[en] [crossdresser] My Wife Wanted me to Fuck Her Crossdressed

My wife and I had been together for about two years when I asked her to marry me. From that day we have always had a unique relationship. When I first asked her to marry me, she said she would but there’s something I should know. That’s when she informed me that for the past 10 years she has had a fuck buddy. He was an older married man that fucked her once or twice a week and yes, this continued during our time together. She said she would marry me under the understanding that she would continue to fuck him. She seemed relieved when my first response was just my natural response.
– Wow, that’s so hot! – She smiled at me. Really? She seemed happily surprised at my answer. She grabbed me and squeezed me tight.
– You really don’t mind? – I smiled back at her.
– Heck no honey, I love that you’re doing that. – Thrilled by my answer, she hugged me again and kissed me.
– Oh yes baby, I would love to marry you.
– I am so horny right now! – I said, as I sat on the couch and pulled out my now hard cock. She smiled as happily as I’ve ever seen her and sat down next to me.
– You’re not kidding honey. You do like it, don’t you? – I started stroking my cock.
– Oh yes baby I love it. Tell me again. Tell me you’re going to keep fucking him twice a week. – She leans close, and put her lips to my ear, and softly whispered:
– Yes, honey I’m going to keep fucking him. I will always fuck him.

I was so horny I raised my ass up off the couch, poking my cock into the air, stroking it as fast as my hand could move. Suddenly I exploded cum all over both of us.

My wife openly fucked him after that. She even fucked him on our wedding day. And over the past years of our marriage, he has stopped by anytime he wanted and took her to our bedroom to fuck her. He never stayed longer than that. Then he would just get back in his car and go until the next time. Twice a week turned into sometimes three or four times a week and continues to this day.

rough fuck, hair pulling

My wife has always had a healthy appetite for porn, and we often watched it together. I love to hear her talk and comment about cocks.

About a year ago, I felt a desire to experience the cuckold cleanup duties…

My wife said she was also interested. So, he came whenever I was at home. After he left, I would go into the bedroom. My wife would be on the bed with her legs still open for me to lick her pussy clean. This went on for several months. Then one day I came home to be greeted by her, holding a condom filled with cum.
– Honey, he came by for a lunch-fuck today. So, I had him put on a condom so I could save his cum for you. – She said, happily, smiling. – Honey, sit down and lean your head back and I’ll empty it into your mouth.

I followed her instructions. She turned the condom inside out, empty, and its contents into my mouth. Then after she lowered the condom into my mouth and told me to suck it clean. She sat beside me, just staring into my eyes. Then she asked:
– Did you like that honey?
– Yes, honey it was hot, you pouring another man’s cum in my mouth. But I didn’t really like the taste of the condom. – I answered honestly.
– I’m sorry honey – she said. – I was just trying to think of you. I know how much you like cleaning it out of my pussy.
– It’s OK baby. It was a great idea. Let’s keep doing it. – Once again, my wife’s face was filled with a smile.

[en] [crossdresser] My Wife Wanted me to Fuck Her Crossdressed

Over the next three months, she assured that I swallow as much of her fuck buddies’ cum as possible. Then one day I got home, and my wife had run a bubble bath for me. She said:
– Honey, get in the tub. I want to talk to you about something. – I got in the tub and started soaking. She knelt by the tub. – Honey, I want to shave all your body hair off.

Without even questioning why I readily agreed. She began removing all of the hair on my arms, fingers, around my dick, my legs, everywhere. I was actually enjoying the attention as she did it.

Once complete, after stepping out of the tub she dried me off with a towel. Then she turned and picked up a pair of panties off the counter.
– Here honey, I want you to start wearing panties. – As I said, we were both into porn. So I had a good idea where this was going. So, I just smiled and took the panties and put them on. Seemed to make her happy as she squealed a little with excitement.
– Are you wanting to feminize me? – I asked her.
– Honey, I thought it would be fun. I want to give you a complete makeover since it’s Friday I would like you to dress and be a woman for me this weekend. I was intrigued and agreed.

She brought out clothes, a wig, make up and turned me into a rather attractive woman. My transformation came out so well, she immediately started taking pictures of me. Then finally, she jumped on the bed and spread her legs.
– Fuck me baby, fuck me! But keep dressed.

I raised my skirt and got between her legs and slowly started fucking her. We fucked. My wife started talking about men’s cocks. The different shapes and sizes. Listening to her talk about cocks always excited me. This time as I fucked her, she told me to picture the cocks as she described them. She wanted me to come thinking of cocks. I was pumping in and out of my wife’s pussy. While she described men’s cocks.

[en] [crossdresser] My Wife Wanted me to Fuck Her Crossdressed

I could feel my cock swell. I was nearing ejaculation. She could feel it too.
– Tell me you love cock honey. Tell me you want to suck cock, tell me you want to dress girly and suck cock. –  She instructed. I was so horny feeling your pussy wrapped around my hairless cock.
– I love cock, I want cock, I want to dress as a woman so I can suck cock.
– Tell me again honey. Tell me you love cock. Tell me you want to be gay. – Again, I did as she instructed.
– I love cock. I want cock. I want to dress as a woman so I can suck cock. I want to be gay. I want to be a real man’s woman. I want him to bend me over and fuck me. I want him to kiss me. Aaahhh – I exploded cumming hard into her pussy. She smiled as she lightly rubbed my nipples. Then exhausted I breathlessly fell off her onto my side of the bed. She got up from the bed and walked toward the bathroom.
– Tell me again honey. Tell me you want to be the woman. Tell me you want to become gay. – I didn’t answer her at first. Then as she returned from the bathroom, I looked at her and said:
– Honey, I think we should keep this as your fantasy for right now. – She smiled at me, put her hands on her hips looking somewhat disappointed but yet playful:
– OK then, but we are still going to permanently remove all your body hair and your facial hair if we can manage it. And no matter what, you will always wear panties from now on.
– OK honey. That’s a deal. I will do that for you. That’s where it all started, I will have to tell you the rest another time.

[en] [crossdresser] My Wife Wanted me to Fuck Her Crossdressed

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