[en] [foot-fetish] Payback is a Bitch

Guy was happy that his wife had come along with him on this business trip. Being away from her was hard, especially since they were newlyweds.

Waking up in the morning every part of them entangled including their toes, made him even harder than he was already when he woke up. He kissed her mouth, because he could tell by the flutter of her eyes, she was feigning sleep. She woke up like Sleeping Beauty when he kissed her hard nipples, and her wet pubic hair… but when he kissed her little toe and sucked on the curled nub like it was her clit, Annette gasped loudly. He knew she loved him sucking her toes. He drew her leg up on his shoulder, and he saw the sudden wave of her labia when she came.

With every intention of making his wife come again, Guy pulled her by her leg because he wanted to be inside her. Wanted to be inside her before he had to spend a day filled in and out of meetings and seeing the suggestion of Paris that he was going to see. Annette would see much more of it, but right now…

– Excusez-moi, mon cheri – she said her sexy legs swung from his shoulder, over the bed and onto the floor. Annette stood up and looked back at him lying on the bed. She put her finger to her lips, inserting it slowly as if it was him. His erection twitched in tandem with the movement of that her finger in and out of her mouth.

girl rubbing her pussy and seducing

She turned around, already familiar with the apartment that they had rented as if they had been there for more than a night. As if they had been in any room besides the bedroom. He watched her shapely ass, as she walked into the hall.

Guy could smell her on the sheets, not her delectable French perfume that he practically licked off of her, but her natural one. Her panties were by his head. He snatched them and pressed his nose to them. He could smell her their mingled sex scent on the crotch, because he had jumped her before they even gotten into the apartment.

He reached for her, between her legs slick as hell with her come and lifted her hands above her head before fingering her wet cavity in the hall. Unzipping his pants, and pulling himself out of them, he stuck just his head into her at first. She closed her eyes. He let her hold him just there, felt her greedy as fuck wanting more of him. But he teased her… like she teased him now. Made her wait before he pushed himself myself balls deep into her.

She squirmed because she liked to touch the root of him when they fucked, holding her hands. Guy thrusted into her, followed her twisting and squirming body until she was still, tightened herself about him and came. She tightened her hands on his ass, which made him burst into orgasm.

Now, he was lying in bed looking out of the bedroom, hoping to catch her shadow returning. His hand moved with ecstatic coordination over his head and shaft. When he felt pre-come ooze delicately from the tip of his head, he let his hand move down to his balls. He played with them, tugging and pulling and used her panties to wipe the come off of himself. Her panties that smelled like the sex that they should have been having…

Annette came back to bed, still wearing her bra, a tiny cami and panties. He looked at her, as if his hands were caught in the cookie jar but continued to rub his shaft. His wife got on the bed, crawling toward him predatorily. He looked at her ravaged by lust expression, and sexy body but could not stop playing with himself. Until she moved his hand. She put her lips over his head, letting the tip of her tongue touch the tip of him.

girl licking his balls over his boxers

– Payback is a bitch – she purred. The tip of her tongue darting out like a cobra, she teased him hard. Her desire was almost venomous, but he wanted her poison very much.

He knew Annette liked sucking him and was too much of a hedonist to hold out for too long

She put his head in her mouth, closed her eyes and sucked it until his hips bucked under her roughly. He would come if she kept playing with him like that. Just looking at her with his head in her mouth, made him want to come. When he was about to burst, she sucked him off in earnest. Running his hands through the lovely waves of her hair, he used her hair as impromptu reins so he could pull her up off of him. Her tongue still darted out cobra-like along his shaft.

But he wanted to come inside of her, so he lifted her head and sat up. A series of unchoreographed, but nonetheless smooth maneuvers had him on top of her, slipping off her panties. Soon Annette’s hands were in his hair, the way his had been in hers. He had waited long enough to be inside his wife. And the copious come between her legs, let him know she was more than ready for him to be inside her. He kissed her inner thighs, and her hips begged him for more. He licked her clit, and she tried to lock him between her legs with her thighs… but he escaped.

– Guy! – she cried.

He licked his damp lips, savoring the taste of her. Lying down beside her, they kissed. Annette loved the taste of herself especially mixed with his, when they both went down on the other. She crawled over him again. It was time for payday.

Annette straddled him, and they gazed into each other’s eyes for a long time. At the same time that he tried to get in her, she reached for him. When he was in her, she slid down him tantalizingly slow for the pleasure, not to tease. She rode him, her hand ran through her hair like she was riding a mechanical bull.

The movement between their bodies was not awkward at all, it was terribly familiar and easy as always. They knew how to ride each other into bliss. She stopped and looked at him, before he slipped out of her with a pop. She slid back onto him, her back to him. He caressed her ass, his finger slipping into her anus because he knew she loved that.

she is riding his cock

Annette loved everything he did to her. From fingering her ass, he reached for her breasts. She placed her hands over his, and they fondled her breasts together. Annette moved up and down on him, before his hands moved from her breasts back to her ass. Guy was about to come, when he lifted his wife off of him.

Getting on top of her, he resurrected their position from earlier. He kissed Annette’s foot, licking each toe before placing her foot on his shoulder. Sinking back into her, he thrust in and out of her fast and furious. Annette teased him by speaking in French, which made him ride her all the more roughly. Made him need to see all of her body, so that he stopped thrusting into her to jerk off the rest of her underwear. His palms covered her breasts as he moved into her again. And again. And again.

He knew that when he was at his meeting, the look on Annette’s face when she came. That look of the calm before the storm, and then pleasure that destroyed and restored her would stay with him until he could be with her.


sucking her foot while fucking her

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