[en] [slave girl] I Was a Slave for My Husband and a Mistress

So many times I thought I was going to fall as we walked across the grass towards the swimming pool, trying to take steps with my ankles chained on a short chain made it impossible for me to take more than half a step, and the grass was bumpy. When we got to the concrete around the pool, it was hot on my feet and I was glad when David grabbed a towel from the table and put it on the cedar sun bed and told me to sit on it.

I sat on the bed and he lifted the chain between my ankles and put my feet on the bed, then he adjusted the backrest so I was at 45 degrees and I was sitting up resting my back on it and, for the first time since we started the walk from the kitchen, I could take a deep breath and relax a little bit.

I watched as my husband undid the leather bracelets from each ankle and carried them and the chain behind me, said give me your hands and he knelt down put an ankle bracelet on each of my wrist and clipped the chain on to each one, behind the back of the sunbed, then stood up, just in time for Stephanie to arrive carrying a couple of bottles of wine, some plastic cups, and a bag of ice she put on the floor beside the sun bed David was climbing onto.

– All tied up, are we Becky? – she said laughing at my predicament.
– Yes Mistress Stephanie – I said remembering my P’s and Q’s and not wanting another smack around my head. She put a foot each side of the sun bed and began to move up towards where I was sitting. Level with my hips she stopped and pulled her pussy lips apart and said:
– Do you think I have got a nice pussy Becky? – I sad:
– Yes Mistress – and she laughed and she said: – David do you think I have got a nice pussy.
– Of course you have – my husband said laughing, she said:
– You like licking my pussy don’t you David – and I felt a moment of panic, anger and God knows what else go through me. Had my husband been fucking Stephanie and I didn’t know about it? She said:
– David, do you think your wife will like licking my pretty pussy as much as you do – and she started to slowly move towards me, swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner, and saying: – Becky’s going to lick her Mommy’s pussy and make her Mommy a happy Mommy isn’t she Becky? – and when she was only inches from my face she stopped, said: – Put your tongue out and leave it out – and she slowly moved her pelvis towards me, holding her outer lips open until my tongue just touched the pink flesh of her vagina and her soft shaved Mons Pubis touched my nose.

[en] [slave girl] I Was a Slave for My Husband and a Mistress

– Gently, very very gently Becky, put your tongue into my cunt like you were fucking me with it – said as she pushed slightly forward and I felt and tasted her cunt juice on my tongue as it slid into her vagina.

She let out a little squeal and pulled away from me:
– You fucking lesbian whore – she said laughing as she lifted her foot and stepped over the bed to squat next to me. – David – she said out real loud – where did your whore learn to lick pussy? – And he laughed:
– I don’t know ask her – he said pouring wine into the cups. Stephanie knelt down beside me:
– Whore where did you learn to lick pussy? – she said in a pretend serious school master’s voice?
– I have never licked any woman down there until now – I said truthfully.
– Um – said Stephanie – that’s probably true, after all you have been too busy sucking my husband’s cock, haven’t you? No time for women I guess? Well, that’s all going to change, and let me tell you cunt, you had better be a fast learner because if you don’t please me with that tongue of yours, I am going to tell David to tie you on your belly, and I have a nice big fat strap-on in the house, and I will fuck you in the ass with it, all ten fucking inches of it, do you understand?
– Yes Mistress Stephanie – I said, and she jumped up took the cup from David and said:
– Shall we give her a drink, maybe lube her tongue, so when she licks my pussy she will taste Stephanie juice and Pinot Grigio at the same time? – and she started to laugh…

He stood up and handed her a drink:
– I told you before when we were talking this morning on the phone, you can do whatever you want to her, just don’t kill her, I want the bits that left – and he poured his plastic cup of ice and white wine slowly over my head, as I sat there and started to cry.

[en] [slave girl] I Was a Slave for My Husband and a Mistress

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