[en] [strap-on] One more Girl for Strap-on Party

[en] [strap-on] One more Girl for Strap-on Party

She had on the biggest strap-on we had. I heard Mindy gasp! Joann and I each took an arm and had Mindy lie down on her back as her legs ...
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His Black Dick Made an Honest Women Out of My Wife

[en] [black-cock] His Black Dick Made an Honest Women Out of My Wife

I was going to town licking her pussy when a large black dick slid past my nose into her pussy. I looked around it and saw it was Murray ...
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two teen lesbians kissing on the floor

[en] [losing-virginity] I Lost My Virginity in More Than One Way That Night

And then, I lost my virginity to a girl and a guy... She told her boyfriend to shut the door. She went over and grabbed my friend. She undressed my friend ...
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[black-cock] We Sucked Each Other's Cocks

[en] [black-cock] We Sucked Each Other’s Cocks

This is another one of my favorite positions, where we can suck each other’s cocks – Atem answered me ...
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he is fucking her from behind, as the bottom girl is licking his dicck

[en] [mother-daughter] Butt Fucks for the Mother and the Daughter

Butt fucks are almost always tight, and this was no exception. It took four or five pushes to get all seven and one-half inches of Fat Boy all the way in ...
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four-way fuck

[en] [orgy] A Caribbean Cruise That Turned Out to Be One Hell of a Week, Pt 2

We continued our four-way fuck for some time until I was the first to explode into another incredible orgasm. Joann soon followed, shooting her hot cum over my face again ...
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lesbians rubbing their pussies together

[en] [lesbian-scissoring] She Knew All the Right Places to Touch Me

I knew she was setting up for a scissor. I moved my legs so it would work. Our pussies rubbed together, her warm juices on my tunnel, on my clit, felt so good. We pressed together ...
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[strap-on] The Confessions of a Confirmed Lesbian

[en] [strap-on] The Confessions of a Confirmed Lesbian

The thing I kept thinking about though, was the strap-on dildo. I really wanted a good fuck from my lesbian lover. When it arrived, I didn’t waste any time and got on my knees as soon as I could ...
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black-cock He Made me Squirt

[en] [black-cock] He Made me Squirt

I could feel the warm liquid from my squirt running across my thigh, soaking the sheets beneath me. And then the next wave hit ...
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lesbian threesome

[en] [lesbian-gangbang] A Slumber Party Without Pajamas

Charli felt the tongue in her ass, and pushing back, felt the slender massaging wand slid into her tight ass ...
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lesbians and vibrator

[sr] [lesbian-dildo] Dve sestre i vibrator

Upošljavam prst i guram u malenu rupicu. Izvlačim vibrator i počinjem da je tucam često menjajući ritam uboda. Sad je ona vrištala od zadovoljstva ...
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