[en] [slave-girl] I Hypnotized My Baby-Faced Slave

I work at a large computer company, and about eight months ago, we hired a new programmer named Debbie Childers. Short, Jewish princess type, with broad hips, a baby face, and a massive chest.

I watched her constantly. I wanted nothing more than to put my hands under her blouse and play with those tits – to squeeze them, to rub them, to bounce them up and down, to stick my head underneath her blouse and suck on them, to rub my cock between them until I came!

Unfortunately, I’m married, which restricts my non-wife sex life. However, a solution arrived. I first studied hypnotism back in college, when I would help other students who had trouble concentrating on their studying. After putting the student into a light hypnotic state, I would tell the person that the phrase “study time” would put them into a state of intense concentration until they were finished with whatever they were studying. It worked well with most people; it helped them avoid distraction. Of course, the student was only in a very light hypnotic state, and always aware of their surroundings.

About a month ago, I happened to be attending a party given by a girl who works down the hall from me. It was fun, with lots of people, and good stuff to drink & smoke. About 12:30, my wife (who was pretty wasted) suggested that I should hypnotize some people for a laugh. She told our hostess about it, and I got talked into it. I wasn’t very good, but a lot of the people were in a pretty mellow frame of mind, so it had a chance.

Our hostess called for volunteers, and got herself, my wife (whom I’ve never been able to hypnotize), two guys, and my baby-faced co-worker. I got the music turned down and did my best. My wife was, as usual, unhypnotizable. I think that our hostess went under, but she might have been faking. Debbie went under quickly (she’d been smoking a lot, that probably helped), as did one of the two guys. I had them do the usual hypnotism-party-tricks, like making your arm stiff, perching between two chairs etc.

girl taking off her bra and showing tits

Most of these are physiological tricks to convince the subject that they’re really hypnotized. After those I had them sing, pretend to be animals, and that kind of stuff. I suggested to them that the guy’s cock had become four feet long and watched the “subject girls” pretend that they weren’t looking. One of them sat down next to him and put her hand on his “cock”, about at his knees! I told the girls that their tits had become enormous, like two feet in diameter, and had them juggle them, which was funny to watch.

When the show was about over, I told them all that when I said “complex” to them, they would relax and fall asleep again. I told those that had SO’s to be particularly good to them that night (you should have seen the grins in the audience!), woke them up, and sent them back to their seats. After about a minute I loudly said “complex”, and they all fell asleep in mid-sentence. This was good for a laugh; I woke them back up and told them to enjoy the party.

Well, the temptation was too much…

I cornered Debbie in the kitchen when nobody was watching and said “complex” to her. I suggested that we should go for a walk around the block. During the walk, I reinforced the suggestion, told her that she could trust me, and suggested that, after I woke her up, that she should invite me over for lunch tomorrow. I woke her up, and on the way back to the party, she invited me to lunch at her apartment the next day.

The next day, I showed up at her apartment and wasted no time putting her under. I suggested to her that I was her lover who had come back to her after being overseas for a year, and she wanted nothing more than to make me happy. She showered me with kisses and told me how happy she was to have me back. She pulled her cotton shirt over her head and revealed those lovely tits. I asked her to remove her bra. She reached around and unclasped her it, letting her beautiful tits spring out. She pulled my face down to her nipples. I kissed, sucked and licked them for about twenty minutes. They were mine, at last!

dick between her tits, cumming

Eventually, I told her to give me a hand job. She did, licking it as it sprung out. I took the rest of my clothes off, pushed her gently down on the rug, and mounted her tits. They were slippery from being licked and sucked. I pushed my cock between her tits for a few minutes, while she held them tight around my cock.

She smiled and said how much she’d missed me, and how she wanted my cock in her. I soon came from the wonderful sensations that rubbing her tits were giving me. To clean up, I stuck my cock (covered with come from her tits) in her mouth, between those sweet baby-face lips, and she licked it off. I spent a half-hour or so recuperating by sucking on her tits some more, and then we put her on her hands and knees on the bed and I rammed into her pussy from behind. I suggested to her that she would come when I did this. The sight of that beautiful bottom, those big tits swinging back and forth, and hearing her moaning and calling my name soon did it to me. I told her that I was coming, and she did too.

Once again, she cleaned off my cock between her baby-face lips. I wanted to have her ride me, with those gorgeous big tits bouncing in front of my face, but I was spent for the moment. I had to get going, so I suggested that she would forget all about the fact that I had visited her, which she did.

I now have her about once a day at work now. I call her on the phone and said our secret signal. This tells her to meet me in a little-used bathroom in the basement. When we get there, she removes her blouse & bra, drops to her knees, and wraps her baby-face lips around my cock and sucks on it until I come in her mouth. I then suggest to her that she will forget all about this, and that she will go back to work in a few minutes.

Occasionally, when my wife goes out of town on business, I will suggest to my baby-faced slave that she should spend the weekend with me. Sometimes, I suggest that I am her husband, or sometimes we are Sultan and Harem Girl. Whatever situation, we sleep every night with my face between her big tits or with her baby-face lips wrapped around my manhood.

big boobs covered in sperm

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