[en] [ass-to-mouth] Plumber Joe, my Mother’s Favorite Repairman

Hi, my name is Emma. I have blue eyes which changes color to green indoors, blonde hair, soft white skin, bubble butt and nice round boobs. I always turn heads when I am out on the street, and I had my share of men groping and brushing my ass in crowded environments. After I graduated from high school, I was accepted to a college in Boston. I had two months until college start date, so I and my BFF Emily had Europe trip for a month, which I will tell you all about it later in another story. After Europe, Emily and I came back to Iowa, I start spending my days in our family farm, killing time. On a hot summer day, I decided to take a shower. I undressed completely, went under the shower, started running water all over my body and lathering my boobs, pussy, arms, legs with my nice aromatic body wash, singing. I noticed the water level was rising in the shower tub, and the drain was clogged. I rinsed just before water level was at top and got out of the shower. I tried opening the drain with a plunger, with no luck. Oh, I have to call the plumber…

I was alone at home, my father and mom were busy out in the fields, and my brother was with his friends who knows where. I found a magnet on our fridge ”In and out plumbing, 24×7 service, 100% guarantee”. I knew my mom told me about calling them multiple times when I was at school and plumbing service needed. I called the number:
– “In and out plumbing”, this is Joe – answered a deep voice.
– Hi Joe, this is Emma, I am Theresa’s daughter, my bathroom drain is clogged, could you come fix it soon?
– Oh sure! Hi Emma, I will be there in an hour, I know where your farm is.
– Thanks Joe!

I put on my bathrobe and started watching TV. After a while, plumber Joe showed up, and I understood why mom kept calling him! He looked like a lone handsome cowboy, tall, sunburned, well built, with a cowboy hat. He looked like he jumped out of a western movie.
– Hi Emma! – plumber Joe said, extending his hand. We shook hands, and the moment I touched his strong rock-solid hands, my knees got weak, and I got wet. Just by touching him I was turned on! – Show me the tub! – said plumber Joe – follow me – I replied and we headed to my bathroom upstairs. Joe inspected the clogged bath tub: – I need to auger this from here and from under the house, I will go get my tools – he said.

Plumber Joe came back with a machine and a long spring wire, and poked it through the drain.
– I will relax in my room across, if you need me, give me a holler – I said.
– Sure, ma’m – Joe winked. I liked he called me ”ma’m” and not ”kiddo”.

I was still wet, I wondered what my mom was doing with him because sometimes she was calling him every week, saying he couldn’t fix it well and coming back at no cost, when my dad inquired about it!

Is plumber Joe and my mom fucking? – I thought…

If he is fucking my mom, he would be more than happy to fuck me, a younger version of my mom! – I got excited, and put my seduction plan in action. I took all my clothes, totally nude, hold a towel on my boobs, and walked to the bathroom where Joe was pushing the wire in the drain.
– How is it going? – I asked – I want to go back to my shower, I still got soap on me. – Plumber Joe turned his head, looking at my manicured feet, going up through my long legs, bare shoulders, and my baby face. – Why don’t you use the one in the master bedroom?
– My mom doesn’t let me use their bathroom – I replied.
– OK, wouldn’t be long – plumber Joe replied and went back to work.

My bath, which I shared with my brother, had three doors, to hallway, to my bedroom, to my brother’s bedroom. It was weird, I know, but it was what it was. From the doorway opening to my bedroom, I was able to see the tub and Joe through the bathroom mirror, when I was laying on my bed, and Joe could have seen me too if he looked at the mirror.

[en] Plumber Joe, my Mother's Favorite Repairman

I went to my bed, put my towel aside, laid sideways in fetal position, my back facing Joe, and started playing a game on my smart phone, cheering when I won. I knew Joe was looking at my bare skin and exposed ass, which was making me excited and wet.

I turned on my selfie camera to check what is behind my back, using it like a rearview mirror, and plumber Joe was by the bathroom door masturbating, looking at my ass. He was stroking so hard I thought he was going to rip his own cock off. I always liked seducing men, I loved how helpless men look when they wanted to fuck me but thought they cannot, usually for some stupid reason they made up in their mind!

I wanted plumber Joe, and he didn’t know it! Yet!

Without changing my fetal position I said:
– Joe! My skin dried up, could you please put some body lotion on my back so my skin is soft and hydrated again! Pleaseeee! Pleaseee! – I said, in a seducing tone.
– Sure Emma! – plumber Joe answered. I turned on my back, and made a jumping jack move with my arms and legs, giggled:
– Thanks Joe!

