[en] [solo-girl] My Sexual Evolution Story

My name is Rosa, I am 56 years old and this is the story of the sexual memories in my life. I was born in Mexico in 1942, the youngest of my parents three children. My mother, as I remember her, was a beautiful woman, overweight but beautiful, my father was a good-looking man, he was short with a shorter temper, I had an older brother and sister.

When I was young, we moved to the United States. We moved in with my aunt, she lived just outside of L.A, near the fields; that’s where my father began working, while my mother cleaned houses for high class white people in the suburbs of L.A. I guess it was when I was teen that we moved again, my dad had been working as a mechanic part time, and my mother was making good money. My father was offered a cantina (a bar) that was near the fields and he bought it. It was an old place in a very ratty neighborhood. It had a little apartment above it and that was our new home.

The bar survived solely on the men that worked in the fields. My sister and I shared a room, my brother slept in the living room, and my parents had their own bedroom. It was in that room that I saw what would occupy my mind for the rest of my life. The men that worked the fields were mostly married men with their families back in Mexico, they would get off work and come to the bar to spend their money, and where there’s men and money, there are prostitutes.

One night I woke up to moaning, I opened my eyes and saw my sister staring out the window and moving her body, I ask her what was wrong. She was startled by my question, but quietly told me to go back to sleep. When I tried to go to sleep, I heard giggling, so I got out of bed and went to the window.

My sister was mad at me for disobeying her and told me to get back in bed but I was a brat. After fighting for a few minutes she told me I could look only if I was quiet and if I wouldn’t tell anyone what I saw. When I looked out of the window, I saw down in the street below us a prostitute giving oral sex to an older man. I saw her suck him in and out of her mouth.

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Then she stood up and began masturbating him, the man’s knees began to buckle with pleasure. He looked up and I’m sure he saw me and my sister hiding behind the curtains of our window. We stayed hidden for a few seconds, then when we looked out again, we saw him come. I saw that run down the woman’s hand as she massaged his long penis. I remember that night as if it were yesterday. That night I couldn’t fall asleep for thinking about what I had seen. Don’t get me wrong, I already knew about the birds and the bees and a lot more, but this was real.

But the most interesting thing to happen that night was about to come. After what seemed to be an hour of lying there quietly thinking, I turned to my sister who was squirming a lot on her bed and there I saw her… she was playing with herself! I stared at her with surprise as she moaned softly. She had done it before, but this time I kept quiet and didn’t say anything. That’s when I began to imitate her, only without the moans. It began to feel good but then she stopped all of a sudden and the room was quiet again, I froze in place and eventually fell asleep.

I liked to touch myself constantly

The next day I touched myself on the bus when no one was looking, and later in school a few times, but it was when I got home that I went to the bathroom and played with myself that I had my first orgasm.

After that day I masturbated continuously. Oh, I loved it all right. When I was 17 I masturbated so much that I got an infection. It was so embarrassing telling my mom about it. I know she knew what I was doing, but she never said anything, after all, doing that was a sin.

Then a few years later, I began babysitting. I would go through the owners’ things from shear boredom… Then one afternoon, in one house I found a pile of dirty magazines I looked though them and masturbated. I began babysitting for that house at a very low rate, always looking forward to the magazines. I would sometimes lay on the floor and put the children’s toys on top of me so they would touch my private areas, even playing doctor with them. But it was in another house I was babysitting when I was about 19 that I found the best reading. It was an erotic storybook and it had stories of things I did not know could happen. I stole the book from that house and I never went back there to baby sit again. I would read the stories and masturbate to every word, and then I began to experiment with some of the things in the book.

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There was one story that I loved, it was about this queen that could not get enough sex from the king and how she had her servant (a woman) to masturbate her with a big carrot! After reading that story several times, I decided to try it, but it hurt too much. But there was one thing I did try, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

That same year I had my first male appendage inside me, but it was only a finger. I let my boyfriend put his finger inside me, and masturbate me, and I would masturbate him. We would do this in his house when his mom was at work. By the time I was 20, I began to gain a lot of weight in a short period of time, not that I was ever really skinny, but I was 5’5 and I think I weighed 160 pounds. Teenage was a bad age to be overweight, with all the insecurities that one has as a teenager. The only reason boys were looking at me was because my breasts had grown to be enormous, something that still attracts men, even at my age.

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