[en] Please… Please Fuck Me!

This story is based on true events, although altered some to improve the story telling as well as filling some of the memory gaps. The names have been changed in order to protect the not so innocent. I hope you enjoy it.

The 3-hour drive down from my small southern university to an even smaller one where my girlfriend Susan attended seemed even longer and more boring the usual. It was the first time I had ever headed down to see her unexpectedly, but her birthday was the following week and I wanted to do something to surprise her over the weekend. As I got close to town, I stopped and got a room for the next two nights at a cheap motel, then headed on to campus. It was close to dinner time and I figured she was out to eat and drink a bit with the girls, but was sure one of her sorority sisters would be around to help me find her. I pulled into the dorm parking lot and noticed that her car was there.

– Cool – I thought, grateful that I wasn’t going to have to look for her. I walked into the dorm lobby and was pleased to see one of the sorority sisters that I knew working the front desk. I smiled and greeted her as I approached the desk. The color went out of her face and she asked:
– Uh… did Susan know you were coming?
– No, just thought I’d surprise her for her birthday – I replied.
– Just a second – she said as she dialed the phone.
– Tim’s here to see Susan – I heard her say to whoever was on the other end.

In no time at all, another of the sisters was downstairs. Donna was smoking hot: tall with a nice ass and tits that seemed to be way too large for her otherwise slim frame. We had been flirting with each other since we first met. You could feel the heat between us every time we were together, but never acted on it at all and Susan found some sort of warped amusement out of my obvious discomfort around her.

– Tommy honey, we need to talk…

Turns out she was out on a date. Considering I personally was fucking several other girls at my own school, and that I had just kind of showed up unannounced, I have no idea why it never crossed my mind that she might be doing the same sort of things. Donna made a bit of a face, then said:

– I could call over to his place to let her know you’re here, but they left a couple hours ago, so I figure he’s been fucking her for about an hour and a half by now. Seems kinda pointless, don’t you think?
– Yeah, I guess it does at that. I really shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not like I’m a saint just pining away for her when she’s not with me either.

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– I really am sorry Tommy. What are you going to do now?
– Well I don’t really want to drive home tonight, and I’ve already paid for a motel, so I guess I get a bite to eat and maybe head back home tomorrow morning – I answered.
– What about you? You want to get a bite to eat with me, or do you already have plans?
– Well, I guess I could. I was just going out with the girls later tonight, but I hate for you to have to eat alone. Wanna grab a pizza or something? Have a couple beers maybe?
– Sounds like a plan to me.
– Well come on up to my room a second. I need to change shirts and put on some shoes – she told me.

It was the first time I had noticed she was barefoot. I followed her to the stairs and admired her ass as she walked up in front of me. Once in the room, she pulled off her shirt like I wasn’t there, and I turned my back to her to try to be polite.

– Really, you’ve seen my in a teeny tiny bikini and you act like you are embarrassed to see me in a bra! – she said as she giggled at me. Laughing with her I turned back around and said:
– Well feel free to take off whatever you want to then!

Her cleavage bounced sexily as she laughed and I hoped she didn’t notice the slight bulge developing in my jeans. She pulled on another shirt and stuck her feet in a pair of flip-flops and we headed out the door.

The pizza place served a decent pie, and by the time we were halfway through the first pitcher of beer we had slipped easily back into our normal flirty routine. By the bottom of that pitcher the flirting had become a little more aggressive and we found ourselves with our hands on each other’s knees as we talked and often leaned up against each other when we laughed and some of the silly parts of the conversation. We ordered another pitcher and continued to enjoy each other’s company as we drank it. I looked up and clock said it was almost ten o’clock.

– Well – I said – I guess if you want to join the others I can drop you off wherever you want before I head to the motel. I should probably get on in if I’m heading home in the morning.
– That’s sweet – she answered – But I may call it a night too. I can get drunk and hit on by the usual crowd tomorrow just as well as I could have tonight, and I’m really not in the mood for that anymore anyway.

We headed out to the car, and before I unlocked the door for her, I looked at her and said:
– I just have to know something before I take you home… – I pulled her to me and kissed her. Surprisingly, instead of resistance, she pulled me closer and kissed me deeply
– Uh… if that was the question, I think you have the answer. Damn, do you always kiss like that? – Her somewhat breathless reply was almost as sexy as the kiss. – I know you always have a bottle of tequila in the car. What do you say I go back to the motel and help you empty it? I’m pretty sure I can make it worth the trouble.

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I kissed her again, for what seemed like forever, and let her in the car. By the time we got back to the motel, you could feel the sex in the air. I let her in the door in front of me and she pulled me in roughly the shoved me back into the door as it closed then pinned me to it as kissed me hard and deep.

– I’ve wanted you since the first time we met – she practically growled at me.

We were pawing each other like animals by time we made it to the bed, tearing at each other’s clothes as we continued to kiss, lick and bite at whatever bit of flesh we exposed next. As I sucked a beautiful nipple deeply into my mouth and slid my hand between her legs I heard her groan out:

– Oh god that’s good – and felt her teeth bite into my shoulder. I drug my tongue between her large breasts and slowly down to her already wet pussy and she shivered.
– Shit! – was all she said as I began to work on her with my tongue. Her first orgasm came quickly and the second not long after as I massaged her g-spot while working her clit with my tongue and began to massage her asshole with a finger, occasionally slipping it in a little.
– Please… please fuck me – she begged through the ragged breaths from the violence of the last orgasm.

I eased my way up here body with my tongue, stopping to suck on the incredible tits for a bit before kissing her hard as I slid my painfully hard cock back in forth in her soaking wet slit.

– God dammit! – was the last thing I heard before she shoved me to off to one side then pinned me to the bed as she sank balls deep onto me. The fucking she gave me as ground onto me, thrusting and twisting, was almost violent. It wasn’t long before I began to spurt into her in vicious spasms. Before I was done, she came again too. Once I was spent, she stayed on top of me, buried to the hilt, and continued to spasm for what seemed like several minutes. She finally collapsed on to me and slid off slowly as I began to soften a bit.

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As we lay there recovering, Donna began to doze off just about the time that my dick began to want to go again. I began to rub on her breasts and nibble on her neck and shoulders as I roller her a bit forward so her ass was backed up into me.

– Really… again? – she half giggled.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart and began to rub my cock across her cum-soaked pussy and up to her ass and back down. Each time I got back to her pussy, I’d slide the head in just a bit then do the same thing when I was at her asshole.

Then, just as I was about to pull the tip of the head out of her ass, she reached back and grabbed my cock and held it there. I pushed in a bit and Donna groaned loudly. Within a few strokes, I was fully in and beginning to fuck her harder. Her ass was so tight and felt so good, I was ready to cum far sooner that I wanted to, but was unable to control it and for the last few minutes I pounded her ass wildly before shoving into her as hard as I could and dumping a much bigger load in her ass that I had expected.

By daylight, we had stopped to shower twice and drink a little tequila before saying we had to get some sleep. Each time, one of us managed to wind up coaxing the other into another round.

Around noon we finally managed to get a shower and get dressed. We were both starved and dehydrated. We headed out to get some breakfast together and enjoyed comfortable conversation as we ate far too much food and drank way too much coffee. As we got ready to leave the restaurant, Donna looked at me and smiled. Leaning across the table she kissed me gently.

– Did you say you had this room for one night or two…?

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