[en] [foot-fetish] She Offered Me a Hell of a Foot Job

It was decades ago, but I’ll remember it like it was yesterday. The best foot job I’ve ever experienced.

We had just finished our night of heated foreplay. I was exhausted. I had spent the last hour sucking, kissing, fingering, and kissing the most beautiful vagina I have laid my eyes on. I needed to rest after a long night in heaven. Anyway that is when the story started.

I was lying on the bed with my shirt off. My shorts and underwear were on. I was about to go to sleep when Lisa wanted to continue where we left off. She tugged at my hand so I could feel her hairy vagina. I was exhausted. Well, that did not stop Lisa.

She then slid her feet towards my hand. They were cold but felt very good. She had a size 2. They were unpainted but they were the prettiest feet I have had the pleasure of loving up to that time. They were nice and soft and had a pinkish color to them. As the story goes, she wanted more pleasure. I said:
– Not now. Maybe in a while.

She was not going to take “no” for an answer. She knew how much I loved her bare feet. She then used her feet to unbutton my shorts. She did this with great skill and very rapidly. She then lowered my underwear with both feet and then touched my cock with those gorgeous feet. Her feet were cold and my cock was frozen with the touching of her feet on it.

She then started to slowly rub the shaft of my cock up and down. Slowly, it started to rise until it was fully erect at its pathetic 4-5 inches.

She offered me a hell of a foot job

The rubbing and care she used on my cock made me forget about the cold of her feet. Soon my cock warmed up and her feet were now warmed and she continued this gentle rubbing of her feet against my naked dick. It felt so good. I did not want her to stop this foot job.

I helped her out by pumping my cock between both feet. She kept up this slow loving on my cock for 20 minutes. I could no longer take it. My cock grew another inch and I was moaning in pleasure.

After a few more strokes and a little pumping on my part I came all over her lovely feet. The cum kept pouring for what seemed forever. She then put her cum drenched feet on my chest and I cleaned them off with my blanket.

After that, I sucked on those gorgeous feet for 15 minutes straight. I came again but was still hard. Needless to say, I wanted more. I ripped her panties off and started to suck on her hairy vagina, among other things. This was the best foot job I have ever received. I still jack off to it every now and then.

She Offered Me a Hell of a Foot Job

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