Joe was speechless, he froze looking at my tight pink pussy, which was glistening with my leaking woman juice, and erect nipples.
– You look just like your mom’s – he said.
– Thanks! – I cheered, and grabbed a bottle of body lotion – could you massage this all over my body Joe, otherwise my skin will dry out and I will get itchy!
– Sure – Joe replied and started putting lotion on my arms, legs.
– On my boobs too! – I giggled.
– I am not sure that is right, what if your mom sees us? – he answered with a worrisome voice. I decided to bluff.
– I saw you and mom several times, I want the same – I said with a serious face. Joe turned white:
– Whh… What!
– Yeah – I said shaking my head knowingly.
– No one was here! – plumber Joe said.
– I set up my laptop camera to record anyone passing through my door – I bluffed. – I have records!
– OK, I will do whatever you want, please don’t tell anyone – begged plumber Joe.
– Start with eating my pussy – I demanded, making a come move with my index finger, smiling.

guy eating her pussy while she's being bllindfolded

Plumber Joe was waiting for that moment, his eyes got brighter and he buried his head between my legs, eating me out, while he fondled my breasts with his calloused strong hands and poking his fingers in my mouth.

I experienced the fastest orgasm of my life and came in less than a minute, pulling his head between my legs and squeezed my legs together, trapping his head between my legs, as I came over and over and over again, until I cannot breathe and my whole body was convulsing. I pushed his head way:
– Enough! Now fuck my pussy and come deep inside me! – I demanded.
– I don’t want to get you pregnant – Joe complained.
– My mom put me on a pill, don’t worry – I explained.

Plumber Joe pulled his pants down and his cock sprung out like a stallion was set free in a racetrack. He was so erect, his cock was moving with each pulse of Joe’s heartbeat. I couldn’t resist, I kneeled in front of Joe, gripping the shaft of his cock:
– Let’s taste your manhood before you fuck my ass as hard as you can with it – I chimed, and shoved his cock into my throat.
– Ahhhhh – Joe moaned, as I glide his penis shaft in and out of mouth, gliding it on my tongue, while I apply a gentle and soft pressure ring around his cock with my soft luscious lips, and pressing his spongy cock head into my throat cavity, as I squeeze the root of his shaft, like a cock ring. – Ahhhhh – Joe moaned every time I pushed him down deep in my throat.

I stood up, I wanted to feel the seeds of Joe inside my womanhood and womb. I laid down on my bed, opened my legs and arm.
– Tie my legs and arms to my bed using my T-shirts in that drawer, then fuck all my holes! – I demanded.

My bed had four legs in all four corners. Joe put two pillows under my butt, raising my ass and pussy, then tied my hands and ankles to all four corners.

[en] Plumber Joe, my Mother's Favorite Repairman

– Blindfold me too – I said, and Joe used another t-shirt to do just that. Blindfolding was making the whole thing for exciting because when I couldn’t see, I didn’t know what to expect, which hole of mine he was going to fuck next, or where on my body he was going to touch.

Plumber Joe ate out my pussy for a good 20 minutes, giving me orgasm over orgasm. He leaned forward, kissed me on my lips, and we started exploring each other’s tongue. While we were kissing, I felt his cock rubbing against my clit.
– Are you ready, little Theresa? – Joe asked.
– I am Emma! – I giggled. – I want you to fuck my ass harder than you fuck my mom’s ass – I demanded.
– Don’t worry, I will – plumber Joe laughed, and started to push his cock head in my pussy in and pulling it out, expanding and stretching my tight pussy entrance when going in, and releasing back when pulling out.

Joe started going in and out deeper and deeper, pulling his cock out completely, then pushing it back all the way in, with each move.
– Faster and rougher – I demanded, and in an instant, Joe put his whole weight on me, cupping my head with his arms and hands, I was completely covered by Joe’s body head to toe. He started fucking me like there is no tomorrow, his whole body was stationary, laying on me with full weight, only his butt was moving, pushing his cock in and out of me like a jack hammer. I felt engulfed by his body temperature, man scent which made me dizzy, and his thick cock rubbing the walls of my love canal and my engorged clit.

I started to feel a warmth radiating my whole body, increasing in strength until I started convulsing and coming again, and again, and again. It was wonderful, and I was screaming with pleasure:
– Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! Yesssss! Ahhhhh! Yess!

missionary fuck

I felt Joe speeding up, and his grip around my body tightened.
– Fill me up daddy! – I screamed. I didn’t realize I had daddy fantasies until that moment, it was a scream that was out of control, coming from my subconscious. Joe grabbed my ponytail with one hand, and my ass with the other, and started pushing his whole body against my pussy, as if he wanted to pass through my pussy and come out from the other side. – Yess! Yess! Yess! Cum in me, daddy! Cum in me! – I begged, as the plumber was burying his head on my neck, kissing and biting my earlobes, while he was smashing womb entrance, knocking on the door to impregnate me, with his warm spongy mushroom shaped cock head.

