[en] [double-vag] I Was Watching While My Mom’s Boss Pissed on Her

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Next day I woke up ad prepared myself to go to school, even though it was holiday. I left at about 8:30, went to my friend’s house and after one hour came back to my house. Mother had left for her office and it was locked. I went in my room and silently waited. By around 11:45-12:00 my mother came home. This time there were two guys with her. Both of them were looking very smart and professional. Closely seeing them, I realized that one of the was none other than her boss. I stayed in my room and through the keyhole was able to see everything.

Immediately entering the home, the boss told her to put on music and start stripping and dancing. She did it and both men were also made nude by her… slowly, both of them started playing with her boobs. The man then made her come and stand near the sofa and he sat down on floor with her pussy near his mouth. He started eating her pussy. The boss came next to her on sofa and started biting her 40-E boobs. In between, he was biting and pinching her nipples. She was moaning and shouting with pain and pleasure.

Suddenly, the boss went in the kitchen and after some time lit a candle. He started putting hot wax on her pussy and even ass. He took clips and put them on her nipples. She was crying with pain, but continued enjoying. Then, both of them started fucking her ass and her pussy together… She was crying, but kept on saying to abuse her more. And how much she was enjoying!

I had removed my dress in my room and was enjoying the show… I was also fingering myself. I had already cum two times. My mother over there shaking with climax the third time. I did not understand how, with so much pain, she was able to enjoy.

I Was Watching While My Mom’s Boss Pissed on Her

After both men got drained, all three laid down on the floor. The cloth pin on the nipple was still there. About 20-30 minutes later all three woke and made my mother suck their cocks again and when they got tight, they switched places and started fucking her again… At the same time, both men had put their cocks in her pussy and she was crying in pain.

My mom’s boss and her friend pissed on her…

Finally, all of them climaxed and stood and went to the bathroom together. I went there after they had entered. They made mom sit on the floor and both of them pissed on her, even making her drink it. She happily did it. All three then took bath and had one round under the shower. It was about 2:30 by that time.

After they came out of the bathroom, they did not allow mom to wear any clothes. The man called his driver inside and asked him to fuck her over here. The driver did it, but came in less than 10 minutes. They asked him if he was satisfied. He said “yea”. They also asked him to tell a painful punishment for mom. He looked around and finally brought a thick cucumber from the fridge. He asked her to put it in the ass. Both the men agreed. The driver went out and mom was made to sit on the wooden chair. The cucumber must be so painful…

They started talking. From the talk I realized the other man was one of the clients of the boss and she was satisfying him for an order. Finally, the man said that in his company there are 10 board members and my mom would have to satisfy them all for two days in their farm house without saying no to anything. Mom said that she would do it only and only if the order was confirmed and also that she need to be paid…

I Was Watching While My Mom’s Boss Pissed on Her

Then, before leaving, mom was asked to dress in a jeans and t-shirt, but without any undergarments. Also, the boss told her that next day she did not need to come to office and to wait at home, and also said that he would send 3 people at 10:00 am. He told her to put a dog collar, a bra with hole on the nipple and a panty with hole in the pussy area. Also, he told her to keep the door slightly open and wait on all fours for them. She was also not suppose to remove the cucumber till that time… He also gave her a bunch of notes of about 100 000. Finally, they left and mom went in her room. I am waiting for the next day.

But little did I know that it would change my life. How an 18-year-old girl started her sex life, you now know. Also, how a mother made a fortune from her daughter…

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