[en] [cuckold] My Hotwife Telling Me about Her Quickies

My wife and I have had a cuckold relationship for the last year. I have found it very sexually exciting having a promiscuous hotwife. There is something about her openly talking with me about dating and having sex with other men I find exceptionally exciting and attractive.

When she comes home after going out and fucking someone else, I can’t help but get extremely horny and even feeling very proud of her. I can’t wait to put my cock inside her.

Last night I went out with her to the bar. We sat at the bar having a drink as men walked past us and some, even stopping to say hello to her. She told me which ones she had been fucking. I was impressed that it seemed as if at least half of them men in the bar had their cock in my wife’s pussy.

After we were there for a couple of hours, my hotwife moved and sat about four stools away from me. In just a few minutes, one of the men she had pointed out, came and sat by her. They were smiling and appeared to be chatting in a flirtatious manner. I watched as the man leaned forward and they both kissed.

They went out on the dance floor and began dancing with each other. I realized I had gotten an erection thinking about her fucking him.

[en] [cuckold] My Hotwife Telling Me about Her Quickies

When they got done dancing, they returned to the bar. My hotwife took out her phone and texted me. She told me that she was going to leave with him for a little while to go fuck. She asked if I wanted to wait in the bar for her to get back or if I was going to go ahead and go home. I decided I would wait since it was still fairly early.

After a couple of hours, my dear hotwife returned alone

She came up to me and sat by me and told me that they drove down a nearby country backroad and he fucked her in the backseat of his pickup truck. He dropped her back off at the bar and then he went home.

We sat and briefly chatted for a couple more minutes. Then my wife once again moved a few stools away from my location. Once again, another man sat next to her and they begin to chat. Then soon after they went dancing. I watched as they danced. As the dance finished and they walked from the dance floor they paused, and she kissed him passionately. They returned to the bar and had one more drink.

Then once again, I got a text from her saying she was going to leave with this man also that she wasn’t sure how long she would be. I should probably go home and wait there.

After they left, I followed them out and watched her get into his truck. They drove off and I drove home.

[en] [cuckold] My Hotwife Telling Me about Her Quickies

About 3AM my hotwife came home. I asked her if she had fucked both of the men before. She said the first one she had already told me she had fucked him. But the second one, it was the first time. She said they went to his place as he lived in an apartment nearby. She said he fucked her pretty good and had a lot of endurance.

As usual, she could tell I was getting horny as my cock was rigid. She got on the bed and let me have my turn.

We both are extremely happy with our new sex life. I know the Hotwife thing does not work out for everyone but for us it was the perfect choice.

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