[en] [slave-girl] I Want you to Use me however you Want

I wait anxiously for you to contact me, telling me that you are ready for me. All week I have waited for some word from you. All week I have daydreamed about serving you. About being used by you. About being made your whore. I packed my bag to take to your house and it has sat in my car all week teasing me, taunting me about what is to come. I get home from work and there is a message from you. My heart starts beating a mile a minute as I read your instructions.

– Meet me at my house at 9 PM. Bring your toys and be ready to be used well.

I quickly take a shower and blow dry my hair, I put it up in a ponytail and then braid it, so it doesn’t get in the way. I put on my make up making sure to wear my darkest lipstick. I get dressed in matching panties and bra. My hands shake as I try to dress. So, I don’t draw attention to myself I dress like I would to go to play pool with the girls, since that is the alibi I have come up with. Even though I am not in a committed relationship I keep things from the man I am living with. Thinking of coming home to him after being used by you, sends a thrill up my spine.

I leave the house and look at my watch seeing that I only have ten minutes to get to you. I pull into the driveway with one minute to spare. I walk up to your door with my bag in my hand and knock. I wait for you to answer, feeling nervous and excited. You open the door and invite me in. My cunt is dripping, and my panties are soaked. I smile at you and you smile back, and my pussy throbs. I see in that smile all the things you will do to me tonight.

You lead me to your room and tell me to put my bag on the bed. Before I can move away from the bed you tell me to take everything out of the bag. I tremble as I open the bag and remove the toys I’ve brought for you to torture me with. I lay everything on the bed… One vibrator, one mini vibe, one dildo, one set of restraints, clothes pins, a bottle of lube and a riding crop.

– Hand me the crop, slut. – I pick up the crop and hold it out to you. You take it in your hand and tell me to remove my shirt. I hesitate and look at you, eyes pleading with you. – Now! – is all you say to me. I take off my top and look at the floor. You tell me to kneel and I drop to my knees. You walk closer to me stopping with your cock in my face.

girl restrained and fucked in the mouth

– Take out my cock and put it in your mouth, slut.

I unfasten your pants and slide them down your body, your cock bounces, loose smacking me in the face. I wrap my fingers around your cock and guide the head to my mouth. I flick my tongue over the head before taking it into my mouth. I start sucking on the head of your cock stroking it with my hand as I do. When I start to take more into my mouth you grab my head by the ponytail and pull me back. I whimper when you pull your cock from my hungry mouth. Wanting nothing more than to feel you on my tongue and in my throat.

I look up at you and you tell me to stand. I get to my feet and you roughly turn me around facing the bed.

– I want everything off of you now. You are to be naked in front of me until otherwise told. – My hands drop to my shorts and I falter. Instead I kick off my shoes and remove my bra slowly before taking off my shorts. – You are keeping me waiting, slut – I feel your hand come around me and you take my nipple in between your fingers and twist hard. – I want those clothes off now.
– Yes Sir – I reply through a moan.

I drop the shorts to the floor and kick them to the side. I hook my fingers into my panties and start to remove them when you tell me to stop:
– Hands on the bed! – I put my hands on the bed, and I feel your hands rubbing my ass. – You still don’t listen well.

I feel the first bite of the riding crop. I moan and feel you rub my ass where the riding crop struck my flesh. I hear it swinging again and feel five more strikes against my ass, as you are rubbing my ass after the blows. You tell me to open my mouth and when I do you put the riding crop between my teeth and tell me to hold it. I clamp my teeth down on it and wait. You slowly slide my panties over my ass and down my legs.

– These things are soaking wet, you slut!

I nod in answer to you. You take the crop out of my mouth and before I can close it you stuff the wet panties into my mouth. With your hand you smack my ass twice on both cheeks. Rubbing them after each one.

slapping her wet pussy with spanker

– I hope you are ready for tonight – I hear you say before you tell me to spread my legs.

I spread my legs as far as I can, bent over, as I am, my hands never leaving the bed. You walk around me and take the clothes pins from the bed. You bend down between my feet and I feel your hands brush against my tights and I sigh. I feel your fingers on my lips as you pull them apart and clamp clothes pins on then three on each one. I moan louder.
– No sounds!

You slide your finger along my slit feeling how slick I am…

As an afterthought, you clamp two pins to my nipples as they swing back and forth from my body. You slide your hand along my body after the last clothes pin is attached, brushing against my clit, sending a shiver through my body. You slide a finger inside me, then slowly slide it out following my slit to my asshole.

