[en] [cuckold] I Love Watching Her Making Out With Another Man

About a year after Rita and I married, I came home one afternoon and found our friend Randy’s VW bus in the driveway. I didn’t think too much about it, since Randy and I were good friends. When I came in, Randy and Rita were in the living room. We chatted a bit and then Randy said he had to go. After he left, Rita asked kiddingly what I would have done if I had “walked in on the two of them making out.” I immediately became aroused and told her that I probably would have left so they could finish and then returned later.

We didn’t talk anymore about this but as time went on, I thought a lot about Rita having sex with another man. Specifically, I wanted to “watch” her have sex with another man.

About a year later, Rita and I were visiting Randy at his house near Lake Michigan. The three of us drove down to the lakeshore and smoked some grass. While we were sitting there looking out over the lake, I began to fantasize about watching Randy fuck Rita.

After a while we drove back to Randy’s place. It was late and Randy invited us to stay over. We accepted his invitation. We sat around talking, smoking more grass and listening to music. I became more and more aroused as I thought about what it would be like to watch Randy and Rita fucking. After a while, I decided to take the initiative. I sat alongside Rita and began stroking the back of her neck. When I felt her relax and get into the neck rub, I began kissing her gently. She responded and we began necking in front of Randy. After a short time, I motioned for Randy to come over. He sat down on the other side of Rita and placed his hand on her shoulder. He slowly moved his other hand to her right breast and fondled her through her blouse, all the time taking his lead from me.

I Love Watching Her Making Out With Another Man

Rita turned her face towards him and they began kissing, gently at first and then deeply. I backed away a few feet so I could watch them. It was incredibly arousing.

I was watching my wife making out with another man…

I undressed while I continued to watch them. By now, Randy had unbuttoned Rita’s blouse and was gently fondling her breasts. When he took one of her nipples in his mouth, I moved closer and slowly began to remove her blouse. As soon has her blouse was off, Rita lay back on the couch. I kissed her deeply. It seemed like we were all on automatic pilot. Randy and I silently finished undressing her.

I ran my hand over her pussy and let one finger slide between her pussy lips. She was sopping wet. Randy undressed quickly and began running his hands over her breasts, slowly working his fingers down to her pussy. When he inserted a finger, Rita quickly closed her legs. I moved up near her head, placed my hands on her shoulders and held her firmly down. I told her I was going to watch Randy fuck her. She moaned and began writhing with her legs held firmly together. Randy grabbed her legs and pushed them apart. I could see how wet her pussy was. She was soaked.

Randy positioned himself between her legs. He was hard as a rock as he slowly put the head of his cock into her pussy. Rita moaned loudly as he entered her. She continued writhing while I held her shoulders pinned down. It was an incredible turn on. I was holding my wife down while another man fucked her. Randy slowly slid his entire cock into Rita. When he was completely inside her, Rita stopped writhing and became silent. Randy held his position while Rita looked up at me. She had an incredible look of lust in her eyes.

Then Randy began pumping in and out of her. Rita moved her hips to meet his thrusts. After a few minutes, Randy came inside her. I watched her nipples harden as she matched his orgasm. The look on her face as she felt him ejaculating inside her was fantastic. I let go of Rita’s shoulders and lay down alongside them. Randy stayed inside her for a few more minutes while they gently kissed, then he got off her and sat next to us.

I Love Watching Her Making Out With Another Man

I immediately got on top of Rita and slid my cock inside her, where Randy’s cock had just been. I could feel Randy’s cum mixed with her wetness. The sensation of fucking my wife immediately after another man had fucked her was fantastic.

Rita had a glazed look in her eyes. I came quickly and felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she came again. I pulled out of her and watched the cum slowly seep out of her pussy and run down between her buttocks. I inserted two fingers into her pussy, pulled them out and licked them so I could taste her pussy juices mixed with our cum.

I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up several hours later, Rita and Randy were curled up together in his bed. I went back to sleep. In the morning, Rita woke me up and told me that Randy had gone out to get some groceries for breakfast. I told her that I had awoken during the night and had seen them together in his bed. Rita blushed and told me that after I fell asleep, they had fucked again and she had given Randy a blowjob. As I looked at her, I saw that her pussy hair was matted with dried cum and there were traces of dried cum on her cheek, neck and breasts. She had that distinctive odor that women have after fucking.

I immediately got hard. Rita saw this and began stroking my cock. Then she got on top of me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. When I was completely inside her, I held her still. We kissed gently and I fondled and sucked her breasts. I asked her to tell me what they had done while I was asleep.

Rita described how she started kissing and licking Randy and had told him that she wanted to taste him…

She had worked her way down to his crotch and sucked and licked his cock and balls. She described how she took his cock all the way into her throat. Rita gives great blowjobs and has the ability to relax her throat muscles to take a cock all the way in.

I Love Watching Her Making Out With Another Man

She told me that Randy’s cock was so long and thick that she wasn’t sure she would be able to take it all the way in, but she took her time and by the time she buried her nose in his pubic hair, his cock was lodged deep in her throat. She told me how his cock swelled and pumped when he came in her mouth and throat. She said that he came very hard and that although she swallowed as much as she could, some of his cum had oozed out from between her lips and his cock and ran down her chin. As she described this to me I came deeply inside her.

After a while, Randy returned and we had breakfast. Rita and I went home afterwards. I was still incredibly turned on by the events that had transpired. As soon as we got home, Rita and I began making out again. We undressed quickly and I began to go down on her. While I was eating her pussy, I told her to describe how she and Randy fucked while I had been asleep.

After the blowjob, they both lay down on his bed and fell asleep briefly. She said she awoke when she felt Randy’s hand gently moving from her hip to her pussy. She rolled on her back and allowed him to explore her body with his hands and mouth. She told me that her nipples were rock hard with anticipation. Then she said that she pushed Randy onto his back, got on top of him and lowered herself onto his cock.

She said that it went in deeper than she had ever experienced a cock before. Randy fondled her breasts while she slowly moved up and down on top of him. She felt him stiffen as he came and she described how hot his cum felt as it spurted up inside her. I couldn’t stand it any longer and got on top of her and fucked her for all I was worth. When I came inside her, it felt like the most powerful orgasm that I had ever experienced.

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