[en] [brother-sister] She Was Rubbing Against His Shaft, Driving Him Crazy

Matthew opened the front door.

– Hey baby – It was Lorraine, Matthews girlfriend.

She was absolutely gorgeous, he knew he was hitting well out of his league with her. She had silky smooth, perfectly straight, mahogany hair. Her skin was flawlessly tanned, her eyes a mesmerizing, turquoise, and her smile could kill demons it was so heavenly.

He knew that he should be thrilled to see her but after what had transpired a couple of days ago, he was less than pleased that she had turned up unannounced. It might have been guilt for what he had done with Bella, or it might have been because his parents had gone out, leaving him and his sister home alone to explore their new-found love for each other. Either way, today was not going as he had wanted it to.

– Heya my beautiful – he managed to fake a smile and pulled her into a hug. She kissed him.
– This is a surprise, I didn’t expect to see you to today – he was a pretty good actor, making himself sound pleased, when he was utterly disappointed. It wasn’t her fault, and he didn’t want her to feel bad for showing up.
– Well, I haven’t heard from you for a couple of days. I thought I’d drop by and see you – she smiled at him.
– Well you were lucky. I think Laura and I were just about to go out shopping.
– I didn’t think you two got along at all – she looked confused.
– We didn’t, but I was babysitting the other day, and turns out we get along. We don’t always have to annoy and provoke each other – Technically it wasn’t a lie, that’s exactly what had happened. Lorraine didn’t need to know about her boyfriend’s manhood being driven down his sisters throat, and she definitely didn’t need to know about him dumping a load in his sisters best friend.

He wasn’t lying, he just wasn’t telling her the whole truth

He heard footsteps running down the stairs and turned to see Laura stood in her underwear and a t-shirt. When she saw Lorraine she stopped.

– Hi – she said timidly.
– Hi – Laura said. Awkwardness.
– Lorraine is coming shopping with us. You better get dressed – Matthew said to Laura. This was the first time Laura had heard anything about shopping, but she knew she had to play along.
– Sorry – she replied.
– Won’t be long – she smiled and ran back upstairs.

girl in a loose shirt, showing her hot body

Lorraine turned to Matthew.

– Does she not like me?
– No, it’s not that – Matthew replied. He decided he was going to go with the “not the full truth, but not a lie” approach again.
– I think she was just looking forward to a day with her brother. We ain’t exactly been close, it’s like having a new friend.
– Oh, I’m sorry. Should I go? – Laura asked. Guilt. She didn’t want to ruin their day, she just wanted to see her boyfriend. As much as Matthew wanted to say “yes, yes definitely, you should go!”, he decided that wouldn’t go down too well. So he went with the usual:
– Nah, I’m sure it will be fine.
– Are you sure? I don’t want to ruin her day.
– I’m sure it will be okay – Matthew said, cursing himself. Why didn’t he just say “yeah, perhaps you should go”??
– Okay – Laura said reluctantly.
– Come on. Let’s go watch TV while Laura gets ready – Matthew said leading their way to the living room. Lorraine took her boots off by the front door and follows.

Laura slumped down on her bed. Disappointed didn’t quite cut it. She had been really looking forward to today. She decided to get ready, all she could do was go shopping with them and hope that Lorraine left before their parents got home. It was a long shot, but it looked like her only hope. She removed the t-shirt she was wearing and discarded it on her bed. A cheeky grin broke across her face as she had an idea. She discarded her underwear she was wearing too.

– I can show him what he’s missing out on – she muttered to herself. She chucked on a nice white summer dress and a brown leather belt. She slipped her feet into her flip-flops and attacked her hair with a hairbrush. She wasn’t a make-up girl which made getting ready very quick for her. Her flip-flops slapped behind her as she descended the stairs.
– I’m ready – she called into the living room.
– Come on then – Matthew said to Lorraine getting her off the sofa. They stood up and left the living room.

Matthew bit his lip as he saw Laura in he summer dress. Her beautiful legs on display. Lorraine was too busy putting on her shoes to notice Laura lift up her skirt and flash her clean shaven pussy to Matthew, giving him a cheeky grin.

He felt the blood instantly rush to his underwear, stirring the dormant beast imprisoned in his trousers. He gave her a look, no words were needed but she knew what he meant. As she picked up her handbag from beside the front door, she purposefully dropped it. She glanced at Lorraine, she was still doing up her other shoe. Lace-up boots were always a bad idea.

