[en] [slave-male] Property of Mistress Rhonda

I have been under Mistress Rhonda’s tutelage for about three months now. During our time together mistress has taught me well on how to behave, and I take pride in that I seem to succeed in giving my mistress pleasure, both mentally and physically. Two weeks ago, mistress informed me that I was going to attend her to a gathering of her friends. My mistress had been contacted concerning a little get together, and she volunteered to bring me along as her pet “lap dog.” Keep in mind that her term for me has nothing to do with where I sit, but as to what I do best.

She told me to meet her at her house on the following Saturday, and that all I should wear was a loose shirt and shorts. I arrived on time, and entered mistress’ home, she told me to only take off my shirt this time then to assume my normal position, which is on hands and knees. Mistress then put on my accessories, first the ankle cuffs where put on, but without the short chain between them. Then came the wrist cuffs, they did have the chains in place. Then finally my collar was locked into place. I knew that dangling from the front ring was the tag that proclaimed me as “Property of Mistress Rhonda.” She had recently purchased it and I remembered my embarrassment as she tried it on for size at the store where she had the engraving done.

She then bent down and attached her leash to the ring, and asked me:
– Is puppy ready to go out?

I replied by panting and shaking my ass in an assemblage of wagging a tail. We went out through the garage and I climbed up into the car. During trips in the car I am allowed to sit up, safety is important, and my shorts where on just in case, you never know when one might get pulled over for a defective taillight or something. I could tell my mistress was nervous. She proceeded to remind me of the rule. Never speak unless spoken to, and even then, I remember that I was her dog. I was to be on my very best behavior, and if I should embarrass her in any way, I would regret it for a long time.

I could tell by the tone of her voice that this gathering was very important to her, and I set my mind on not letting her down. We were now near our destination, the neighborhood was upper middle class, very nice, but not opulent. Mistress told me to remove my shorts and to proceeded to wiggle out of them.

mistress has her slave on a leash

We pulled up into a long drive and found a place to park. The house sat back away from the street and a tall privacy fence surrounded the yard with the exception of the gate, which had been left open. Mistress opened my door and I climbed out onto the drive. Mistress now attached the connecting chain to my ankle cuffs, these and the ones on my wrists allowed me enough movement to crawl, but still restricted my movement.

She gave my leash a slight tug and gave me the command to heal

The driveway was bad enough, but the path leading to the front door was embedded with small rocks that were killing my knees, but I knew better than to whimper a complaint at a time like this. A middle-aged woman greeted my mistress at the door, probably in her late 40’s. They hugged, and then mistress and I where led inside. As I came in the older woman commented:

– Why, that’s a nice puppy you have there – as she patted me on my head. We then went into the living room and several other women greeted my mistress warmly. After the initial welcome, my mistress introduced me to our hostess:
– Now dog, this is Mistress June and friends. All the women here are to be treated as you treat me, and all of them are your mistresses.
– Well not quite – interrupted Mistress June – that one over there is not a mistress, just one of my playthings.

I followed her point to the doorway connecting to the kitchen. Standing there was a pretty young blonde woman, dressed only in a tight corset and holding a tray of hors d’oeuvres. She was very petite, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Normally I would have called her attractive, but she was looking at me as if I were pond scum.

– Now don’t worry puppy, she won’t bother you – Mistress June informed me – It’s just that she doesn’t like males at all. – With that taken care of Mistress Rhonda handed my leash over to Mistress June.
– I don’t think we’ll be needing this leash, he looks to be a well-behaved puppy, now aren’t you? – cooed Mistress June and I replied by again panting slightly and wagging my tail. She removed my leash and rubbed my hair.
– Oh dear – said Mistress June. – This little doggy doesn’t have a bone, I think he should have one.

Mistress June disappeared, but returned shortly with a harness, dildo and a tube of KY jelly. She put the harness on me, the strap that went down front started off broad and slowly tapered down. There was a hole in the broader part wide enough for my penis an balls to fit through. She put some jelly on the dildo and slid it into place. The dildo was wide and about 7″ long, it was starting to stretch my insides when it finally was in far enough to run the strap over it and buckle it into place.

Next, her hands pulled my balls away from my body and a wide leather strap was cinched down around my scrotum. The fit was snug, but not so as to cut off circulation. A long leash was attached to a small ring on the strap and then run between my legs, up over my ass, and draped across my back and shoulders. Mistress June then went over to the coach and got comfortable. She hiked up her dress to her knees and whistled for me:
– Come here doggy, now put that face where it belongs. – I obediently crawled across the floor as quickly as I could and ran my head up the tunnel that her dress made, it was no surprise that mistress was not wearing any panties. I felt the leash being pulled off my back and the slack being drawn in. – Do a good job puppy and follow my instructions, and we won’t be needing this – Mistress June instructed. – If your performance isn’t up to standard or you are slow to follow a command, I’ll have to reprimand you like such.

dominatrix forcing her slave on a leash to livk her pussy

A sharp tug on the leash sent a flash of pain up my balls. The pain wasn’t drastic, just enough to inspire me to do well.

– Now service me, lap dog – was her command and I started to lick her pussy. I kept my tongue moving about never staying in one place too long. I could tell by the flow of her juices and her soft moans that I was doing my job well. She pulled her legs up higher, resting her feet on my shoulders. – Fuck me with your tongue, dog – she ordered, and I did so quickly. She was nearing orgasm, when she said: – Deeper dammit stick it in deeper – this was followed by a pull on my leash that was harder that the last. I ignored the pain and stuck my tongue in as deep as I could. Mistress June tensed up and drenched my face as she came. I kept lapping away, cleaning mistress’ pussy until I was commanded to stop. Mistress June got up, patted me on the head and complemented me by saying: – That’s a very good doggie.

