[en] [cuckold] My Wife Begged to Be Fucked

I bumped into an old work colleague the other day whose wife worked with my wife. She was not nice to my wife, but her husband John was not only sweet on my wife but flirty too. I’m convinced they hooked I’m up at least once, but I’ll never know.

When I told my wife about running into him, she got on social media and looked him and his wife up. He looked the same, but she had aged quite a lot. My wife looks the same as she did when they last saw each other. Unknown to me, she sent a friend request and within minutes he DM’d her back. She and John texted back and forth all day. They decided to meet up for lunch on Friday.

When they saw each other all the feelings came back. My wife wore her tight work pants, some heels, and a low-cut shirt that allowed a little tit to poke out. He was in a shirt and tie. It was a nice day and they caught up, but the sexual tension was tense.

My wife could feel her pussy getting moist, and she caught him staring at her tits. They said goodbye and hugged, with my wife pressing her tits hard into him. They drove out of the lot, and he drove slowly in front of her. He pulled into an empty business lot. My wife followed him thinking something was wrong. He got out and got in my wife’s car. He looked flustered.

[en] [cuckold] My Wife Begged to Be Fucked

He asked my wife could they go out again. She said:
– Sure, but you could have texted me that! – He told her he just wanted to see her one more time.

With both breathing heavy my wife lunges on John and they made out. It was passionate and pent up. He told her how good she looked like his hands ran over her big tits.
– You are too! – She added.

My wife started to undo his belt and unzipped him… But before she could get to his cock, he said:
– Not here. I have an office down the road.

He drove off and my wife followed him. She thought about just turning around but she had her hand down her pants to finger her pussy. She arrived at a small office sweet. John walked in and my wife followed. Inside his office he had a couch.

He waited for my wife to come in…

They kissed again. He sat on the couch and she sat on top of him. It was so intense. He pulled her shirt off revealing a sexy bra. He cupped her tits as they kissed, pulling the bra down to play with her hard nipples. He sucked on them as my wife watched in amazement. She was super turned on.

handjob on her knees in the office

Now shirtless and braless, my wife got on her knees and pulled his pants down. She pulled out his rock-hard cock about 7” thick and at first treated it like was fragile as she kissed and licked it. But as soon as she put it in her mouth, she was possessed, sucking it as deep as she could get it.

She finally laid down on her back and had him pull her pants off. Her pussy was shaved and wet.
– Fuck me, John – she begged. He pulled her up and had her sit on his hard cock. They began to sway back and forth. With her hands, her resting in his big chest. He took hold her hips and pulled closer which pushed his cock into areas of her pussy that had never been reached before. It took her breath away.

They started to gain momentum as my wife rocked back and forth on John’s cock. She planted her hands deeper on his chest as she could feel her pussy about to gush. He soon released a giant load of cum inside her. Warm and pleasurable. They orgasm lasted an extended period which sent shivers down her spine. John emptied himself out until he had nothing more.

[en] [cuckold] My Wife Begged to Be Fucked

She laid down on him. They laughed and smiled, so happy to be in each other’s arms.

They got dressed and decided to meet again. This was the best AED both ever had.

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