[en] [slave-girl] [cuckold] She Had to Call Him “Sir”

Karina, a 27-year-old, always protested when guys said she was gorgeous, because her fine exterior hid masochistic and extremely sordid desires. She had blonde hair, massive yet firm udders, well-formed legs and a perfectly-shaped bottom. She, indeed, was a comely wench. However, Jason, her white, 28-y/o husband, frequently defined her place in their marriage by explaining that while he harbored a minimal degree of affection for her, he didn’t love her romantically, having never once kissed her or licked her pussy. But his harsh attitude pleased her – with all the-above bringing this account to a June, Friday night. He insisted that she calls him “sir”, not “husband”…

During breakfast that morning, she said:
– I’m going to my friend, Alice’s birthday in Greenville, sir.
– That’s 200 miles away. When are you leaving?
– As soon as I change clothes. I’ll be back around midnight.
– Okay, be careful not to drink and drive – the husband answered.
– I will, sir.

After she departed, Jason had an idea involving the white, 23-y/o Eli and 25-y/o Tom, since they’d joined his remodeling crew a week earlier and hadn’t met his wife. Consequently, he asked them to his house.
– What’s happening, boss? – Eli said.
– Have you guys ever known a woman who fantasizes about rape? – Jason inquired.
– No. Why? – Tom said.
– Karina, my wife does.
– You aren’t serious, are you? – Eli expressed astonishment.
– Yeah, I am, although we can’t get violent or harm her. Other than that, she’s into rough sex and we can her treat like a punching-bag – Jason replied.
– Alright! This is gonna – be fun! – Eli exclaimed, after which the hunky trio went to a costume store where they bought 3 masks.

[en] [slave-girl] [cuckold] She Had to Call Him "Sir"

Once they’d intercepted the trollope coming from Greenville at 12:20 AM. Tom’s mask frightened her as he slid into her car’s front passenger’s seat before commanding her to drive along a gravel road into the forest next to the highway while Eli and Jason followed in the husband’s. After everyone had disembarked both vehicles, the vixen begged:
– Please don’t rob me, please! – though her upcoming abusers – only reaction was glaring at her until they removed their masks. – J-j-jason, w-w-what – are – you – doing? – she stammered.
– You didn’t call me – “sir”! – Jason snarled while Eli tore her clothes off and asked:
– Do you mind if I assault your Mrs?
– You mean this 2-bit whore? – Jason inquired.
– Yep – Eli responded.
– Well, now, sweetie, you deserve that – right? – Tom questioned her in a sarcastic tone.
– Yes, sir! – she admitted, followed by Tom thrusting his finger into her wet snatch and remarking:
– Your clit’s slimy!
– Maybe it is, you worthless dish-rag! – Eli jeered.
– Aren’t you polite! – Jason chuckled, then:
– Let’s give her a smack-down.
– Sure – Tom had scarcely replied when his palm exploded against her face.
– Aaah! – she gasped as Eli started to fiercely spank her, before Jason elbowed him aside, kicked her feet apart and plowed his knee into her crotch.
– Uugghh, sir…! – she grunted.
– This is a joyful event, isn’t it? – he taunted her.
– Yeah, very, very special! – Eli gloated.

[en] [slave-girl] [cuckold] She Had to Call Him "Sir"

Nevertheless, Karina couldn’t believe the way the studs debased her after they’d stripped: Eli pulled her head down, spun around and farted into her nose.
– May heaven grant you peace! – he colorfully said.
– Her rank odors peaceful? – Tom asked, after which he and Jason broke wind, too.

She was ready to call him “sir” again…

Tom then rammed his 9-inched pecker into her mouth and yelled:
– Choke, bitch, choke! – with her gagging as Eli stepped behind her, viciously gouged his 7-inched cock into her vagina and started battering her.
– Eeeem! SIr! – she unleashed a muffled squeal.
– Go ahead and despise her! – Jason urged as he stroked his 8-inched penis and watched.

Many times, previously, though, he and other friends had manhandled her, while the present occasion was the best since he, Eli and Tom had ambushed her. But Jason sensed Karina’s arousal and snorted:
– The slut’s enjoying this!
– She shouldn’t! – Eli roared as he withdrew from her anus and splattered jizz across her butt. Next, Tom semen’s flooded her throat before he dismounted her. – The wild animal’s yours, boss.
– Thanks – Jason replied, then shoved Karina to all-4’s and pounded his dick into her vag. – Suffer! – he’d barely shouted when the slattern screamed:
– I’m cumminnng, oh god, yes, yes, yes!
– FUCK YOU! – Eli growled as he contemptuously spat into her eyes.

fucked from behind and into the throat, spit roast

Ten minutes later, Jason unloaded in her muff and vacated it. Upon him doing so, he, Eli and Tom re-dressed. Without another word, they disappeared through the trees to Jason’s car and left, though Karina was still naked when she got in hers and went home.

Nonetheless, Jason devised a plan for the next Saturday night: he turned the couple’s living room into brothel where he “pimped” her $2 orifices to the black, 31-y/o Roger denying her a cent. Instead, he forced the “little stank-ho” and she felt glad that he did.

Wow, oh, wow!

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