I glanced up briefly to see my mistress, she caught my eye and looked at me sternly, I knew better than to look up at her, but before I lowered my head again I could see a small smile creep across her face. It made me feel good knowing that my mistress was happy. I was ordered back to the center of the room and the leash was placed on my back again.

The socializing resumed, and for the most part I was ignored. Every now and then one of the mistresses would call for me and I would go and service her. Judging from the scarcity of my leash being used I assumed I was doing well. The only thing that bothered me was the blonde slave. She kept staring at me with such evil intensity as to make me shiver. At one point she was standing behind me serving someone, and as she turned to move, she drove the back of her calf up against the butt of the dildo shoving it deeper into my ass. I knew that it wasn’t an accident.

After a while the ladies began to head out the back door. I heard mistress June instructing her slave to tidy up the living room while they took a dip in the pool. As soon as the patio door was closed, I looked up only see the blonde staring at me, with a very nasty grin on her face. She had something planned all right, but first and foremost she was a slave and had a command to fulfill. She set about quickly cleaning the room, finally when she was done, she focused her attention back on me. I dare not move, for all I knew this could be some kind of test. She snatched up my leash and hissed at me:
– You are going to do everything I say, or I’ll pull your balls clean off, got it?

With that said she savagely yanked on the leash and my arms turned to rubber from the sudden shock. I regained my composure and nodded my head. She led me over to the couch, where she got down on her knees in front of it and rested her torso on the cushions. She spread her cheeks and told me to worship her ass.

fucking her ass with a tongue

She yanked on the leash again, but not as hard, and I proceeded to lick her ass like there was no tomorrow.

– Come on now, ream me real good, you worthless mutt – was her comment as she yanked the leash some more.

I began to run tight circles around her puckered butthole. My balls were beginning to throb from all this abuse, but still she continued. I could feel her sphincter relax a bit, and she ordered me to ram my tongue up her butt. I hesitated momentarily, and my apprehension was rewarded with another violent pull on the leash. I started to tongue fuck her asshole furiously, hoping to abate her assault on my balls.

Fortunately for me, the session was ended when a call for some drinks came from out back. She ordered me back to the middle of the room and then left. When she was called for, I also learned the name of my tormentor, Monica. I hoped that Monica would be kept busy for the rest of the afternoon.

The patio door was opened, and I was called for…

I went out back to find the mistresses still in the pool skinny-dipping. Mistress June said:
– Now won’t you be a good doggie and dry me and friends off as we get out.

I yipped my approval and crawled over by the pool steps. As each mistress got out, she would stop in front of me and I would lick and suck their pussies dry. After the last one had gotten out, a towel was laid out for me and I was instructed to lay down for a while, while the ladies went inside for a little bit. About twenty minutes later Mistress June came out and ordered me up on my hands and knees, she removed the leash, the strap, the harness and dildo. She told me to follow her, which I did. She led me down a hall into what had once been a study, but had been converted into a playroom.

There where all sorts of toys and devices hanging on the walls, in one corner was a sink and cabinets. But the main point of interest was the table in the center. It was long, narrow, and padded. On the sides there were various cuffs in place, one was set in use at the moment. At the far end of the table stirrups where installed and I could see that someone was strapped into them. My mistress was here and she came over to me and removed my ankle and wrist cuffs. Mistress June ordered me to stand up, and as my point of view changed, I could see that it was Monica on the table. She no longer wore the corset, but she had been gagged and clamps where biting deeply into her erect nipples.

A chain connected the clamps. Mistress June told me that one of the other ladies had witnessed Monica’s abuse of me, and that she had been brought here for punishment. Rather than a flogging, Mistress June had something else in mind. It was now 6:15 and until 7:00 o’clock I could do as I wished with her, so long as it didn’t leave any marks on her. Monica tried to plead through the gag, but to no avail for both the mistresses left and closed the door behind them. Monica was still defiant, her gaze burned through me, daring me to do something. I went to the cabinets, found some lubricant, and greased up my cock. Let’s see how she likes her ass reamed with this – I thought to myself.

fucking her in her butt in missionary position

As I approached the table Monica pulled at her bounds. I grabbed one her thighs with one hand and guided my dick up to her butt with the other. As I forced my way in Monica rolled her eyes and groaned. I started pumping her ass, enjoying every minute of it. Since my training with Mistress Rhonda had begun, this was the first real sex I’d been allowed, other than masturbation.

I reached forward and caught hold of the chain between her nipple clamps and pulled it up. Monica’s breasts were not very big, and soon I had them stretched out as far as they would go. I was hoping to get a reaction out of her, but she just stared at the ceiling, not even making a sound. This was not what I wanted, then it hit me how to really exact my revenge on her. I went to the sink and cleaned myself off, then back to the table. I lowered my head between Monica’s open thighs and started to eat her out with all the skill I could muster. Soon she was wet, and I stood up and slid inside of her, I reached forward again, but this time I took the clamps off, and started to tenderly caress her nipples with one hand and began playing with her clit with another.

Monica started to squirm, and she looked up at me in horror. Monica’s body was betraying her, she didn’t want to come, but her pussy had ideas of its own. For ten or fifteen minutes I continued my tender manipulations as I slowly stroked in and out. I picked up the pace, as Monica began to moan softly through her gag. My dick started to swell, and as I erupted inside of her she tensed up and her whole body spasamed. I just stood there holding onto the stirrups for balance as I slowly regained my senses. My dick was starting to go limp, and I looked up to see Monica’s eyes piercing me with ice blue hatred.

I had my revenge, but I hoped that the day never came that the tables might be reversed. The look in her eyes told me that it was something I did not want to experience.

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