Joe started making loud noises and started pumping his warm fertile cum deep inside me like a fire hydrant putting out a fire, with a deep push and:
– Arghhhhh! – grunts with every cum squirt.

After Joe emptied his balls, he stayed in me, pushing his spongy cock head against my cervix like a plug, as if hoping to keep his cum there so I got pregnant.

– Your mom married your dad, before I was able to propose her – Joe said, with a sad eye. – We haven been seen each other discreetly, and have been enjoying each other without the wear, stress, and expectations of the marriage – said Joe, and added: – We are friends with benefits – smiling.
– Does my dad know? – I asked.
– He probably guesses, but doesn’t complain – Joe answered – Because your mom said your dad has very low libido, and they have sex once a year, I help her out here – Joe grinned.

I thought to myself – what a player my mom is, my dad and mom fucks almost every day, and my mom is trying to make plumber Joe feel like a savior and hero, by telling him that mom and dad have sex once a year, and she needs Joe’s services to feel sexually satisfied, so Joe wouldn’t feel guilty! Nice move, mom, nice move!

[en] Plumber Joe, my Mother's Favorite Repairman

I didn’t want to shatter Joe’s hero feeling, so I played along.
– Oh, I didn’t know! – I said with a sad grin. What Joe didn’t know was that I was listening to the door of my dad and mom while they fuck…
– Do you still want me to fuck your ass? – Joe asked, with his cock hardening again.
– Sure! Untie me first, and I will switch to heads down ass up, then you can ram my ass with all your might, blessing my ass with your magnificent love scepter and pearly love juice. – I replied, with a mischievous smile.

Joe untied me, I started jumping on the bed, my boobs bouncing, then dropped on all fours, pushed my head on the pillow, ass up, spreading my ass cheeks with both hands, exposing my butt hole and pussy completely. I turned my head to Joe:
– Bless my asshole with your majestic scepter, my king! – I said.

Joe’s eyes got bigger when he saw my perfect bubble butt, with a small ass hole pucker, and wet glistening pussy, which was now oozing his cum:
– As you wish, my princess, as you wish, I will bless all your holes! – Joe exclaimed and started lubing his cock from my pussy juices and rubbing into my butt hole.

I felt the pressure of his cock head in my tiny puck butt hole, pressure gradually increasing. My butt hole resisted taking in his huge mushroom head, then it plopped into my rectum completely, stretching my walls.

Joe started moving in and out, again putting his cock in my ass, then pussy, then ass, then pussy, moving my pussy juices into my ass for lubrication. I felt my butt hole getting more and more slippery, and Joe was going in and out with ease. Plumber Joe then pushed forward, persistence and pressure of his cock head opening the second gate in my rectum, burying Joe deep inside of me!

[en] Plumber Joe, my Mother's Favorite Repairman

Finally, I was feeling his balls pressing against my pussy. I started squeezing and relaxing my butt hole, as I giggle, with his thick cock in it, which made me feel his girth better, moaning:
– Ahhh, Joe, I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can, Joe, ahh, Joe, with each squeeze.
– Keep doing it, nice! – exclaimed Joe, I kept squeezing and releasing his shaft with my butt hole muscles, which I learned called sphincter in the biology class, while Joe started going in and out. – Oh, princess, fucking you is like fucking your mom when she was 18, I love it – exclaimed Joe, as he was now fucking my ass in deeper decisive thrusts.
– Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhh, Am I better than my mom? Ahh, ahh, ahh – I asked in the middle of my moans.
– 100 times better princess, 100 times better! – Joe said speeding up, and slapping his balls on my clit and ramming his body against my body as hard as he can: – I am coming! I am coming!! – he shouted.
– Stop, stop, cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth! – I shouted, he pulled out of my ass and pushed his cock in my mouth, and started cumming like a horse, filling my mouth. I started swallowing as if I am drinking directly from a fire hose.

As he continued cumming, I was wrapping my lips around his shaft, creating a tight seal so I wouldn’t waste a drop of his sweet tasty cum, and swallow it all.

– Ohh, Emma, my princess! – Joe cheered. – I love you! – and hugged me as we laid in my bed and started kissing and fondling.
– Ahem – we heard someone coughing – 100 times better, huh? – We turned our heads to my bedroom door, my mom was looking at us with an angry face, her arms crossed, and completely nude: – Let’s see!

guy spraying his cum at mouth, FFM threesome

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