Laura slowly bent down to pick up her bag, her dress rode up her back and she exposed her smooth bare backside, with a little glimpse of pussy between her legs. She grabbed her bag and stood back up again. She looked at Matthew who stood dead still, stunned. His mind raced as he tried to work out a way to get Lorraine to go home with upsetting her.

girl going commando, no underwear

– Right, I’m ready. Shall we go? – Laura stood from the stairs.
– Yeah, let’s go – Laura and Matthew said in unison.

Laura and Lorraine had a brilliant time shopping. Matthew not so much. The two girls had ganged up on him the entire time. Laura was getting her own back on Matthew for inviting Lorraine but Lorraine remained blissfully unaware. She was even unaware of Laura’s sexy teasing, showing of her delicate entrance she kept hidden under her skirt until only Matthew was looking at her.

The three of them made their way back to the bus stop. As the bus was pulling up, Lorraine grabbed Matthews arm:

– I’m going to get the bus back to my house, I don’t want to interrupt you brother-sister day any more than I already have. – He smiled at her:
– Okay baby. Thank you.
– No problem. It was good to see you – she kissed him.
– I love you.
– I love you too.
– Oi. You getting on or not? – The bus driver was abrupt.
– Sorry, just coming – He gave Lorraine a quick kiss and got on the bus. He got his ticket and went and sat next to Laura.

The pair of them sat awkwardly on the bus, they were so excited about getting home the bus ride seemed to take forever. She rested her hand on his leg but he moved it.
– Too many people – he whispered in her ear. She agreed.

The bus pulled into the bus lane and the pair of them casually walked off the bus and began making their way home. The bus stop was only at the end of the road so it took about two minutes to walk, but it felt like forever. Eventually they were home. Matthew opened the front door and the phone was ringing. He answered. It was mum:
– Hi mum, how’s it going? – he asked.
– Yeah, no problem… Will do… Okay… Bye mum.
– What did she want? – Laura asked. A broad grin spread to his cheeks:
– They won’t be back until tomorrow. We have the house to ourselves all night.

a couple taking off each other's cloathes

As if infectious, the grin instantly spread onto Laura’s face as well. She threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him tightly, kissing him wildly. He kissed back, his hand caressing every part of her body he could reach.

Passion and lust completely filled their entire beings as they rolled on the floor grasping each other

She rolled on top of him and undid her belt, throwing it onto the stairs. He wasted no time in sliding his hands straight up her dress, caressing her sides then massaging her breast. She threw her head back as she moaned. Her nipples were so sensitive and waves of pleasure overpowered her as he ran his hands across them. She threw herself back on top of him as he continued fondling and squeezing her round C-cups.

She ripped her dress over her head, discarding it on top of her belt, exposing her incredible naked figure. Matthew gasped as his manhood stiffened in his underwear, pressing hard against his jeans begging to be released. He complied undoing his jeans and sliding them over his legs and kicking them off his feet.

He was grinding himself against her, his boxers rubbing against her bare pussy, the friction drove her wild as she thrust her hips forward and backwards. He could feel her juices soaking through his boxers. Her pussy was close to his cock he nearly shot his load in boxers at the thought. He pushed her off him and stood up, grabbed her hand and dragged upstairs to the bedroom, throwing his t-shirt on the floor as he went.

She jumped onto her bed, he jumped on top of her. He carried on grinding himself against her pussy as he passionately kissed her neck, slowly working his way down to her chest. Kissing her nipples as he squeezed her perfect breasts in his palms. She lay on the bed gasping and groaning. The sounds she was making just made him hornier, his shaft was so hard it twitched every time he heard her moan.

He worked his way down further kissing her naval, running his hands down her side, the scent of her sweetness beckoning him closer. He kissed her body right the way down, across her bare pubic area until he hit jackpot. Her muscles clenched and toes curled as his lips touched her pussy for the first time.

guy licking a girl's pussy

She let out a sigh and a breathless:
– Oh my god!

The taste of her pussy was driving him crazy, just like when he had tasted it on Bella’s lips. He couldn’t get enough of it then, and now was no different. He buried his face in her crotch as he lapped wildly at her clit, occasionally darting his tongue in and out of her flowing slit. She grabbed his head and pulled it tight into her groin as her leg began quivering.

– Oh fuck. I think I’m gunna cum – She groaned, breathless. He continued licking and kissing, his face still buried in her mound. She began to pant as her climax drew nearer, thrusting herself against his face. – Oh fuck! – She howled as her entirety filled with pleasure, he kept his face buried between her legs, her whole body shaking. She threw her head back against her pillow and gripped the sheets, her toes curled as her legs spasmed through pleasure. As his tongue continued darting in and out of her he could feel her muscles tightening around his tongue, her sweet nectar flowing in to his mouth.

