped my cock furiously, inches away from her bald opening and she watched with her bottom lip pulled tightly into her mouth. I lunged forward and sunk myself as deep as I could just in time to fill her with my cum.

[en] [brother-sister] My Sister's Piss in My Mouth

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