I feel your finger at the opening of my ass, and I wait the sensations running through my body making me want to scream, knowing I can’t. You remove your hands from my body, and I whimper wanting so bad for you to touch me more, to use me however you want. I hear you walk around the room and then you tell me to spread my legs as far as I can. I hear you taking pictures of my red ass and clamped pussy.

The clothes pins are driving me mad. I can’t keep my ass still. I want you to fuck me so bad. I want to feel your cock deep inside me. I want to beg you to treat me like the slut you know I am. You take the dildo off of the bed and tease my lips with it. Slowly sliding it along my cunt. Spreading my wetness all over my lips then quickly you thrust it into me a few times taking it out as quickly as you inserted it.

– You wet fucking bitch!

I feel the dildo on my ass as you slowly push the tip inside me. I try to relax from this invasion. I feel lube being dribbled around the dildo as you slide more of it into my ass. You fuck me with the head of the dildo at first slowly adding more with each thrust. When you have the full length of the dildo in my ass, you hold it there while you take pictures of that. I feel you take the dildo out and hear you kneel between my legs again. You reach up and pull the pins off of my nips at the same time. Then you pull each one of the pins off of my lips. The pain is a wonderful mix with pleasure and before I can catch myself. I moan.

restrained girl and vibrator torture

– Stand up, cunt!

I stand up a bit shaken by the feeling coursing through my body. You hand me the dildo and tell me to go wash it and to hurry. I quickly go to the bathroom and wash it off and come back to the room. You are sitting on the edge of the bed when I enter. Your cock is standing straight up in your lap and my mouth waters. I walk towards you and you stop me when I start to kneel in front of you.

– Turn around bend over! – I do as you tell me and wait. You take the clothes pins and reattach them to my lips adding one more on each lip. I moan. – Stand up and face me!

I turn to face you and you tell me to open my mouth

You take the panties out and throw them on the floor. You tell me to kneel and I do. You tell me to suck your cock. I eagerly do as you tell me taking your cock in my mouth and forcing my lips around it taking it deep into my throat. I start to fuck you with my mouth, and I feel your hand on the back of my head. I hear the riding crop before I feel it. Then comes the sting. I moan as I fuck you harder with my mouth deep throating you every chance I can. When I go completely down on you, I feel your hand press against my head holding me there and I feel the crop biting the flesh on my ass and back. When I start to panic from lack of air you let me go, and I continue sucking your cock every so often you do the same thing again.

You grab my ponytail again snatching my head off of your cock telling me to stand up. You tell me to get on the bed. I ask you how do you want me, and you tell me on my back, head to the edge of the bed. I crawl onto the bed and position myself how you wanted. Then you tell me to spread my legs wide and tell me not to knock off the clothes pins while I hold open my cunt for you. I hold my pussy open and wait for your next command when I feel the riding crop slide along my leg to my cunt.

My hands shake with anticipation. I know what you are going to do, and I want it so bad. I start to beg you to spank my pussy. I see the look in your eyes as I beg you to torture my tender clit. You smile and smack my slit lightly several times, making my body jump. I beg for more and you give me what I beg for.

After a little bit I beg for release, begging you to allow me to cum. You look at me and with a smile you finally tell me to cum. When I feel the first waves of orgasm wash over me, you take the crop and knock the pins from my lips sending me further into ecstasy.

torturing her with vibrator

While still laying there, you crawl over my body and slide your cock into me. My pussy grabs at you pulling you deeper inside of me. I spread my legs as far as I can and thrust my pussy closer to you wanting to feel you.

You tell me you want me to cum on your cock and with a few more thrusts I cum hard. You pull out of me and tell me to get on my knees and I quickly do so. I feel your cock slide into me again and you fuck me hard for a minute before I feel the lube dripping on my ass.

I feel your fingers inside my ass as you stretch my hole to accommodate your cock, you slip out of my pussy and I feel your cock at my ass. I try to relax as I feel you slide the head of your cock in my ass. You hand me the vibrator and tell me to put it on my clit and you wait. When I get the vibrator on my clit and turn it on, you tell me to turn it on high and then I feel you slide more of your cock into my ass.

The vibrator works my clit while you slowly start to fuck my ass. I start to push back against you as the vibe works its magic on my clit. I beg you to fuck me harder, to fuck your slut harder… You comply and I tell you I am about to cum and beg you to cum in my ass. I hear your breathing quicken and then you say:
– Cum, slut.

I scream and cum hard my wetness dripping down my legs as I feel you dump your load deep into my ass. I feel you slide out of my ass as I turn off the vibe. I slowly get up, kiss you on the cheek and say:
– Thank you, Sir.

I get dressed and I go home with the wet panties still on my body, as I snuggle close to him when I fall asleep.

anal fuck with vibrator on her clit

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