He continued licking her pussy, desperate to get every drop of her juice as her orgasm passed and she lay still on the bed, breathing heavily. He slowly lifted his head from her lips and worked his way up her body to her other lips and planted a passionate kiss on them. She kissed back.

– That was incredible – she gasped.
– Anything for you sis – he said, smiling at her. She smiled sweetly back.
– I think I love you – she stroked his cheek. His smiled broadened.
– I think I love you too – he replied planting another kiss on her lips.

The taste of her own cum on his lips reminded her that she had been pleasured, but he had not. It was her turn to do some work.

She rolled him over and slid his boxers to his ankles, then she sat on top of him, straddling him. He felt her dripping wet pussy against his shaft as she began grinding herself against him. He instinctively thrust in time with her movements as his love muscle grew harder. He tried to reach for her breasts to squeeze but she leant back and shook a finger at him.

pussy rubbing against cock

– Nuh-uh, you just watch – She said setting his hands on her thighs instead as she began to massage her own breasts. She clutched and squeezed her perky C-cups, he felt himself getting harder and harder between her legs. Her slick pussy still sliding up and down the length of his shaft, rubbing against him. It was driving him crazy, he just wanted to slide himself inside her.

He felt her slip over the end of length and the tip of his helmet lined up with her tight, virgin pussy. He tried to push against it, to slide himself inside her but she stopped him. She leant down to his ear and whispered:
– Not yet. We have all night. Remember? – she brushed her lips against his but did not kiss him. She was teasing him and he loved it.

She repositioned herself so that she was once again sliding herself along his shaft without penetration. It wasn’t quite sex, but the pleasure each of them received was still enough to make it totally worth it. He groaned, thrusting himself up against her. To his disappointment, she climbed off of him.

– Is something wrong? – He asked. She leant to his ear, whispering again.
– Nothing is wrong my darling. I just wanted a little taste of myself.

The words rolled over in his mind as he tried to work out what she meant. The answer came to him as he felt himself sliding across her tongue. He let out a gasped:
– Holy shit – and saw a faint smile flash across her face as she buried his cock in her throat. She slid his length inside of her mouth as deep as she could.

She couldn’t manage very deep, but it still felt incredible. She managed a quarter of it. Working the rest with her hand. As she slid it in and out of her lips she worked it deeper and deeper each time until she was finally three quarters of the way down it.

She swallowed, making her throat muscles milk the end of his shaft as she ran her tongue along the bottom of it, gripping the base with her fingers. He could feel a hot flush taking over his body. He knew he was close.

sucking his dick and jerking him off

She continued working the base of it with her hand, gripping tightly then loosening in such a way that drove him crazy. She tried to take it deeper still, gagging slightly as his tip tickled the back of her throat.

– Don’t go too far. Only do what you’re comfortable with – he breathed. – What you are doing is perfect, don’t push yourself.

His words filled her with happiness as her actions filled him with pleasure. He began trusting his shaft into her mouth, he couldn’t help himself, he was very close. She used the hand wrapped around his base to control the depth, as she ran her lips up and down the shaft, massaging with her tongue as she did.

– Oh shit. I’m cumming – It had happened so quickly even he didn’t expect it. He felt the muscles in his cock tense as he tried to catch his breath. She jerked the shaft vigorously with her hand as she sucked the helmet. – Oh yeah! Here it comes – he gasped letting out a deep breath as he felt his muscles squeeze the first shot of spunk from his sack. She gagged again as the cum splashed against the back of her throat but she didn’t stop jerking him into her mouth. – Oh yeah. Don’t stop, keep going – He gasped as he felt the pressure beginning to drain. The cum was now dribbling out the end of his penis into her mouth and her tongue lapped at it like a cat with milk.
– Oh yeah. That’s it baby – she knew this was a sign that his orgasm had run its course.

She ran his manhood to the back of her throat once more before lifting off of him. She tightened her lips on the tip so as not to drop any of the cum. She wanted to taste it, to swallow, to feel it slide down her throat, but she did something else first. Something she knew he would love. She opened her mouth to show him, carefully, desperate not to drop any. He smiled at her as she closed her mouth and gulped it down.

she is showing that she'd swallowed sperm

She collapsed on the bed next to him.

– You taste so good – she whispered to him.
– So do you – he replied turning to face her. She draped her arm over him and kissed his cheek. They both lay in blissful happiness.

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